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Content Marketing for Law Firms

Reach Clients, Drive Leads and Increase Your Visibility with Content Marketing

Recent years have brought a paradigm shift in the way law firms market their services and share information. Historically, law firms received their leads through referrals and networking events. However, the best firms are now setting themselves out as thought-leaders and dominating search/social with informative content.

Publishing useful and engaging content that connects with key audiences on social media and demonstrates your knowledge is not easy. In this article, however, we will showcase how your firm can succeed.

Our content marketing team includes former practicing attorneys who have a unique insight into the legal market and knowledge of the latest web-writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Let PaperStreet’s team help you grow your audience, establish online authority, increase brand awareness and boost traffic, leads and conversions.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is replacing traditional, old-school law firm marketing methods of networking and referrals. In short, content marketing is writing information-rich content on a routine basis for your audience to consume and share. Our team helps write the content, edits, publishes and markets the material so that it can be read and shared by as many of your readers as possible.

What is Long-Form Content?

PaperStreet has proven that content marketing for law firms works and has a positive impact on a firm’s website. Long-form content marketing is content that is more than 1,000 words, but preferably more than 2,000 words.

Readers want authoritative articles that provide them with sufficient information, establishing you as an expert in your field. The more people that read your articles, the higher chance you have of Google viewing your site as important, which helps boost your ratings.

Long-form content will rank higher in search results, which helps drive more traffic to your site and converts your readers into clients. We have also learned that merely writing the content is not enough. A publication and promotion plan is necessary to rank the content, ensuring you get noticed. We provide a turnkey content marketing plan so you can focus on practicing law.

Why Invest in Content Marketing?

You should invest in content for two reasons: authority and inquiries.

  1. Authority/Thought Leadership - A well-written article can establish you as an expert in your field. You can leverage your online authority to gain new clients, impress existing clients and colleagues, and open doors to new opportunities.
  2. Rankings/Traffic/Leads - Long-form articles rank higher than short pages. If you rank high for keyword phrases that have a high search volume, you will get traffic and leads. An increase in traffic and leads will help your firm grow.

How PaperStreet Can Help Attorneys

PaperStreet specializes in content marketing for law firms. As a marketing agency that writes legal content, we serve solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms as well as other legal organizations.

Our team conceives and executes content so you can focus on the business of practicing law. Let us help you market your firm.

Years ago, best practice dictated writing 500-word pages, but those days are gone, especially since so many companies religiously adhered to that specific word count. Google noticed that these shorter pages often featured a cursory or superficial treatment of a topic, and when they saw everyone following the same trend, they updated their search algorithms to focus on ranking sites that provide detailed and unique information.

While you can optimize a piece of content that is around 1,000 words, you may get search traffic, but chances are you won’t get direct or return traffic or brand searches. Additionally, your site’s metrics will show that the time on your website is low and your bounce rate high.

When you incorporate more long-form content into your website, a couple of things happen:

  1. People start staying on your site longer, which means your engagement times increase. This is primarily because the average 1,600-word page takes approximately seven minutes to read.
  2. People are more likely to like and share your content.
  3. Some of the top-rated content on the web is long-form content pieces that are over 2,400 words.

Custom Plans for Content Marketing for Law Firms

PaperStreet works with attorneys to create a custom marketing plan. Our plan for content marketing for law firms is simple. We start with a strategy session to review your website, articles and competitors, and run keyword research for potential topics. Then each month, PaperStreet writes a long-form, 2,000-word article on a specific practice area that aligns with your business goals. If you practice family law, we may write about one particular area of child custody. If you practice criminal defense, we may write a lengthy article on traffic tickets. If you focus on tax law, we may write one piece on a niche area such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Your custom content marketing plan is a long-term program that will demonstrate the value of ranking for a niche topic and expanding your reach over time. Moreover, the more specific articles we write, the higher you will rank for that topic.

An effective content marketing strategy for lawyers is necessary for Internet marketing success. We can assist with all facets of law firm content marketing, including:

Content Strategy

Having a solid custom content marketing plan for law firms not only increases your firm’s chances of getting noticed online, but it helps boost your number of inquiries which can translate into leads. Over the long run, high-quality website content is a superb return on investment (ROI). Overall, a strong content strategy revolves around in-depth articles, detailed practice area pages, attorney bios and blogs.

