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"Smartphones, or Mobile devices, will soon become the dominant computing platform for humanity and supplant the PC, which has reigned since Apple ignited the Personal Computer revolution in the late 1970's." - CNN Fortune

Clients are interested in learning about your firm on their mobile devices. But research shows that when they try to do so, they are most likely met with frustration.

A recent study shows that nearly 6 out of every 10 mobile device users is unable to complete even simple tasks while visiting websites on their smart phones.

The reason: These companies haven't ensured their sites are mobile-friendly. Not exactly a good first impression.

Whether it is for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or other mobile device, PaperStreet can help you create a professional, easy-to-use mobile experience.

PaperStreet can create your first mobile website or take your existing design and transform it for mobile devices. Any time you update your main site, the mobile site will be updated automatically.

Key Benefits

  1. Fastest Growing Area of your Market

    Your clients have gone mobile - why hasn't your website? Mobile devices are the fastest growing segment of the web.

  2. Simple & Affordable

    Mobile sites are cost effective. We create dedicated mobile sites or help make your existing site more mobile-friendly.

  3. Easy to Maintain Means Less Work

    Mobile sites are easy to maintain. The data comes from the same source as your main website. Update your main site, and it populates your mobile site, too.

Clients Love Us


"The most valuable service Paperstreet has provided me is the peace of mind I experience when I put my projects in their hands. I trust this company like no other and have been extremely impressed by how professional, organized and attentive they have been to my needs. Their work has won my website multiple awards and I experience nothing but joy when I look at the website. They even provided free audit and services after launching the website and I continue to work with them for my SEO and other web service needs. I could not recommend this company enough. They are truly the best at what they do."

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Case Study

Big Budget Not Necessary

Bloom Legal, a solo-attorney firm in New Orleans.

Firm: Bloom Legal, a solo-attorney firm in New Orleans focuses on criminal law and personal injury cases.

Challenge: Bloom Legal needed a fast, professional mobile site that was consistent with its online brand but didn't break the bank or create extra work for its busy owner.

Solution: In just over a week, PaperStreet created and launched a simple, elegant mobile site. Any changes to content on the firm's main website are seamlessly and simultaneously updated on the mobile site in one step.

Lesson Learned: Mobile websites aren't just for big firms with big budgets.

Case Study

Bright and Bold Imagery for a Modern Approach

Lash & Goldberg LLP, a Miami litigation law firm.

Firm: Lash & Goldberg LLP, a Miami litigation law firm, litigates major commercial cases for leading companies in key industries.

Challenge: Create a long home page scroll using stock photos and bold messaging that differentiates the firm from the competition.

Solution: Take advantage of big, bright, beautiful photos to make the website really “pop!”

Lesson Learned: A modern and sophisticated final product can be achieved by utilizing bright and bold imagery.

Case Study

Forcing the Blink Moment

Feldman Gale, a national firm practicing intellectual property and litigation.

Firm: Feldman Gale is a national firm practicing intellectual property and litigation out of five office locations in Florida, Washington DC and California.

Challenge: Creating a unique brand message that communicates the power of the firm and guides users to notice their experience.

Solution: Force the blink moment with a literal power button that turns on with advanced functionality.

Lesson Learned: You can communicate exactly what you want clients to know about your firm with visuals and straightforward phrases.

Case Study

Custom Photography Makes a Difference

Dawson | Orr is a Florida civil litigation law firm.

Firm: Dawson | Orr is a Florida civil litigation law firm.

Challenge: Their goal is to exceed expectations in all aspects of their client services (starting with the website).

Solution: The firm provided custom photography which amplifies the impressiveness of the site and compliments the overall tone and warmth of their people.

Lesson Learned: Custom photography can make the difference between a good site and a great one.

Features of Mobile Sites

  • Multiple Formats

    iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, you name it, your site will support it.

  • Easy to Use

    The mobile site will be easy to use for your clients.

  • Easy to Update

    Update your content on your main site, and it instantly populates the mobile site.

  • Growing Market

    Take advantage of a growing market. Be a leader in your area.

  • Simplify Your Life

    We can simplify your site design and organization to focus on what is truly needed. We help at every step.

  • Professional Design

    We transform your existing identity into a lightweight mobile design. Impress your clients today.

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