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Increase Visibility and Drive Leads with Lawyer Content Marketing


Impress and Get Results with Attorney Content Marketing

Gone are the days where referrals and networking events are your primary source of clients. Google and other internet searches reign supreme and your potential clients window shop attorneys by visiting their law firm's website. Not only should your site look visibly appealing, it must also engage and inform your potential client as to why your law firm is right for them. Thus, your law firm content marketing strategy is as critical as all of your other marketing efforts.

Have a solid, custom law firm content marketing plan not only increases your firm's chances of getting noticed online, but it helps boost your number of inquiries which can translate into leads. Over the long run, high-quality website content is a superb return on investment (ROI). Overall, a strong content strategy revolves around in-depth articles, detailed practice area pages, attorney bios and blogs.

At PaperStreet, our content marketing team includes former practicing lawyers and attorney writers. We have a unique insight into the legal market, as well as knowledge of the latest web-writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Let PaperStreet's team help you grow your audience, establish online authority, increase brand awareness and boost traffic, leads and conversions.

What Does Law Firm Content Marketing Include?

What many attorneys don't realize is that a content marketing strategy is more than just the practice area pages on your website. Though those are vastly important, the additional components of lawyer content marketing include:

Social Media Campaigns

We set up social media accounts for your law firm and craft compelling posts that engage with your community. Additionally, we can create custom social media plans that vary in the number of posts we create, in addition to boosting posts so we can further target Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter users that are interested in the services you provide. We work with you to create, develop and execute strategies to build your following and help grow your firm’s brand.

White Papers and eBooks

White papers are designed to target potential clients and help attorneys establish their expertise among colleagues, while being a more convenient avenue than academic journals. eBooks are also a great way to build authority and provide information to clients. Many companies use eBooks to capture email addresses and data about potential customers, and in exchange for them providing this information, they can download a free resource.

Press Releases

As social media changes how people communicate globally, press releases have a revitalized purpose and play a critical role in promoting your firm’s content marketing online. Today, press releases can be optimized with SEO keywords using direct communication tools, such as social media, blogs and websites, to deliver information to your target audience.

We create custom press releases or edit your release and submit it to a PR distribution service for syndication. We understand how to develop effective press releases and how to get the distribution service to accept it so it reaches a broader audience.


Infographics are a mix of writing and visual design that allow clients to process data quickly and efficiently. The use of infographics in marketing over the last several years has increased by over 1,000%. This compelling and attractive design is effective because more than 90% of the information we see comes into our brain via visual images. Infographics are superb advertising for print, websites and even social media.

Members of our award-winning design and Internet marketing team create one-of-a-kind infographics and content marketing for law firms to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts.


We offer a range of newsletter services, from consulting on setting up distribution lists and custom newsletter design to content writing and editing. Newsletters that properly align with your firm’s brand are a cost-effective way to help you connect with clients and build long-term relationships, all while ensuring they keep you in mind for any of their legal needs that may arise. When done correctly, newsletters don’t appear spammy, and our team can help train you how to use email marketing services, including Constant Contact or MailChimp. Additionally, our team of writers can create original newsletters and engaging content to reach your target demographic.

Site Architecture

The experts at PaperStreet know how to create a search engine, user-friendly site architecture. For example, the most relevant content should be easy to access and a workable site architecture helps boost crawlability and indexation. If firms choose a comprehensive SEO plan, having a site architecture that further enhances keywords is also critical. We have created hundreds of site architectures for law firms and can advise on the best way to structure your site for usability, aesthetics and SEO.

Content Downloads

A content download is a free content asset that is offered to web visitors in exchange for their contact information. We create compelling law firm content downloads that provide valuable information to potential clients and drive conversions. Our team can develop a variety of content, ranging from PDFs, how-to guides, surveys, articles, eBooks and infographics to white papers.


Having a comprehensive, seamless branding concept is essential for law firms. Consistency is critical when creating recognizable brands. Our design team works with firms to create a memorable corporate identity, which includes logo designs, brochures, all-inclusive branding, advertising, videography, photography and illustrations. Having a recognizable brand is essential to a firm’s success.

Article Placement and Media Mentions

We assist in garnering press mentions, media placements and guest blogging opportunities. We can also ghostwrite articles and blog posts for local, state and national publications with your byline.

Legal Blog Writing

We craft recurring, fresh content for your blog. Our services are turnkey and include research, topic development, writing, search engine optimization, editing and uploading them directly to your site.


