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Law Firm Pay Per Click Management

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Google Ads, Facebook & Bing Ads


We are committed to helping law firms attain better results from their paid ad campaigns. Our approach is centered around complete transparency of their accounts, providing exclusivity in serving only their firm (and not their competitors), and fixed-rate contracts.

Pay per click is a powerful advertising tool that puts your law firm in front of your ideal target audience. The top of Google is a great place to be, but it doesn’t mean anything if your advertisements are not converting into paying clients. The law firm PPC management team at PaperStreet offers fully managed, transparent, exclusive PPC services.

  • Better Results - We fully maintain the account on your behalf so you’re never bogged down in the details - unless you want to be. We get better results with our years of experience in all practice areas.
  • Transparent - Our transparent reporting means you know how every dollar of your campaign - whether it’s hundreds or thousands of dollars - is converting to results. We don’t require long-term contracts and have fixed rates on either a flat rate or percentage of the ad spend basis.
  • Exclusivity - Our exclusivity means we harness our expertise for only you and not your competition. We limit our PPC clients by practice area and geography to ensure ethical results that drive more people to click on your form and dial your phone number.

When you partner with PaperStreet for law firm PPC management we can ensure you quick service, exclusivity, transparent reporting, and overall better leads. If you would like to know more about the PPC and Paid Ads process, check out our Paid Ads & PPC Guide for Law Firms

Industry Leaders in Law Firm PPC Management

Online advertising can be ripe with wasted ad spend and poor potential leads. We are here to help achieve your goals and set realistic expectations for your law firm. We work with you to get better results on an exclusive basis. Our proven process has helped many law firms achieve better client leads.

PaperStreet has specialized in the legal marketing area for more than 20 years, since the beginning of paid ads online. You can see our results per practice type in the links below.

The key difference in our campaigns is that we are focused on getting better results for law firms, 100% transparent, and exclusive to each client we work with.

Some PPC companies set up a campaign for you under their account only. If you ever leave, they keep all your data and settings, leaving your firm to start over from scratch at a new agency where you face the trial phases of PPC again - wasting time and money.

We don’t play that game.

PaperStreet generates better leads and we do it without withholding information, or taking up your time. Own your data. Work with the experts. Get better results.

Increase Conversions, Cut Spending, Ensure Exclusivity

At PaperStreet, we know the law and website marketing. When it comes to marketing for law firms, we understand the challenges of advertising in a densely competitive space, avoiding frivolous clicks, and getting the most out of your marketing budget. With our paid marketing services, our focus is on delivering quality leads that will result in signed cases for our clients. We help you determine which strategies are best for your specific firm and location. Additionally, we offer exclusivity based on practice area and location, meaning you can always rest assured that we are not also marketing for your local competitors.

What is Pay-per-Click and How Does It Help Attorneys?

PPC is cost-effective advertising of your firm online, mainly on Google search and its network of properties. We create text ads for placement when visitors search for your practice areas in specific geographic locations. You only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement, and we can control how much is spent by setting a monthly budget. The bottom line is that we can set up an account that will convert and lead to more business.

Law Firm PPC is Complicated. Make Your Life Easier.

We do the research in Google Ads, create the strategy, write/design the ads, and set up the campaigns for a one-time, flat fee. You pay for the actual advertising cost and a management fee on the account to continually improve the campaign. We promise to make your life easier so you can focus on law practice.

Exclusive. Ethical. Results.

We only work with qualified law firms. In fact, we only work with one firm in a given market. Is your current attorney PPC provider representing you and the firm down the street? This is a conflict of interest, especially when you both have to bid on the same phrases.

Our founder, content writers and other team members are attorneys who are aware of common ethical violations. We know you have to abide by the Professional Rules of Conduct, attorney advertising regulations and bar rules in your jurisdiction, and we make sure you do not run afoul of those rules.

No Contracts. Fixed-Rate Pricing.

We do not lock you into any contracts. You can cancel or adjust your budget at any time. We base our pricing either on a flat rate or percentage of the ad spend. You pay the ad costs directly to Google Ads. We will advise on the budget before signing and keep you advised if the budget ever needs to be increased or decreased.

Premier Google Partner with Google Ads

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Individual Google Certifications

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Happy Clients. Positive Results.

Searcy Law logo

"Collectively, between all sites, and with both SEO and PPC, we are getting over 1000 conversions a month! Our intake people are definitely seeing a major increase. ”
– Searcy Law

ebilaw logo

"Since launching the website, and since effectively setting up these campaigns, there has been an explosion of conversions and traffic to the firm. We continue to be busier than we have ever been and we could not be happier with PaperStreet and all that we are doing. I'm generally a very skeptical guy - especially with some of the things that I have to entrust with others - and not only am I no longer skeptical, it was one the best business decisions I ever made to trust PaperStreet with it ”
– Emmett Irwin from

stafford-logo logo

"We are getting so much more business that they needed to hire more internal help. ”
– Stafford Trial Team

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website. As users browse the web, your banner ad is displayed on other websites they visit. This technique keeps your firm on their mind and only a click away.

