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Winning Results Founded on Innovation

The idea of an SEO program was born in 2002 when one of our web design clients asked how one of their competitors ranked high in searches for “Maryland employment lawyer.” At that time, we did not know anything about SEO.

But we have always been a bold and innovative company. Our founder is a self-taught computer geek, in addition to being an attorney. We love challenges. We told the client we would figure it out . . . and we did. Two weeks later, we had our client ranked #1 for the same phrase. Our law firm SEO program was born.

Fast forward 17 years and much has changed about SEO and getting law firms ranked high. However, our results have not changed. We still are:


We only work with one client per area.
We run conflict checks, just like your firm does for new clients.


We don’t run afoul of Google’s guidelines. This ensures your firm can have long-term success.


We pride ourselves on having hundreds of attorney SEO clients who we have helped obtain search rankings and clients.