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Web Design and Development Features by PaperStreet

Web Design and Development Features by PaperStreet


High Performing Websites That Impress and Get Results.

We offer  a lot of value in our web design and development projects.  Below is a comprehensive list of features that we include standard with our projects.  This is what makes a PaperStreet website different and unique in the industry. 

Quality & Compliance

We believe in quality and speed.  Our quality assurance program includes many custom checklists. 

  • Industry Leading 130+ Step Quality Assurance and Launch Checklist - We have a very looooooooong checklist that showcases our attention to quality. No one matches our list. Get a better quality website with less headaches.
  • Proven code base, consistent process - Our websites may be custom built, but the foundation is a common platform of rock solid code and a jam-packed suite of features and performance tweaks.  We have been building WordPress websites since version 1.2 in 2004. We are WordPress experts.
  • Compliance - We make sure your website is ADA compliant and can be GDRP and CCPA
    • ADA Compliance - WCAG 2.0 AA.
    • Google Speed Score of 90+ for desktop and mobile.
    • General W3C Compliance.
    • GDRP and CCPA Compliance (upgrade available as not everyone needs)
    • QA Testing by dedicated QA associate.

Wordpress Features

We know WordPress.  We have been building in WP since 2004 and version 1.2.  We attend yearly WordPress Camp too!

  • WordPress problem solvers - We don’t stretch ourselves thin across multiple content management systems. We know WordPress inside and out, so we find solutions to even the trickiest problems.
  • Plugins - Curated set of WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality, chosen to minimize performance and security concerns.
  • Custom fields - Custom text fields and more built into theme for easy content edits.
  • Custom post types - WordPress built to organize the content that law firms need. Attorneys, practice areas, offices ready to go.

Design Usability and User Experience (UX)

We win over 25 awards-yearly-for our awesome websites. 

  • Mobile First Design Best Practices - We build for mobile first design; meaning our sites have a seamless experience on a small device as well as on a desktop
  • Creative Planning - We brainstorm ideas, functionality, tag lines, photo direction and overall website theme
  • Photo Direction - Whether for a custom photo shoot or selecting the perfect stock images, we provide direction for top-notch website visuals
  • Creative Messaging - We excel at crafting clever, poignant and powerful messaging to communicate key points on your site
  • Wireframes - Layouts for Home, Subpages, Bios, Practices, Blogs, News, Events & more.
  • Custom - Custom home page design and sub-page design (where applicable).
  • Mobile first development - Conforming to modern development practices, our design and coding departments are aligned on building websites from the ground-up for mobile.
  • Responsive -  Our Websites are coded responsively which allows the site to scale appropriately to any device: mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Cross platform - We’re compatibility-conscious. We test website features across a variety of browsers and mobile hardware for a consistent experience no matter the software or screen.
  • Animation: We implement cutting-edge animation for loading, transitions, and hover states for an interactive and impressive experience (where applicable)

Tech Features

Standard features that come with all our websites:

  • vCard Generation - Standard vCards that are auto created based on attorney bio, office, and practice areas.
  • Social share functionality - Ability to one-click share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Video - Video embed with deferred loading until visitor interaction.
  • Search - Website search runs with speed and breaks content down by post type.
  • Error resolution - We utilize BugHerd, a solution for tracking, screenshotting, and responding to website iteration requests. This is efficient and ensures all issues are handled accurately as clients expect.
  • Google Maps - Links to Google Maps with embed maps.
  • Click to Call - All phone numbers have html code for auto call with one-click on mobile.
  • Fonts - Performance-friendly font loading and web-based Google fonts.
  • Forms - Connect with clients online. All website contact forms are stored in a backup database that sends weekly recap emails. SMTP delivery of forms from website with notifications of any failures. Static sendmail script that relies on no third party coding where failures could occur.

PDF Proposals

Create PDF proposals on-the-fly to better showcase your firm and help with informative downloads.

    • Combination of PDF and Word Export.
    • Duplicate and edit pages meant for export, without affecting live pages. Default PDF and Word Export take the content as-is on the live site. Plugin allows tweaking of content specifically for the export/proposal.
    • Combine multiple posts of various post types to one large export.
    • Create custom cover letters.
    • Create custom proposals based off content in CMS and edited content specifically for each.
    • Custom designed dynamic PDF generation of all pages on website  (upgrade).
    • Typical design limitations of dynamic PDFs don’t apply to us due to using headless browsing technology to generate them (upgrade).
  • Word Export (Upgrade) - Export all pages of website in CMS to Word with firm branding

Security & Speed

We build fast and secure websites.

  • Content Delivery Network - We have a content delivery network for increased speed.
  • Spam - Antispam form reCAPTCHA with delayed visitor interaction load (faster load)
  • Backups - Daily Backups and retention policy.
  • Antivirus and Malware - Search daily for plugin vulnerabilities and WordPress vulnerabilities

Content Features

Whether you want SEO content or simply strong web copy, we offer a full range of content services that will match your corresponding design theme. 

  • Content Audits - We audit your site for duplicate content, content gaps and other content-related issues. 
  • Information Architecture - We map out an information architecture that meets our clients’ website goals and follows best practices for usability and search engine optimization. 
  • Content Strategy - We help establish a strategy to meet the firm’s goals and establish a consistent voice throughout the site and when marketing across multiple channels. 
  • Content Writing -  We create compelling copy the promotes engagement and conversions
  • Practice Hubs - We create topic-focused content pillars that help lawyers build topical authority in their practice niche.
  • Meta Tags - We populate all pages with title tags and meta descriptions that help boost rankings and click-through-rates.
  • Blogging -  We provide turnkey blogging services for clients that seek blogging assistance.
  • Content Collection - We set up all pages in Google Docs to streamline the content collection, revision and migration process for site redesigns.  

Code Optimization

Speed matters.  When it comes to code, ours is the lightest.

  • Image Optimization - We believe in speed and these make a site load faster:
    • Images lazy loaded below the fold
    • Compression of images
    • Images properly sized to fit the space they occupy on the page
    • Single Pixel background Patterns
    • Smaller-size mobile alternatives for improved mobile load speed
    • Slider Rotations if requested & Random image rotation
  • File Size Reduction - We minimize file site to promote speed.
    • Scripts and stylesheets combined and minified for optimal size.
    • Feature-rich themes while trimming unneeded scripts / styles for performance.

Website Launch Checklists

Detailed Launch checklist and procedure allow us to launch on-time and on-budget.

  • Pre-Launch credentials confirmation.
  • 130 line item checklist for launch.
  • Redirects.
  • DNS changes applied.
  • SSL certificate installed.
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console.
  • Contact form client certified working.
  • Post Launch URL testing.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

  1. 1

    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

  2. 2

    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

  3. 3

    Free Education

    We provide knowledge to help you expand

  4. 4

    No Hidden Charges

    We quote flat-rate projects

  5. 5

    Own Your Site

    No strings attached

  6. 6

    Create Results

    SEO, PPC, Content + Design = Clients

  7. 7

    We Make Life Easier

    One agency for Web, Branding and Marketing

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