Why Remarketing?

It’s cheap. It’s effective. It works.

What are the Results?

We budgeted $100 in November on PaperStreet’s remarketing campaign and received nine leads. Moreover, our ad was shown more than several thousand times. The campaign is increasing our brand awareness at a very nominal cost.

What are the Costs?

The set up cost is $600 dollars and includes the set up and creation of three banner ads. You would pay the ad costs directly to Google, but most likely this would be $100 dollars per month to start. It may be higher in the future, if you receive more clicks. We would manage the campaign for $150 dollars per month for one hour of work. In short, your initial budget should include $600 dollars for set up and $250 dollars per month for maintenance.

Features: What is Included in PaperStreet’s PPC Services for Attorneys?

Our PPC plan for your law firm includes two segments: Set Up and Monthly Management. Here is what we do in each phase:

PPC Campaign Set-Up

  • Client Consultation - Initial consultation to answer any questions and focus your campaign.
  • Campaign Creation - We create a search campaign and a remarketing campaign. We set up specific geographic targeting, device targeting, bid strategy and ad scheduling.
  • Landing Pages - We use any of your website's existing landing pages or one of our best practices template landing pages (one included).
  • Ads - Text and banner ads are created for remarketing (creation of banner ads in various sizes - one design round only).
  • Features - We set up Negative Keywords (reduces spending), Long Tail Keywords (usually less expensive), Ad Extensions (allows for more interactions), Geolocation (to target specific customers), Multiple Campaign Setup (to segment ads and keywords), Multiple Ad Groups and Ads (to align keywords with specific ads), Device Bid Adjustments (to reduce or increase spending), Ad Scheduling (day parting to turn off ads in times you are not working), Ad Testing, Bid Adjustments (to stay on page one), and Keyword Match Types (to increase exposure).
  • Keyword Research - We will research keyword phrases by reviewing past searches. The key to any campaign is determining the correct keywords to target - they are the ones that bring in the most traffic, at the least cost, that best converts to clients.
  • Call-Only Campaigns - We create a campaign that drives people to your phone and not your website. Ideal for mobile conversions.
  • Tracking - We set up call tracking and form tracking via Google Call Numbers, Analytics and Google Ads.
  • Quality Score - We work with you to optimize your quality score so that you can secure the best search engine positions for the least amount of money.
  • Analytics - We install tracking and syncing with Google Analytics and Conversion Goals.
  • Targeting - We can focus more on the types of clients you want to reach (or exclude) by targeting your core audience and demographic.
  • Other Options - We can also setup Bing, Display, Gmail, YouTube and other ad campaigns.

Monthly Management of the Campaign

  • Reports - Each month, we will provide a comprehensive report showing you all of the work performed to keep your campaign at peak performance.
  • Optimization - Ongoing campaign optimization of ads and keywords.
  • Analytics - Analysis of conversions, time of day, days of week, geolocation, type of device, extensions, and other analytics from Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Ad Testing - Test ad variations in monitoring performance and ROI.
  • Underperforming Ads - Creation of negative keywords and removal of underperforming ads.
  • Reports - Provide monthly reports, consulting, and monitor/manage the campaign.
  • Updates - Updates to the campaign to comply with Google Ads' changing rules.
  • Payments - Ensuring payments go through and updating Google Ads if they do not.


We do not lock you into any contracts. You can cancel or adjust your budget at any time. We base our pricing either on a flat rate or percentage of the ad spend. You pay the ad costs directly to Google Ads. We will advise on the budget before signing and keep you advised if the budget ever needs to be increased or decreased.

The fees above cover the Google Ad program. If you want us to set up Facebook, Bing, Twitter or other campaigns, we are more than willing to do so. We work at an hourly rate to set up and manage the campaign. If you would like to test new designs, we can set up template and custom landing pages. Give us a call to discuss the additional pricing: 954-523-2181.

Factors Contributing to Successful PPC Campaigns

At PaperStreet, we have seen campaigns have great success, as well as fail to achieve goals. There are contributing factors to every campaign that contribute to the success and failure of PPC efforts and here are some of our top criteria.

When Does PPC Work? What are Ideas that Help?

