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Pete Boyd portraitKeep Your Web Content Evergreen – 5 Ways to Help (Updated 2022)

Content is the most important asset for your firm. What does your website say about you? Whether you simply want to explain your services, or need to rank in Google, then content will get you there. Below are just a…

Content Writing for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 2: Strategies and Resources)

In Part 1, we established the importance of content marketing for increased traffic, credibility, and relationships. The catch: content marketing isn’t easy. It actually takes concerted effort, time, and planning. That’s why in this second part of our content writing…

Content Writing for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 1: The Basics)

In today’s digitized world, outstanding content is a necessity for any law firm. It’s an invaluable way of connecting with new clients, maintaining relationships with old ones, and establishing an overall presence and authority online. Because content is so important…

Content Marketing for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 2: Videos and Press Releases)

This is part 2 of our Content Marketing for Law Firms: Best Practices Guide. For part 1 of this series, click here. Technology is changing the way businesses approach clients. In this fast-paced world, chock-full of apps, videos, and social…

The Art of Storytelling Within Your Law Firm’s Website

It’s no secret that brand storytelling is lauded as a successful marketing strategy. Unfortunately, few law firms have yet to embrace this approach to their web content. Whether it’s a fear of sounding unprofessional or simply a lack of know-how,…

You’ve Won an Award – Now What?

So your Firm won an award. Congratulations! You have shared the news with your team and found ways to celebrate in between clients and cases. But now what?

At PaperStreet, we recommend showcasing your awards in a place of honor on your site. Giving these logos visibility by displaying them high up on your homepage will instill trust in users, and will help those conversions come flying in.

How to Write a Law Firm Press Release

A press release is an effective way to gain free publicity and drive traffic to your website. A well-crafted press release can increase your visibility on the web, attract media attention and reach potential clients.

Effective Methods for Promoting Your Law Firm Blog Posts

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to promote new content. The answer can be hairy, considering everyone has different goals. Yet, there are proven ways to gain exposure after you click, “post.”

Webinar: How to Get Published in Major Media Outlets

The more you publish the more you are going to be seen and shared on the web by other people, which can translate to increased page views, conversions and sales.

Pete Boyd portraitQuoted in the News? Get the Most Out of the Free Press

For decades, journalists have turned to lawyers when a local story breaks that has a legal angle. So, when you snag the interview and the article is published what do you do?

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