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How to Write a Law Firm Press Release

A press release is an effective way to gain free publicity and drive traffic to your website. A well-crafted press release can increase your visibility on the web, attract media attention and reach potential clients.

Effective Methods for Promoting Your Law Firm Blog Posts

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to promote new content. The answer can be hairy, considering everyone has different goals. Yet, there are proven ways to gain exposure after you click, “post.”

Webinar: How to Get Published in Major Media Outlets

The more you publish the more you are going to be seen and shared on the web by other people, which can translate to increased page views, conversions and sales.

The Importance of Updating Your Law Firm’s Website After an Attorney Leaves

If an attorney leaves the law firm, his or her name should be removed from the website immediately. Leaving the departed attorney’s name on the website could be viewed as misleading, which can get you in trouble with the many bar associations.

SEO and Content Quality: 5 Quick Tools at Your Fingertips

If you don’t have the luxury or time of hiring a copyeditor, there are tools designed to help quickly sweep through your content and give you tips on how to improve everything from repeat words, consistency, pacing, and spelling.

Ashley portrait3 Common Video Mistakes To Avoid

Making your own video? Make sure you: (1) Get to the point (2) Be conversational (3) Provide valuable information.

Pete Boyd portraitBeware of Your Own Content: Do You Own the Data Export of Your Blog?

You wrote your website content and posted it yourself using your online CMS. You own the copyright to the content. When you leave your web development team you also have every right to the data … but, in what format?

Robin portraitThe Fastest Growing Marketing Tool is… Video

What is the secret sauce for internet marketing in today’s competitive market? It all comes down to content, especially video content.

Pete Boyd portraitQuoted in the News? Get the Most Out of the Free Press

For decades, journalists have turned to lawyers when a local story breaks that has a legal angle. So, when you snag the interview and the article is published what do you do?

Robin portrait5 Questions to Help You Determine If You Need a New Website

If you feel your website is out of date or simply not as impressive as it once was, then use this five-step audit to determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

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