Website Content

PaperStreet’s team of legal writers and editors creates top-notch, quality writing that will help set your firm apart and is SEO optimized to get you noticed in search results. Professional writing will help get your firm more valuable leads and results in a more user-friendly and search engine driven website.

Social Media Campaigns

We set up social media accounts for your law firm and craft compelling posts that engage with your community. Additionally, we can create custom social media plans that vary in the number of posts we create, in addition to boosting posts so we can further target Facebook users that are interested in the services you provide. When we post a blog to your site, we can link this to a social media post and monitor your traffic referrals. We work with you to create, develop and execute strategies to build your following and help grow your firm’s brand.

Blog Writing

We craft recurring, fresh content for your blog. Our services are turnkey and include research, topic development, writing, search engine optimization, editing and uploading them directly to your site.

Press Releases

Press releases are more important than ever when it comes to content marketing for law firms. As social media changes how people communicate globally, press releases have a revitalized purpose and play a critical role in promoting your firm’s content marketing online. Traditionally, firms had to go through journalists to get their press releases published. But today, press releases can be optimized with SEO keywords using direct communication tools, such as social media, blogs and websites, to deliver information to your target audience.

Press releases are an integral component in content marketing and may include:

  • Announcements - Whether you’re announcing a new legal service you offer or a new associate or partner joining your firm, press releases will allow the information to be distributed across major search engines.
  • Brand - Publishing more frequent press releases helps to improve your firm’s image online, keeping content fresh and new.
  • Driving Interest - Press releases don’t have to only include written content; they can also include videos, images and other multimedia to help convey the information you want the public to view.

We create custom press releases or edit your release and submit it to a PR distribution service for syndication. We understand how to develop effective press releases and how to get the distribution service to accept it so it reaches a broader audience.


Videos are a growing trend in content marketing and offer another medium to deliver your message. We offer a variety of video packages for every budget and will help with script writing, SEO and more. Additionally, we will help create interactive content so videos seem natural and not forced, and our all-inclusive packages include transcribing, uploading and embedding your videos on your site. Our videographer will come to you, so there is no need to arrange travel, and most of our videos and content are mobile-friendly, which is necessary in today’s world. Your firm will own all the content and videos upon completion of your video project.


We offer a range of newsletter services, from consulting on setting up distribution lists and custom newsletter design to content writing and editing. Newsletters that properly align with your firm’s brand are a cost-effective way to help you connect with clients and build long-term relationships, all while ensuring they keep you in mind for any of their legal needs that may arise. When done correctly, newsletters don’t appear spammy, and our team can help train you how to use email marketing services, including Constant Contact or MailChimp. Additionally, our team of writers can create original newsletters and engaging content to reach your target demographic.


Infographics are a mix of writing and visual design that allow clients to process data quickly and efficiently. The use of infographics in marketing over the last several years has increased by over 1,000%. This compelling and attractive design is effective because more than 90% of the information we see comes into our brain via visual images. Infographics are superb advertising for print, websites and even social media.

Members of our award-winning design and Internet marketing team create one-of-a-kind infographics and content marketing for law firms to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts.

Content Downloads

A content download is a free content asset that is offered to web visitors in exchange for their contact information. We create compelling content downloads that provide valuable information to potential clients and drive conversions. Our team can develop a variety of content, ranging from PDFs, how-to guides, surveys, articles, eBooks and infographics to white papers.

White Papers and eBooks

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that outlines a complex issue. We draft white papers on a variety of topics. These documents range from one page to book-length studies. White papers are designed to target potential clients and help attorneys establish their expertise among colleagues, while being a more convenient avenue than academic journals.

eBooks are a great way to build authority and provide information to clients. Many companies use eBooks to capture email addresses and data about potential customers, and in exchange for them providing this information, they can download a free resource.

