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Create a Responsive Website for all Devices


Mobile Web Design & Responsive Design

Your clients have gone mobile - why hasn't your website? Mobile devices are the fastest growing segment of the web. If you don't have a mobile web design for your law firm then you're already behind. We can help you get up to speed.

Simple & Affordable

Mobile websites are cost effective. We create dedicated mobile websites or help make your existing site more mobile-friendly.

Easy to Maintain Means Less Work

Mobile sites are easy to maintain. The data comes from the same source as your main website. Update your main site, and it populates your mobile site, too.

About Mobile Web Design

Clients are interested in learning about your firm on their mobile devices. But research shows that when they try to do so, they are most likely met with frustration. A recent study shows that nearly 6 out of every 10 mobile device users is unable to complete even simple tasks while visiting websites on their smart phones.The reason: These companies haven't ensured their sites are mobile-friendly. Not exactly a good first impression.

Whether it is for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or other mobile device, PaperStreet can help you create a professional, easy-to-use mobile experience. We can create your first mobile website or take your existing design and transform it for mobile devices. Any time you update your main website, the mobile site will be updated automatically.

Benefits of Mobile Web Design

The benefits of a mobile website are quite simple, regardless of whether the site is designed for a solo attorney, medium-sized firm or large firm. Mobile sites:

  • Deliver increased web traffic and client inquiries;
  • Allow your clients to access you anytime, anywhere;
  • Improve your image and customer service.

Smart phone users represent a valuable market for law firms and attorneys because:

  • Mobile device users are highly motivated: They are looking for specific information, and if you deliver it effectively, they act on it quickly.
  • Mobile device users are sophisticated: Research has shown that income and education level increase with Internet and mobile device usage.
  • Mobile device users are connected: They know their way around technology and expect your firm to be able to do the same.

What Our Mobile Services Include

When you select PaperStreet to design your mobile web site, you get our 20+ years of custom web design experience and support. Our core business caters to the unique needs of lawyers, attorneys and law firms. As part of our mobile site services, we:

  • Responsive Design: We design typically for mobile first and then to tablet and desktop.
  • Content: Help you choose content. Not all content needs to be on your mobile site. We help set up a usable mobile site.
  • Design a theme: Design a clean site with intuitive navigation and proven usability (or optimize your existing site to make it mobile-friendly);
  • Offer support: We offer superior, same day support, including web hosting, updates to the mobile site, and tech support.

Mobile Website Process & Responsive Design

We have developed a quick-and-easy process for developing mobile, responsive websites for solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms alike. Typically, the process unfolds in five simple steps:

  • We determine your needs and send you a contract within one business day. See our pricing page for cost details.
  • Upon receipt of contract, we begin work. We go over our project brief to outline the process.
  • We then design a theme to mirror your existing branding, but in a mobile format. We present the design for your approval. After design approval, we next code your existing site to appear in a more mobile-friendly format for smart phone users, or develop a unique mobile site from scratch.
  • Launch! Once we have received your approval, your mobile website goes live.

Mobile sites present unique challenges. Our design process takes into account:

  • Smaller screen sizes
  • Differing screen dimensions and resolutions
  • Varying user interfaces and web browsers
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Responsive Design for iphone, android, tablets, and desktop

We know what works and include the following elements on all pages:

  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • Tagline
  • Calls to Action
  • Brief Text (and option to view full text)
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Contact Info
  • Content of the page
  • Responsive Design

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Features of Mobile Sites

Multiple Formats

iPhone, iPad, Android, you name it, your website will support it.

Easy to Use

The mobile site will be easy to use for your clients.

Growing Market

Take advantage of a growing market. Be a leader in your area.

Professional Design

We build your mobile website as part of our overall Responsive process.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

  1. 1

    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

  2. 2

    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

  3. 3

    Free Education

    We provide knowledge to help you expand

  4. 4

    No Hidden Charges

    We quote flat-rate projects

  5. 5

    Own Your Site

    No strings attached

  6. 6

    Create Results

    SEO, PPC, Content + Design = Clients

  7. 7

    We Make Life Easier

    One agency for Web, Branding and Marketing

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"The most valuable service Paperstreet has provided me is the peace of mind I experience when I put my projects in their hands. I trust this company like no other and have been extremely impressed by how professional, organized and attentive they have been to my needs. Their work has won my website multiple awards and I experience nothing but joy when I look at the website. They even provided free audit and services after launching the website and I continue to work with them for my SEO and other web service needs. I could not recommend this company enough. They are truly the best at what they do."