SEO Drives Results for Your Law Practice or Business

FACT: You can build a beautiful website for your law firm or business, but without implementing SEO practices, no one will visit it. Search engines display results based on algorithms which rank websites based on the content that is relevant to the most users. SEO is based on non-paid advertising, and when done correctly, it can help drive people to your site based on “organic” searches.

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Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization & Other Technical Details

To optimize a site correctly, PaperStreet’s SEO team will conduct a thorough review, identifying targeted keywords. While keywords may seem simple, they’re anything but so! Selecting keywords for your website encompasses a variety of factors, including search volume, relevance and your competition. Additionally, our team will delve into top search queries to make sure that you target any potential opportunities for SEO searches based on your targeted geographic location.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

What is Technical SEO?

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Link Building to Increase Page Authority

Link building is when other websites link back to your site. Link building plays a significant factor in how Google ranks websites. If high-quality sites link back to your site, Google views your site as an authoritative reference that is trustworthy, rating it even higher in search results.

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Multimedia Presentation of Your Legal Content

Effective  SEO requires content, but not just any content. The content must be meaningful to your potential clients in that it is easy to understand and demonstrates your legal expertise. How you present that content is up to you. Web pages, blog posts, infographics, social media posts and videos are all means of promoting your law firm’s brand that PaperStreet can assist with. Below are some videos offering some pointers for how to best present your content.

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