  • You Need a Clear Goal: Law firm ppc campaigns that have a clear goal in a niche objective succeed. We can effectively target terms, create landing pages, and tailor the campaign to meet a set goal for leads.
  • Advertise in a Non-Competitive Area: Campaigns that are typically in non-competitive areas have a higher chance for success. Competitive areas can have success. I repeat, competitive areas can have success, however, it will cost A LOT more money. For example, it will be more difficult for a personal injury law firm to achieve results than, say, a patent law firm. The answer is because there are more law firms wanting to market in the plaintiff’s area and that drives up bid costs.
  • Utilize Call-Only Campaigns: These campaigns have great success, especially for criminal law, family law, and plaintiffs work (i.e. personal injury). Instead of bouncing users to your website, you can direct them directly to your phone number. Using this method our clients get instant calls. We encourage you to try it out and see if you get the same results.
  • Budget Fairly: You need an appropriate budget to both bid on phrases and to manage the account. If you only budget for the ads and no management, then your account will wither and be ineffective. It takes a lot of work to get a campaign running and performing on a monthly basis. Seek out an expert.
  • Use Dedicated Landing Pages: You need to get the quality score up so that you can bid less and rank higher. More importantly, your landing pages need to match to the keyword phrase you are bidding for.

When Does it Fail? What are Common Mistakes?

We find that PPC campaigns fail mostly because of these four factors:

  • Outrageous Bid Amounts – Yes, it’s unfortunate, but due to the competitive bidding process, bids in certain areas are above $100 a click, which means if you just get one click a day, you are spending $3,000 a month. It equates to $3,000 for 30 visits. If you're spending $36,000 a year you may actually want to consider a content marketing campaign. While it may take longer to see results, long-term your content should rank high and outperform the PPC ads.
  • Poor Landing Pages – Don’t ever just link PPC ads to your home page. You should link to very specific practice area pages that help solve the potential clients issue. The landing page should have a headline that matches your keyword phrase. Your subhead is a great benefit, your ad copy sells your business and the contact form gives the client a reason to call or connect with you.
  • Overboard Terms – You need to narrow your focus to be more successful. Try bidding on only terms that are specific to your practice and limit your scope geographically. For example, often firms bid on “family lawyer,” but then showcase ads anywhere in the country. So, their ads are displayed when someone searches for “Chicago family lawyer” even if they are in Dallas. #fail.
  • No Maintenance – When you do not check on your law firm campaign weekly, it fails. Setup tests regularly and make it a point to monitor, check and analyze results.
    • No Clicks? – You are either not bidding enough, targeting the wrong terms, or have really bad ads.
    • No Conversions? – Your landing pages need improvement or you need to match your ad copy to the landing page.
    • Bad Clients? – You need to set up expectations from your ad copy, landing page and throughout the sales process.
Read Our Pay Per Click Best Practices Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about PPC and Paid Search Marketing

Why Should I Try Law Firm PPC Services?

Google search results are shrinking. Google Ads advertisements and legal directories now dominate the search results, pushing organic listings lower on the page. For a search completed on a desktop-only, the three law firm listings in the map-pack and a few other direct firm listings are featured on the first page of the search results. What does this mean for your website? It may already be pushed to the bottom of page two below relevant ads and major legal directories. A well-conceived attorney PPC campaign can help drive traffic to your website and stop the fight for a spot on page one.

What is Phone Tracking?

For most campaigns, we can install a phone tracking solution. This will make sure ALL calls from your website are logged. It is simple: we place the JavaScript code on the website. When a visitor from Google Ads lands on your website, the phone number dynamically changes to the new number. We can then track all leads. For some clients, only 30% of their leads come from contact forms, the rest come from phone calls. So a phone tracking system allows us to see the entire value of an attorney PPC campaign.

What is Included in Your Search Marketing and Remarketing Plan?

At PaperStreet, for every campaign, we will set up a search network campaign and remarketing campaign. We will work with your existing landing pages or use one of our templates proven to convert.

What are Other Advertising Opportunities?

We can create Facebook ad campaigns, Google Ads Call Only campaigns and other social network campaigns. Ask us to discuss a variety of other opportunities to expand your message.

Is PPC Expensive?

When considering PPC, you should ask yourself: how much is a new client worth to my firm? If an average client is worth $5,000 in fees, then you can spend quite a bit per lead and still be profitable. Typically, we can produce leads from $50 to $300 depending on the practice area and competition level.

Is There a Contract?

While we do recommend you give ad campaigns at least three months to show profitability, we do not lock you into a contract. You can test out your campaign on a month-to-month basis. If the campaign is not working, or you are not satisfied with the results, you can end it at any time.

...But I Already Tried Google Ads, and It Didn't Work.

Significant changes in the past year have created new opportunities. If you have not tried a law firm PPC campaign in the last few months, it's time to try again. We have a new process to help improve conversions.

How Much Do Law Firms Pay for a PPC Client?

