Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys

Let's face it: Marketing for personal injury law firms is tough. Steep competition makes it difficult to stand out, and strategies may need to be updated frequently in order to rank highly and bring in clients. Below are some of the most important personal injury marketing tips to incorporate into your current campaign.

1. Embrace ALL Marketing Channels in Order to Stay Relevant and Successful.

Though many law firms are able to single out specific audiences with their marketing efforts, personal injury lawyers must have a campaign that is appealing to a variety of demographics. Accidents like car crashes or slip and falls can happen to potential clients at any age and any socio-economic status.

Unfortunately, no one piece of content or marketing technique will apply to everyone. Younger generations may best appreciate social media marketing. Past clients may need to be reminded of your services by way of email marketing. Perhaps you want to create podcasts or videos to try and grab potential clients.

Because personal law firms would benefit most with a comprehensive marketing campaign, it's best to consult with an agency who can track and manage the progress of your campaigns and can also execute all of your marketing efforts. WIth proper data, you can see which demographics are bringing in the biggest ROI and which may need an extra push.

2. You Need a Unique Web Design That Keeps You Memorable to Clients

With so many personal injury attorneys available at the of a search icon, your website needs to be memorable for site visitors. Some potential clients will conduct research before they hire an attorney, thus, by having a unique element to your site, the client may remember your firm for later.

Though an innovative and unique design is certainly beneficial, injury law firms with a smaller budget can opt for design elements such as a creative logo or tagline. Even a certain photo or site layout can be enough to make an impact. Put some effort into differentiating your law firm from the rest, and your branding efforts will likely help you in the long run.

3. Local Search Must Be a Key Focus of Your Personal Injury Marketing Efforts

Local search is a particularly nuanced aspect of marketing that applies to SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Google My Business and more. Though an entire digital guide could be written about local search, here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind:

  • Earn local backlinks by participating in local directories and other sites
  • Create UNIQUE content for each location AND claim that you're targeting.
  • Consider Local Service Ads that earn you the "Google Screened" mention on the search engine results page.
  • Employ location extensions to your PPC ads
  • Have a blog that contains information connected to local news and events

As the list above reveals, local search is not a quick fix to a poorly performing campaign. The individual tasks require quite a bit of time that most personal injury lawyers can't afford to lose. Thus, a comprehensive marketing agency is really the best option for injury law firms looking for a boost in clients and traffic.

How We Help Personal Injury Law Firms

PaperStreet Web Design has been creating world class websites for law firms around the country for over 20 years. We help personal injury firms stand out and showcase those firms to the world. The websites we create are visually striking with content that is informative, compelling and optimized for search. Modern consumers are internet-savvy and will only respond to websites that catch their eye, deliver value, and are easy to navigate. PaperStreet delivers on all these fronts, as our portfolio demonstrates.

Just as importantly, the websites we create are tailored to the specific needs and marketing goals of the firm. Some firms want to increase conversions while others want to showcase attorney biographies, specific practice areas, or client testimonials. Every personal injury firm is unique, so each firm's website should also be unique. PaperStreet websites are not cookie-cutter; we create truly unique designs and feature cutting-edge functionality and quality content.

Web Design and Marketing Services We Provide for Personal Injury Lawyers

PaperStreet offers website design services at affordable flat rates. In consultation with you, and depending on the package you choose, we can provide the design, images, and content for your website.

Beyond website services, PaperStreet also provides internet marketing services for personal injury law firms. This marketing can drive potential clients to your website, and help you stand out from the dozens of others personal injury law firms competing with you. From blogging and content marketing to newsletters, videos and more, PaperStreet offers marketing campaigns that spread the word about your firm.

With our understanding of SEO best practices and other marketing channels such as Pay-Per-Click and social media, we will work with you to increase traffic to your site and hit your target marketing goals. We can also update your site regularly and train you on updating your own site. And when the website launches, you own the copyright with no strings attached.

Why Choose Us for your Personal Injury Law Firm's Website and Marketing Campaign

At PaperStreet, we understand legal marketing because we are marketing experts and many of us have strong legal backgrounds. The company was founded by an attorney, Peter Boyd, who continues to lead PaperStreet. All of our content writers have legal experience and most are lawyers, and a few of our managers are also form attorneys.

Our experience in legal marketing is also extensive. Since our founding in 2001, we have helped over 2,000 law firms nationwide with their marketing efforts. Firms of all sizes in a vast array of legal practice areas have trusted us to help them succeed. And based on the results, their trust has been well-placed.

Contact us at 954-523-2181 to see what PaperStreet can accomplish for your firm.

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