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Are you looking for a way to improve your online presence and better align yourself with your target audience’s behaviors and expectations? Experience truly bespoke web design with PaperStreet Web Design. Our design process extends beyond simple tweaks to fonts, colors, and images. Starting with a blank canvas, we construct a distinctive website tailored to your firm's unique needs. If you prefer a template-based approach, we've got you covered there too, with our Essentials option that features expandable pages.

Your website is accessed from a myriad of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, and desktop computers. Just imagine your website flawlessly adapting to the screen size and device on which it's viewed. With a responsive web design, your site is perpetually primed to present your firm to current and prospective clients in the best possible light. Responsive web design is not merely a trend --it's becoming a universally adopted practice.

Responsive, Custom Designs That Keep Users Engaged

PaperStreet’s web design team meticulously plans the appearance of your website across different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We also tailor the amount of information displayed to suit your users' viewing needs.

PaperStreet believes that having a responsive website is superior for enhancing conversion rates and optimizing search results. Users benefit from a website uniquely fitting to their viewing environment. On mobile devices, we design your site to be a single, easily scrollable column. On tablets, we allow more information to be visible, given the larger screen width. On a desktop, users experience the full spectrum of features your site has to offer. You also avoid the hassle of maintaining multiple websites or platforms and only have to optimize for search once.

With 20+ years of servicing over 2000 clients, PaperStreet is ready to either craft your first responsive website or reengineer your existing design to ensure a flawless viewing experience across all devices.

Custom is Key

The influence of the Internet, particularly search engines like Google, is indisputable. Before engaging legal services, potential clients are delving into reviews, searching lawyers' names, and scrutinizing social media profiles. Maintaining a strong and positive online presence is crucial in today's digitally connected world. An effective, aesthetically pleasing web design is pivotal, setting you apart from the sea of competing law firms in your vicinity.

Upon deciding to embark on creating a new website, most law firms grapple with the decision: opt for a template or go custom. Web design templates for law firms provide a quick and straightforward solution. A custom design, however, while more time-consuming, ensures a unique site tailored exclusively to your firm. A custom design is constructed from the ground up to meet your company's precise goals and requirements. Here at PaperStreet, we advocate for the value of a custom design, believing that it's worth the initial investment. But, we also understand that not every firm requires a wholly custom site, which is why we offer varying levels of design services. Our experienced design team is a stickler for detail, using a thorough checklist that helps us ensure that we create a hand-crafted design that meets our clients’ needs.

Why PaperStreet?

  • Experience: We have 2000+ clients and 20+ years of experience
  • Detailed: Our designs are customized to your needs

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Additional Services

Essentials Web Design

Need a small website or micro site? Ready-to-go websites.

ADA Web Compliance

Does your site meet ADA guidelines? It's the law.

Web Applications

Easy-to-use, technically elegant solutions that make your life easy.

Speed Optimization

Is your website up to speed? Get a website speed optimization.

Web Maintenance

Website Support. Fast, Reliable, Accurate. Same-Day Updates.

Website Features

Quality. Responsive. Fast. Mobile.

Mobile Site Design

Is your site designed for a mobile device? Get a mobile website.

Content Management

You can manage your own site anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Blog Design

Create a blog platform online or integrate it into your website.

Web Hosting

No headaches, no fuss. Just 99.99% uptime for your website..


PaperStreet acts as the design team to build out your store.

WordPress for Law

We have been designing WP websites for law firms since 2004.

About Responsive Web Design

Clients view your website on all types of devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, and desktop computers. Imagine your website perfectly adjusting to whatever size screen and device it's viewed on. With Responsive Web Design, your site will always be ready to showcase your firm to existing and potential clients.

Responsive Web Design is the latest trend in web design and quickly becoming a standard practice. We design what the website will look like on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. The amount of information displayed can also be customized relative to the viewing needs of your users.

A Responsive website is better for conversion rate optimization and search optimization. The user gets to see a custom fit website for their particular viewing environment.