While it varies by campaign, some clients get leads for less than $50. Some highly competitive areas can pay over $500 per lead. It really depends on how much competition you have, the quality of your ads, the match type of your keyword phrases, and the quality of your website. The better your website, ads, and keyword match, then the lower your costs and higher your quality score at Google will be.

Does Every Lead Become a Client?

No, not every lead turns into a client. But most firms can turn 30% to 50% of their leads into clients. This means that if you receive leads for $50 each, and you obtain 10 leads in a month, then your actual new client costs are anywhere from $150 to $350 per lead (based on a final closing rate of 30% to 50%). Sounds confusing? It is not. We use a handy ROI spreadsheet where we ask for:

  • Your closing rate percentage
  • Your average case value

We can then calculate your overall ROI based on various keyword phrases. It is almost always positive and makes sense to advertise.

What Do Lawyers Typically Pay or Budget for PPC on Google?

A typical budget for PPC is above $1,000 a month. Most of our clients spend $1,000 to $3,000 per month on ads.

Can You Manage Large Budgets and Competitive Areas?

We have a few clients this year alone with huge budgets and they want to know that we can handle them. If your firm has a budget of $4,500 per month or higher, the management fee is 20% of your ad spend.

What is the Cost-Per-Click for an Attorney on Google?

For Google Ads, we have clients bidding anywhere from $1 per click to over $125 per click. What? $125 per click? Yes, in competitive areas, we have crazy bids amounts. That means you can spend $1,000 a day and just receive 10 clicks – so that is over $30,000 a month. You better make sure your landing pages and website are A+ and convert when you are spending that kind of money.

For most clients, we average anywhere from $5 to $25 per click. It depends on practice areas, geographic areas and competition. The larger the city, the larger the practice area, and the more competitive the market, the higher the bid amounts will be.

Will a Google Ads Campaign Help?

Yes, almost always. A properly set up Google Ads campaign can help. There are many mistakes you can make, and there are specific scenarios where a Google Ads campaign does not make sense. But it is almost always worth the nominal setup fee and monthly management costs to get a campaign going to see if the phone will ring more.

Case Studies. Smart Strategy Saves Money.

Don't rely just on Google's suggestions to set up a campaign. Why? You will blow your budget on extraneous keyword phrases. We saved one firm $100,000 in their first year of PPC services by identifying unnecessary and unhelpful phrases. Even if you are not spending at that level, we can reduce your budget and improve your quality of leads. Read more about how we got one law firm 145 leads using SEO and PPC best practices.

Zamansky LLC

Top Position For Competitive Leads


Zamansky LLC


We launched a successful ad campaign targeting multi-million dollar clients that had been involved in a poorly-managed investing strategy. Within weeks, we were #1 in the ad block and brought in leads that provided the firm with several years' worth of revenue. Despite increased competition within the ad space, we have continued to hold high positioning and improve conversion volumes month over month.


Hains Law, LLC

Tripled the number of appointments for consultations month over month


Hains Law, LLC


Within 25 days of launching a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account focusing on Family Law in Carmel, IN, Hains Law has over a 20% conversion rate and has tripled the number of appointments for consultations month over month. SEO has been beneficial for the client as well. "Strictly from SEO alone, I have had at least 5 new appointments with potential clients. I am definitely seeing a return on my investment for SEO" - Joshua Hains


Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley

Personal Injury Sister Sites


Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley


Personal injury is the most competitive area of pay-per-click marketing for lawyers. By setting up individual targeted campaigns with related sister sites for each separate personal injury topic, we were able to increase the quality score and drive down the cost per click.


The Bickel Law Firm

25% Leads Increase Each Year


The Bickel Law Firm


A statewide California lemon law firm became a client of ours in 2001. In 2013, they began PPC services and we have consistently increased leads by 25% each year. To date, their paid search campaign brings in 100 leads per month for about $105 per lead.


Levine Law

Double Conversions for Half the Cost


Levine Law


Personal injury and workers' compensation cases has proven to be costly and competitive in the PPC arena. With constant monitoring of keyword bids, testing ad copy and optimizing their landing page, a Denver accident law firm has cut their cost per lead in half and has doubled conversions year over year.


Douglas Law Firm

Leads Increase 5x Within Six Months


Douglas Law Firm


A Florida-based law firm with a variety of practice areas began working with us to drive leads through PPC efforts. We aim to consistently beat metrics and exceed client expectations. Conversions have increased by nearly 5x in the past 6 months with a cost per lead of only $72. Additionally, cost per click has dropped 26 percent.


Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

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    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

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    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

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    We provide knowledge to help you expand

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"PaperStreet Web Design’s efforts have increased conversions and the number of visitors to the platform substantially. The team has worked fastidiously to deliver satisfying products quickly. They have been accessible and encouraged innovative platform improvements, supporting continued partnership."

- John Hopkins
Marketing Director, Searcy Law