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Our People

Our talents produce compelling websites that achieve results.

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35-hour work week? Work less, get more done, where do I sign up?

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Bring your hard work ethic from the morning to the end of the day, then enjoy your outside passions, whatever they may be - that's our philosophy.

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Want to see what work life is about at PaperStreet. Check us out here.

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We have an impressive list of awards. Let us help you win one.

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We have lots of happy clients who like to say nice things about us.

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Press Mentions

As industry leaders we are quoted and featured in award-winning publications and cool blogs from every corner of the internet.

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We help law firms, businesses, and professionals succeed online.

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Our Process

We pride ourselves on making progress quickly and abiding by the steps we know work for busy law firms.

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International Design

We work with clients throughout the world for the best website designs.

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Our House Analogy

Building a website is like building a house. Each step is important and the process is critical to our success.

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Our Office

PaperStreet is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but we have team member throughout the country and the world.

Founded By a Lawyer For Lawyers

The idea of a web design company focusing on law firm needs was born when Pete Boyd was in law school. It was the late ‘90s, and the internet was still a relatively new place. Pete, a self-taught computer geek and aspiring attorney, started checking out law firms online to learn more about potential employers.

He was surprised to find that many firms didn’t have a website. Those that did looked like “crap.” (Pete has always been very reluctant to say what he thinks). “I could do better,” he thought. So he did.

In 2001, with several websites under his belt, he incorporated PaperStreet. After graduating law school, Pete went to work for a boutique intellectual property firm in Miami. He would bill all day doing lawyerly things, come home, and head to his computer to design all night for his growing list of legal clients, whose needs he understood firsthand. At this point, the side web work was just for fun.

Eventually, a light bulb went on. Pete quit the fancy law firm and started designing full time, out of his living room.

Fast-forward several years: PaperStreet now has more than 2,000 clients worldwide and a talented team of designers, developers, SEO specialists and content writers. In the past 20 years, the company has expanded to offer the full range of services law firms need to build a comprehensive web presence: SEO, Internet marketing, mobile solutions, brand building, logos, content writing, print products, and more.

Needless to say, all this no longer occurs from Pete’s living room. Instead, PaperStreet operates out of a quirky office space in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our office is a large, converted garage where the previous owner built sports cars. (It’s rather fitting, given that PaperStreet websites are all about good looks and great performance.)

These days, Pete is happy to report he no longer thinks most law firm websites look like “crap.” He and his team now do battle against the growing plague of “brand bland.”

Join the fight against boring websites.
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Helps Clients Long Term

One of the hallmarks of PaperStreet is our long-term relationships with our clients. We get results for our clients and provide best-in-class service. Our numbers speak for themselves:

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    Over 200 clients have worked with PaperStreet for more than 10 years.
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    Over 500 clients have worked with us for more than 5 years.
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    Our first client is still a client with over 20 years with our team.
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How PaperStreet Is Different From FindLaw

The PaperStreet team can meet all your internet marketing needs. Learn more about our award-winning marketing team.

Web. Marketing. Content.

Clients come to us to build their websites because we do it right the first time. PaperStreet creates new websites and revitalizes aging ones. In addition to creating websites that are engaging, we also have a knack for getting results. PaperStreet has been designing websites since 2001. Our company has produced over 2,000+ custom websites for lawyers, attorneys and business professionals. We have several accomplished web designers, programmers and content writers on staff. Most of our clients receive one new inquiry per week. Some receive several new inquiries per day. All improve their image. Choosing a web design team is a confusing process. There are so many inflated promises and questions. Why should you choose PaperStreet? We answer that question with a few of our own.

Why Pay to Maintain Your Website?

Once your website is launched, our Content Management System allows you to update it on your own, without having any technical knowledge. Yes, you will be able to update the website at any time, from anywhere, instantly.

Your Business is Unique, But is Your Website?

Differentiating your firm is imperative to a successful marketing campaign. Do you really want the same cheesy-looking, cookie-cutter website as your competitor? We will create a unique brand for your firm and enhance its image with one of our designs.

Do You Want to Waste Time?

You already work 2,000 or 3,000 hours per year; let us take care of all the details. One of the advantages of working with PaperStreet is that we know what to expect. Our president and founder is an attorney and we have experience designing hundreds of legal websites . We know what your firm needs and what your clients expect.

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We have fun, inspire others and
love what we do!

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Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ Clients Happy Since 2001.

You Will Love Your Design We design to please you and your clients
Same-Day Support 24-hour turnaround edits during business hours
Free Education We provide knowledge to help you expand
No Hidden Charges We quote flat-rate projects
Own Your Site No strings attached
We Create Results SEO, PPC, content + design = clients
We Make Life Easier One agency for web, branding and marketing