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Law firm advertising is a particularly nuanced field. Creativity is key, but the constraints of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct do create some limitations in terms of what you can tell prospective clients. At PaperStreet, we have award winning designers paired with attorney writers and managers to make sure that your clients and your local bar association are impressed with your ad.

About Our Advertising

Effective advertisements do many things: communicate how your firm is unique; explain what it has to offer potential clients; tell a story; and connect on an emotional level. We can help your business advertise in print or online. Our services are creative yet efficient and cost-effective.

Key Benefits of Our Services

Compelling Designs

Cut through the clutter. Our talented, award-winning designers translate your firm’s reputation into a compelling visual representation.

Flexible Service: One Agency is All You Need

PaperStreet creates newsletters, magazine ads, direct mail, outdoor advertising, signage, seminar materials and more. We’re your one-stop shop, so we keep your designs consistent. We also save you time, because one phone call can cover every angle of attorney advertising you want to utilize.

Targeted, Branded Message

Whether you want to communicate why your firm is unique, explain what it has to offer potential clients, tell a story or connect on an emotional level, we're here to help. We can turn that message into a brand and help you connect in ways that are most important to you.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Incorporated since 2001, PaperStreet has been the firm of choice for over 2,000 businesses.

What Law Firm Advertising Options Do We Provide?

The sky is the limit when you contact PaperStreet for your lawyer advertising needs. The reality is that “advertising” is a broad term when it comes to law firm campaigns. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive firm, and our services include:

Internal Ads Within Your Own Site

Your entire website is pretty much one large advertisement. You are promoting your services as well as (justifiably) boasting of your past cases, client testimonials, legal accomplishments, etc. The content itself needs to also include “calls to action” where you remind the client how you can help them, how they can reach you, and what additional services set you apart from the rest. Even a compelling contact form can be a piece of your lawyer advertising strategy, so each aspect of your website needs to be carefully crafted.

Our internet marketing and content marketing teams will work with you to ensure that we hit the same markers your competition is reaching, as well as show why your firm is the right legal team for your potential clients.

PPC Options to Land You on Page 1 of the Results Pages

One of the most popular forms of law firm advertising is the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns via Google Ads. These can be a very effective way of promoting your firm, as a properly crafted ad can put you at the top of the Google search results page. PaperStreet tries to help law firms of all sizes use this marketing approach, so we have a flat fee of $450 a month with no mark-up fees.

Social Media Promotions

Though social media is ubiquitous in society, it is still a largely untapped resource when it comes to attorney advertising. Facebook and Instagram offer paid ads and utilizing these platforms before all of your competitors follow suit may be a wise investment. If you’re uncomfortable with that approach, our social media team can still help you with posting the right content on your social media pages to help attract future clients—whether it’s promoting viral content or merely highlighting your firm’s accomplishments and news.

Brochures and PDFs for Your Clients to Take With Them

Perhaps you’re speaking at an event and wish to distribute a brochure to your audience members. Attending a conference and want a succinct summary of your services? Want to send new firm information to your mailing list? Maybe you just want a downloadable PDF to entice visitors to your website. No matter your needs, PaperStreet creates brochures and pamphlets with engaging content and images to help you obtain your goals.

Branding Opportunities

Branding encompasses a wide variety of law firm and attorney advertising options. Something as small as a cleverly crafted logo could make a lasting impact on a client who may remember it when the time comes to hire a lawyer. Similarly, we offer items such as business cards, signage and letterheads to help you distribute your contact information and services.

Newsletters and Emails

A properly crafted email or newsletter is a great way to assist with your law firm advertising efforts. Create a mailing list to keep your practice on the minds of potential clients. Use newsletters to advertise when you add a partner or practice area. However you want to use the mailing list for your past and future clients, PaperStreet is ready to help.

Digital Display Advertising, Print and Video Ads

Though we offer a host of other law firm advertising options, perhaps you just want a traditional ad. We can help with that, too. Whether you want to advertise via banners on other sites, create a print ad or have a promotional video, our firm has the resources to assist with all of that. We have teams of design and video production experts, as well as an experienced content team to help with the best script or wording to promote your services.

Whatever Else You Have in Mind…

At Paper Street, we love a challenge. If you have an idea for your attorney advertising campaign, we want to hear it. If you’re not a law firm but want PaperStreet to handle your business’ website or advertising campaign, we can do that, too. We are happy to help you bring your vision to life, but we can also step in if you need some support to better develop your strategy. Contact our office today to get the ball rolling. Though we’re headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, we serve clients throughout the US.

Elements of a Strong Lawyer Advertising Campaign

Law firm advertising covers a wide variety of options and mediums. Nevertheless, whether it's a Google ad, a business card, a landing page or physical advertisement, there are some elements that help you to create the type of law firm ad that encourages potential clients to take action and contact your firm. 

Below are some attorney advertising best practices that can ensure that your ad provides an impact:

  1. Be Memorable

    At PaperStreet, one of the website designs that has achieved the most acclaim is the “cheetah” website. New clients approach us because the imagery produced an emotional response that they hope to emulate with their new design.