Videos and explainer videos are a growing trend in content marketing and offer another medium to deliver your message. We offer a variety of video packages for every budget and will help with script writing, SEO and more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer optional; it’s a necessity in today’s online marketing world. If you want clients to find your firm, your site needs to rank high for primary and secondary keywords to help people find your website.

Additional Digital Marketing Materials

Creating professional marketing materials is essential for law firms. Whether your firm is looking for SEO, Pay-Per-Click services or social media marketing, PaperStreet’s team of highly skilled marketing specialists can help create a custom marketing material package that best suits your firm’s present and future needs.

Why Rely on a Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm's Content Marketing Strategy and Campaign?

It takes more time than you think.

We have seen website launches delayed for an entire year, waiting on an attorney to find the time to write the content. We know lawyers who’ve gotten excited about starting a new blog, only to post three times and lose steam. When you delay a website launch, or fail to follow through on a blog, you lose potential clients and credibility.

Long-form content is now the desired form.

In order to be effective, law firm marketing content now needs to be 1,000-2,000 words at a minimum.

You have to understand lawyer content marketing and what clients are looking for.

Writing for the web is different from writing for court. We know techniques to boost your search engine ranking with content. We also know how to make the content that will be buzzworthy and earn shares and clicks, without reducing your reputation as a legal authority.

Search engines are getting smarter every day.

Content that is stuffed full of keywords, but is incomprehensible, will no longer get you top rankings in the long term, if it ever did. As search engines grow more sophisticated, they improve their algorithms and become increasingly more human-like in their rankings.

Merely writing the content is not enough.

A publication and promotion plan is necessary to rank the content, ensuring you get noticed.

It takes you away from billing.

Do the math. How much do you bill an hour? How much do we charge? Enough said.

Click here for our printable guide to conducting a content analysis of your competitors


Here are some testimonials from our clients:

  • "You are one of my favorite clients, and dealing with people like you makes work a piece of cake - honestly.
  • "You're content for the homepage was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Well done, this is great! It’s a good balance of showcasing our culture and USP, weaving in our “story theme” and making it compelling."
  • "I love it!  You have made it really unique!"
  • "With regards to the Blog topics, these topics are fantastic!"
  • "I am impressed by the depth of your writer's research!"
  • "YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you, again"

Law Firm Content Marketing Guide

Though 'word of mouth' referrals are always possible, your website is how a large majority of your clients will find you. Many attorneys create stylized websites and assume that's all that's needed in order to draw in new clients. In reality, your website needs a strong content marketing plan in order to turn site visitors into potential clients.

In the marketing world, we often say that "content is king" when analyzing the effectiveness of a website. In short, what your website says is as important as how it looks. Accordingly, this lawyer content marketing guide outlines the most important content considerations you can make while planning your law firm's content marketing campaign.

Content Marketing Guide

How to Plan Your Homepage

Though no SEO or marketing agency likes to admit it, your homepage is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to the best approach to your content. Some law firms perform well with a homepage that caters to aesthetics over content. Many law firms, however, see better rankings with content of 1000 words or more, and that follows SEO best practices in terms of layout and design.

As a rule of thumb, the most important content marketing tip is to clearly establish what services your law firm offers. If your site's meta description – which appears in Google’s search results – identifies you as a family lawyer, but your homepage doesn't establish that you handle child custody, for example, a visitor may simply leave your site rather than view your practice areas.

The more clicks it takes for a potential client to see if you can help them, the worse your conversion rate will be. Therefore, clearly state what you can do for potential clients in order to avoid confusing or misleading site visitors.

Don’t Overlook Your Attorney Bios

Working in SEO, we see that the attorney bio pages are often what receive the most traffic. Many site visitors are looking to see how experienced you are, your practice areas, schooling, etc. Let's face it, the attorneys are the face of the brand and one of the key selling features of your firm. Therefore, an important aspect of your content marketing strategy is to focus on the quality of the content of each bio.

That said, many visitors are looking for more than just the standard presentation of information. They want to get a better feel for who you are; thus, your bio should be more than just a few sentences or bullet points. Consider adding both a formal AND an informal photo. Write about your interests. Include a brief introductory video.

Though not all attorneys would benefit from a more personalized bio page, law firms catering to sensitive practice areas such as personal injury, family law and criminal law are more likely to receive positive responses when the attorneys demonstrate their legal authority in an approachable manner.

The Content in Your Contact Forms Can Assist With Your Conversions

Most attorneys simply generate a standard contact form that collects very little information from potential clients. A more enhanced contact form, however, prompts more engagement from clients.