If they are on a mobile device, we showcase the website to be a single column and easy to scroll with a flick of a finger. If they are on a tablet, the user is able to see more information as the screen is wider. If they are on a desktop, they receive the full viewing experience, with all the bells and whistles. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about updating multiple websites or platforms and search optimization only has to be done once.

PaperStreet can create your first responsive website or take your existing design and transform it for a perfect viewing experience on ALL devices.

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Key Benefits

  • Perfect on All Devices = Don't miss out any more site visits. Responsive Web Designs adjust to any desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Single Updates Mean Less Work - When you update a Responsive Website, the edits are made throughout the site regardless of which device you are viewing it on.
  • The Future is Mobile - Mobile use is increasing; in fact, mobile phones have already eclipsed desktop computer sales. Make sure your website can be viewed on all devices.

Benefits of Custom Design

No one can deny the power of the Internet (or Google for that matter). Before hiring lawyers potential clients are reading reviews, Googling their names and scanning social media platforms. The need to be well perceived on the big World Wide Web is more important than ever.

A functional and good-looking web design is critical and it can be the factor that sets you apart from all the other law firms on your street.

After deciding to move forward with a new website most law firms are faced with the question: custom or template?

Law firm web design templates are fast and easy. A custom design takes longer, but is unique only to your firm. A custom design is built from scratch to meet the specific goals and needs of your company. At PaperStreet, we believe the benefits of a custom design are well worth the initial investment, but sometimes a firm doesn't need a fully custom site, which is why we offer different levels of design.

Custom Websites Can Be Better Than Templates

Unfortunately lawyers' businesses are all pretty much the same. If we had a penny for every time a lawyer said to us, “We're different because we really care about our clients,” everyone at PaperStreet would be retired sipping cocktails in a tiki hut on the outskirts of the Caribbean.

One way to really differentiate your law firm is by design.

Color is powerful. Messaging is powerful. Images are powerful. When you hire PaperStreet at the custom level you will work with a team of creative and strategic people who know how to create the emotion you want potential clients to feel when visiting your site.

We use words, colors, and images to define your brand and make the end result of browsing your website a completed contact form. Your clients will see your website so take the opportunity to impress them. It could be the difference between a conversion and someone clicking the exit button.

Other key reasons for choosing custom design include:

  • SEO friendly – PaperStreet codes all custom websites so you can be sure there are no funny tactics in the back end that might negatively affect your rankings.
  • Professional image – A functional and well thought out website shows potential clients that you're serious about your business.
  • Lifelong investment – You own your custom website. Over the years you can make tweaks to stay current, but the design itself is timeless.

Responsiveness - In 2015, for the first time ever, the number of internet searches on mobile phones surpassed the number of searches on desktop computers. If you use a template is it responsive? If not, you better find another firm … quickly.

Happy Clients. Positive Results.

" Professional Site " - Mel Wheaton

Paperstreet did a wonderful job designing and executing my web site. I wanted a user friendly, minimalistic, and professional site. Paperstreet exceeded my goal.
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  1. Impressive Designs Create Impressive Results.

    Our designs are award-winning. They are some of the best in their category and they get results.

  2. Great Results from Usability, Design & Search Engine Optimization

    Our level of design combined with our usability and internet marketing techniques deliver results for your business: More clicks, more inquiries, more new clients.

  3. Our Experience & Knowledge Makes Your Job Easier

    For over 20 years, we have been designing websites for lawyers, professionals, and businesses. We have encountered every possible issue and found a solution to make your job easier.

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"The Paperstreet team were consumate professionals and made a fantastic website for us. Their fast, efficient employees made the process easy and painless. The results speak for themselves."

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PaperStreet creates new websites and revitalizes aging ones. In addition to creating websites that are engaging, we also have a knack for getting results. Our clients receive new inquiries each week. Some receive new inquiries each day. This level of service turns your website into a virtual rainmaker.

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