Article Placement and Media Mentions

We assist in garnering press mentions, media placements and guest blogging opportunities. We can also ghostwrite articles and blog posts for local, state and national publications with your byline.


Having a comprehensive, seamless branding concept is essential for law firms. Consistency is critical when creating recognizable brands. Our design team works with firms to create a memorable corporate identity, which includes logo designs, brochures, all-inclusive branding, advertising, videography, photography and illustrations. Having a recognizable brand is essential to a firm’s success.

Site Architecture

The experts at PaperStreet know how to create a search engine, user-friendly site architecture. For example, the most relevant content should be easy to access and a workable site architecture helps boost crawlability and indexation. If firms choose a comprehensive SEO plan, having a site architecture that further enhances keywords is also critical. We have created hundreds of site architectures for law firms and can advise on the best way to structure your site for usability, aesthetics and SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer optional; it’s a necessity in today’s online marketing world. If you want clients to find your firm, your site needs to rank high for primary and secondary keywords to help people find your website.

PaperStreet’s experienced SEO team has achieved top rankings for many clients. Contrary to old-style SEO techniques, search engines have created precise, ever-changing algorithms that affect how websites rank. We can also help set up tracking software that further measures your analytics and provides you with the necessary insight to understand how your site gets noticed by potential clients.

Marketing Materials

Creating professional marketing materials is essential for law firms. Whether your firm is looking for SEO, Pay-Per-Click services or social media marketing, PaperStreet’s team of highly skilled marketing specialists can help create a custom marketing material package that best suits your firm’s present and future needs.

Boost Search Rankings with a Solid Content Strategy

Research shows that website content is a significant factor in search engine rankings for terms such as "Dallas Criminal Attorney" or "Florida Injury Lawyer." Top rankings on sites like Google translate into increased website traffic, which translates into increased client inquiries. And not just an increase in the number of inquiries, but the quality of inquiries.

Simply put, high quality website content delivers a fantastic return on investment over the long term.

Make or Break your Reputation

High-quality content cements your reputation as a trustworthy source of information and legal expertise. Low-quality content does the opposite.

Law firms often realize their content is lackluster, but do nothing about it because they think they don’t have the time (or budget) to address the problem. That’s where PaperStreet comes in, with plans to fit most budgets.

Think about it: Would you file a legal motion riddled with spelling and grammatical errors? Meet a perspective client wearing a bathing suit and flip-flops? Advertise yourself as a general practice lawyer when you actually specialize in intellectual property matters? Of course not. But every day lawyers make similar mistakes with the content on their websites.

Offenses go beyond the obvious misspellings, run-on sentences, vague legal clichés and annoying “Coming Soon” notices. They also include more subtle, and therefore insidious, offenses: establishing the wrong tone, targeting the wrong audience, and failing to differentiate yourself from the rest of the legal pack.

But Does Anyone Really Read Website Content?

Research shows that when people read websites, they scan pages quickly, rather than dutifully read each and every word. Unfortunately, the importance of this finding has been widely misused as a license to justify poor quality, “filler” content that no one (except a search engine spider) is supposed to notice.

In truth, the finding calls for the exact opposite approach: We need to increase our content standards, not lower them.

Online readers are highly critical, but highly motivated audience. Yes, they are scanning content quickly, but only because there is so much information out there, and so much of it does not meet their needs.

It is important to remember that scanning is usually only the first step. In the beginning, users are looking for specific keywords, headlines, lists and quick answers, as well as more subtle content clues that, taken collectively, convey two key concepts:

  • They have found the type of information they are looking for; and
  • It is from a source they feel they can trust.

Once they have found enough of these clues, there is an important shift in how user’s behave. They will literally devour the information they have worked so hard to find. This is where original, in-depth articles, blog posts, practice areas and attorney bios pay off. If the content is presented correctly, they will act on it – buying a product or service if they are looking to buy, contacting a firm if they are looking to connect.

It’s also important to notice that search engines are getting smarter every day. Content that is stuffed full of keywords, but is essentially incomprehensible gobbledygook, will no longer get you top rankings in the long term, if it ever did. As search engines like Google grow more sophisticated, they improve their algorithms and become increasingly more human-like in their rankings.

