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Domain Names for Law Firms: Best Practices Guide

A domain name is one of the most important aspects of your law firm’s online presence — not only does it give you instant credibility, but it also shows your audience what you’re all about. Unfortunately, we at PaperStreet have…

Pete Boyd portraitHow Domains, Name Servers, DNS and Websites Work

The first step in getting a website live is to secure a domain name. The real internet runs on IP addresses such as A domain name is simply a friendly name such as so that we do not have to remember that long IP address.

David portraitUse Your .htaccess File to Redirect an Alternative Domain

Redirect for Success If you purchase an alternative domain name, you need to have it redirect to the primary domain. This avoids duplicate content between the two. The search engine spiders will index each domain name separately and the content…

Pete Boyd portrait.htaccess Redirects: www, non-www, and alternate domains

For SEO purposes and marketing purposes, you often want to have all your domains redirected into a primary domain. This helps with telling the search engines and your visitors your primary web site address. Your client may have 2, 5, 10 or 20 domains and they all should point to the primary www version, so how do you do all the redirects? Easy.

Pete Boyd portraitUnderstanding Basics of Domains, Registrars, Name Servers and DNS

What You Need to Know Here is a brief summary of Domains, Registrars, Name Servers and DNS. Domains are purchased through domain registrars. Domain registrars hold the name server records – i.e. Name Servers hold DNS records. DNS records…