    With that in mind, think outside the box with the imagery used in your ads. If you create another law firm ad with merely legal scales or a gavel, chances are that the ad will be quickly skimmed over and your firm name will be forgotten. 

    Be creative and embrace symbolism with the images you want to connect to your practice. Are you edgy? Classy? Do you problem-solve? Match your theme with an image that fits, and the effect will impress your potential clients. Further, as some of your images/ads will be in social media feeds or used within your newsletters, it’s important to have imagery that will stand out from your competitors.

  2. Evaluate All Aspects of Your Aesthetics

    Though the physical design of something such as a logo, banner or advertisement seems to be the most important element, many attorneys select ads with designs that are not executed properly. For example:

    • Did you create an ad that displays equally well on mobile screens as it does on a desktop? 

    • Does your video take too long to load?

    • Is your logo able to be recreated easily on a business card? 

    • Are you ADA compliant? 

    Many times, clients come to PaperStreet because a law firm’s ad designer or logo creator only completed half of the process or managed one aspect incorrectly. It’s important to hire a graphic designer or ad agency who understands the full criteria of what makes a high-performing ad. 

  3. Consider Your Text

    Just as the imagery involves careful planning, so does your text. Do you explain why a potential client should call you? Do you fully break down your practice areas? Did you forget to include all of your relevant contact information?

    Beyond that, however, the wording for a law firm advertisement can be creative. Do you have a favorite or inspirational quote that would make sense to include on a business card? Do you want to say something personal to your potential clients? How about a favorite testimonial from a client? 

    The careful use of text in an attorney advertisement continues the goals of staying memorable and offers yet another opportunity to connect with your potential clients. 

  4. Truly Consider Your Target Audience

    Many times, law firms will have a mood board or set theme in the attorneys’ minds for their advertisements, web design etc. Sure, it’s great to have a plan, but what message are you sending to your potential clients?

    Edgy themes or bold themes can be wonderful for litigators and corporate lawyers, but may not be best for estate planning or services for children or the elderly. On the flip side, a classic theme for lawyer advertising mediums may be perfect for more straightforward legal services – i.e. tasks like title searches, will creation or corporate formation – but may be too generic for a person hoping to recover funds in a personal injury lawsuit or someone fighting an arrest. You need to consider what emotion is evoked by the elements of your legal advertisement. 

    You can use your advertising theme to stand out and attract specific claims, as well. For example: 

    • A warm and nurturing theme could be a great choice for a lawyer looking to target personal injury claims for child victims. 
    • A highly stylized website or ad could convey an “expensive tone” for attorneys seeking high wealth or high value claims. 
    • Powerful testimonials and videos could be wonderful for attorneys in high emotion cases such as elder law or custody battles. 

    Overall, logos, videos and other lawyer advertising mediums are known to trigger psychological responses from your potential clients. Consider what emotions you’d like to evoke as well as your target audience, and your ads will establish your brand and attract more clients. 

  5. A Consistent Design or Theme is Essential for Law Firm Advertising

    Finally, regardless of the medium of your advertisement – video, tv spot, billboard, etc. – it’s important to always maintain the overall tone of your branding.

    For example, if you create an emotionally charged tv advertisement for your law firm, but a potential client finds that your web design is cold and intimidating, they may reconsider hiring you. Similarly, if you create a highly stylized Instagram ad yet have a humdrum website, the potential client may also doubt if you’re the attorney for them. If you make a statement with your advertisement, you need to be sure that it coincides with your other advertising and marketing materials 

    On a related note, if you create a highly memorable ad with a unique element such as an animal, logo, sound byte etc., be sure to incorporate that element in other aspects of your branding and marketing. This helps you create a strong branding identity – which is often a top selling point when potential clients consider hiring an attorney. The new clients want to feel as though they know who you are and how you can best represent them. 

    PaperStreet is a full-service web design and marketing firm, thus, even if we didn’t create your website or ad, we can still help you create additional branding materialsor a new website! – to keep your identity consistent. No matter what your lawyer advertising needs are, we encourage you to contact us to help give you the inspiration to bring your ad to life. 

Examples of Our Law Firm Advertisements

WKGJ cover
Jordan IP Law cover

Change Science cover

Features of Lawyer Advertising by PaperStreet


If it can be printed, we can design it, from flyers to ads to direct mail.

Personal Consultation

We help figure out what you need to say to tell your story and be effective.

Direct Mail

Bring your marketing materials right to your client's door. PaperStreet creates mass mailings that grab attention and get a return on your investment.

Magazine Ads

What's nicer than a full color magazine ad? One that is produced by PaperStreet.

Outdoor Advertising

From billboards to posters to signage, PaperStreet can let your brand be seen.

Other Designs

Need seminar pamphlets, convention brochures or other communication materials? PaperStreet can design it in a cost-effective manner.

Need a Printer?

We have printing contacts and can deliver design files to get printed in high quality.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

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    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

  2. 2

    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

  3. 3

    Free Education

    We provide knowledge to help you expand

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    No Hidden Charges

    We quote flat-rate projects

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    Own Your Site

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  7. 7

    We Make Life Easier

    One agency for Web, Branding and Marketing

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