In essence, if your content is considered high quality by “real” readers, it will ultimately be more attractive to the search engines as well.

Why Choose PaperStreet to Write Your Quality Content?

Most law firms that ask this question fall into two camps: Those considering writing or editing content themselves, and those deciding between multiple content providers. Let’s start with the first and then move to the second.

Do-it-Yourself Content

Let’s admit it, most lawyers are pretty darn good writers. So why not compose your content yourself?

In a few cases, this is entirely appropriate and actually preferable, particularly for highly detailed, technical legal articles or up-start attorneys who have absolutely no budget. But in most cases, do-it-yourself content is simply asking for trouble – and is actually more expensive -- for several reasons:

  • It takes more time than you think. We have seen website launches delayed for an entire year, waiting on an attorney to find the time to write the content. We know lawyers who’ve gotten excited about starting a new blog, only to post three times and lose steam. This is all like throwing money into a black hole. When you delay a website launch, or fail to follow through on a blog, you lose potential clients and credibility. You also make top search engine rankings harder to achieve against competitors who have been online longer and in fuller force.
  • It takes you away from billing. Do the math. How much do you bill an hour? How much do we charge? Enough said.
  • You have to understand the web. Writing for the web is different from writing for court. We know techniques to boost your search engine ranking with content. We also know how to make it compelling, yet easy to read, for time-crunched users who don’t have a legal degree.

Comparing Content Providers

OK, so we’ve convinced you that writing your own content isn’t the best use of your time. Now you’re trying to figure out what company to go with. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • We specialize in legal content. PaperStreet has been serving the online needs of solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms, and large firms alike for more than a decade. We offer Search Optimization packages along with our content products and have a proven track record of helping clients obtain top search engine rankings. Our company founder is an attorney, and he established the company because he saw the need for high-quality legal web sites and content.
  • We offer reasonable rates and great value. We use experienced, professional writers supervised by an extra layer of high-level editors. The result is concise, compelling, error-free content. Of course, your firm has the opportunity to request revisions. Customer satisfaction is our business.

Comprehensive Content Marketing Options for Law Firms

Whether you’re a new law firm creating a new website to gain more clients or simply refreshing your campaign, PaperStreet offers a host of options to bolster any law firm's content marketing strategies. We conduct a full analysis of your site or business plan and help you create the campaign that best fits your practice areas and target your client base.

After our one-time initial strategy consultation, we will deliver the following items monthly:

  1. Research - Research of keyword phrases, competition and practice areas for article topics.
  2. Outline - Outline of a 2,000-word article with 10 to 20 subtopics. We will get your approval and begin writing.
  3. Writing - Writing of a monthly long-form content piece to target a specific practice area. The articles are 2,000 words focused on a guide of a practice area. We will include information about the practice area, FAQs, your firm, testimonials, guidelines and online resources.
  4. Editing - We will forward a draft of the article. After your review, we include one round of revisions to the article.
  5. Publishing - Publishing of the article on your website or possibly another website.
  6. Linking - PaperStreet will bolster this long-form content by obtaining specific, tailored, natural links uniquely focused on supporting this content.

PaperStreet Case Study Examples

Examples of successful long-form pieces of content and their rankings are outlined below:

Examples of success


Comprehensive Guide Helps Personal Injury Firm Rank High


Hirsch & Lyon, a Phoenix-based law firm that exclusively handles automobile accidents.


Hirsch & Lyon wanted to rank higher for car accidents, one of the most competitive areas of practice in Arizona.

  • PaperStreet drafted a 4,500-word ultimate guide to car accident law in Arizona. The page ranks at the top of page one for car accident law in Arizona.
  • The guide covers everything a reader would need to know on the topic of Arizona car accident law, including applicable laws, key cases, definition of terms, insurance issues and statistics.
  • The guide also walks readers through a typical car accident case, answers frequently asked questions and provides links to resources.
Lesson Learned:

Long-form content that provides comprehensive coverage of a single topic can dominate search results and drive traffic and leads.

Learn How PaperStreet Can Help With Content Marketing For Law Firms

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