Expanded contact forms encourage potential clients to describe why they need legal services a bit more than just asking for contact information. The following questions are some options:

For Personal Injury:

Do you or a family member need a lawyer? State your relationship.

When did the accident or your injury happen?

Briefly describe your injury.

For Family Law:

How long were you and your spouse married?

Did you have a prenuptial agreement?

How old are your children?

For Estate Planning:

Do you already have a will?

Are you considering the creation of a trust?

Do you suspect undue influence? Please explain.

Many potential clients will appreciate your taking the time to get to know them and their case a bit better.

As an added bonus, your client intake manager or whoever assists with scheduling clients will have a better understanding of what will be discussed at your consultations -- and whether the site visitor has a valid claim.

Your Blog is an Important Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many law firms overlook the value of blogs. In truth, an entire post could be written regarding why attorneys need to blog. In short, when done properly, blogs assist SEO by reinforcing the existing content on your site. Blogs are also large sources of site traffic, can lead to conversions, assist with brand recognition, and foster backlinks.

If you are already saying to yourself, "I'm not interested. I really don't have time to write blogs," consider starting with just one or two blogs on a regular basis. Depending on your overall content marketing goals, you may not need to write more than that on a monthly basis. The key here is to commit to writing quality content that will keep your readers' attention and get them on the other end of your phone line.

In terms of what to write, blogs can -- and should -- present a variety of content topics. Breaking it down, your blog should include subject matter such as:

  1. Community news that impacts your practice areas -- Example: The installation of a traffic light or crosswalk being placed at a local, busy intersection with additional safety tips and/or statistics.
  2. Law firm updates -- Case verdicts, new partners, community service, and "get to know the attorneys" are all fair game for this topic.
  3. Popular culture -- Though these may feel like "fluff" pieces, commentary on the legal matters in the entertainment industry are excellent for social media and traffic. Keep in mind that these don't always have to be salacious topics. Posts discussing the investigations of a celebrity's death or a celebrity custody battle can still demonstrate your legal knowledge while being an entertaining, easy read.
  4. People Also Ask in Google - Type your topic into the Google search bar and use the questions that populate under the "People Also Ask" banner as topics for your blog posts.
  5. Google autocomplete - Ever notice when you search for something in Google you will be presented with alternative search phrasing at the very bottom? Those terms and topics are a great place for blog topic brainstorming.
  6. Educational posts for clients that cover your practice area. – Potential clients are searching for information and evidence that you are a trusted expert. If you can offer guidance without promoting your services, you can develop a level of sincerity. For example: If you are a personal injury firm, potential clients may appreciate a blog like "5 Tips For Keeping Your Teenage Driver Safe"'

The most important tip is to avoid blog posts that mimic a practice area page or should be a practice area page. (Note: practice area pages are often called "core content" or "evergreen content.").

Content that is too similar to your practice area pages could be considered duplicate content by Google. Further, anything that outlines a potential claim shouldn't be a blog, as you'll want site visitors to be able to find the page easily.

Instead, use blogs as "spotlights" for your practice area pages. These can be posts such as:

  1. Statistics connected to your practice areas
  2. Comparisons of the types of cases you handle
  3. Safety tips connected to your practice areas.
  4. Detailed discussion of a variation of your core content. An example would be a description of a specific birth injury that links to either a birth injury or medical malpractice overview page.

By keeping your blogs narrow in scope, you'll avoid creating content that should have been a practice area page instead.

Content is King

The Main Event: Your Core Content

In a perfect legal marketing world, a potential client would simply visit the practice area page that corresponds with their claim and contact you right then and there. For example, a person looking to create a trust would click on your trust overview page and then click to call or complete the contact form.

Unfortunately, the process is not as clear-cut as that. Your SEO performance impacts if potential clients will even find your website. Then, once a client finds your website, they need to find your content relevant and persuasive.

In order to tackle all of your obstacles, there are two sets of legal content marketing guidelines to follow: those for SEO and those connected to basic content marketing. The good news is that following one set of principles should also help the other side perform higher.

Attorney Content Marketing Tips

  1. Create a practice areas page for every claim you want to handle. (We like to encourage our lawyers to include a long-form page for their staple services, plus every type of case they want more phone calls about.)
  2. Write on an 8th-grade reading level
  3. Avoid legal jargon and statutory language
  4. Explain how you can help with direct examples
  5. Provide answers to common questions/FAQs (actually, answer the question; don't give your reader fluff)
  6. Be honest. Avoid writing anything that may be misleading, questionable and/or unethical
  7. Create easy to follow menus to allow the client to browse related pages
  8. Enhance page experience with images, videos, etc.
  9. Be sure the content is unique and not duplicated elsewhere on the web
  10. Avoid language that can get you in trouble with your state bar association (expert, specialize, etc.)
  11. Write the content in a format that is easy for the reader to understand – i.e. avoid long paragraphs with no breaks. Instead, utilize bullet points, headers, and links)
  12. Avoid self-promotion when producing blog content—the content should be focused on being informational rather than selling your firm.

SEO Parameters

  1. Create pages with at least 1000 words of content; 1500 words for competitive keyword phrases
  2. Each primary keyword phrase should have its own designated page of content
  3. Create optimized headings that also break up long chunks of text
  4. Connect pages of related content with internal links
  5. Be sure each page has a unique and descriptive title tag and meta description.
  6. Create content hubs with pages of related content to the practice areas that are the most competitive
  7. Reference your location through the text and headers
  8. End the page with your phone number (great for mobile reading)

By looking at the lists, you should be able to see the interconnectedness of the two marketing strategies.

Formatting Musts for Law Firm Content

When writing your law firm content, you have to throw away your affinity for academic writing or even legal writing. There is no place for legal jargon on your website, and you should avoid long paragraphs like the plague.

Every page you write should include these basic formatting musts:

  • Small paragraphs of just a few sentences each.
  • Headers (typically H2s) that break up every few paragraphs
  • Bullets and/or ordered lists
  • A call to action at the bottom of the page with a linked phone number and contact page
  • No underlining unless the text is a hyperlink.

So, You Have Good Legal Content in Place -- Now What?

Once all of your great content has been posted, it's time to promote and distribute it. After all, if no one knows your site and blog exist, what's the use, right? There are many ways to approach this – some of which include the use of social media platforms, online forums, email blasts, and various groups such as Facebook Groups and NextDoor. While there are methods that are free to use, many options are available at a cost. For example, if you are interested in promotions that will get more eyes on your website quickly, you might consider purchasing ads on sites like Facebook and Google Ads. There are options to fit many budgets, so don't automatically assume it's out of financial reach.

Final Thoughts About Lawyer Content Marketing:

As this post identifies, each section of your website has its own value and can't be overlooked. Creating your law firm’s content marketing strategy and managing your website's content could be quite time-consuming, but your efforts are likely to be rewarded with an increase in potential clients contacting your firm. If you don't take the time to enhance your website, you are wasting the potential of an extremely valuable marketing tool.

Why Choose PaperStreet?

Law firms often realize their content is lackluster, but do nothing about it because they think they don't have the time (or budget) to address the problem. That's where PaperStreet comes in, with plans to fit most budgets.

  • We Specialize in Law Firm Content. PaperStreet has been serving the online needs of solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms, and large firms alike for over 20 years. We offer Search Optimization packages along with our content products and have a proven track record of helping clients obtain top search engine rankings. Our company founder is an attorney, and he established the company because he saw the need for high-quality legal web sites and content.
  • We offer reasonable rates and great value. We use experienced, professional writers and attorney-writers supervised by an extra layer of high-level editors. The result is concise, compelling, error-free content. Of course, your firm has the opportunity to request revisions. Customer satisfaction is our business.

Our Comprehensive Content Marketing Options for Law Firms

Whether you're a new law firm creating a new website to gain more clients or simply refreshing your campaign, PaperStreet offers a host of options to bolster any law firm's content marketing strategies. We conduct a full analysis of your site or business plan and help you create the campaign that best fits your practice areas and target your client base.

After our one-time initial strategy consultation, we will deliver the following items monthly:

  1. Research - Research of keyword phrases, competition and practice areas for article topics.
  2. Outline - Outline of a 2,000-word article with 10 to 20 subtopics. We will get your approval and begin writing.
  3. Writing - Writing of a monthly long-form content piece to target a specific practice area. The articles are 2,000 words focused on a guide of a practice area. We will include information about the practice area, FAQs, your firm, testimonials, guidelines and online resources.
  4. Editing - We will forward a draft of the article. After your review, we include one round of revisions to the article.
  5. Publishing - Publishing of the article on your website or possibly another website.
  6. Linking - PaperStreet will bolster this long-form content by obtaining specific, tailored, natural links uniquely focused on supporting this content.

PaperStreet Case Study Examples

Examples of successful long-form pieces of content and their rankings are outlined below:

examples of success

Learn How PaperStreet Can Help With Content Marketing For Law Firms

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