Life at PaperStreet Web Design

Although we don't have any professional athletes on staff, we're an active group that enjoys the outdoors. Please take a look at the employees of PaperStreet out and about at our various events.

Summer Team Event

Summer Team Event 2018
Summer Team Event 2018

Rock Climbing and Lego fun with the PaperStreet team!

Soccer Time 2017

Soccer Mania!

Halloween Party 2016

Halloween Party 2016


Holiday Party 2015

Holiday Party 2015

We're in Ugly Sweaters!

Halloween Party 2015

Halloween Party 2015


Ariel Visits from Argentina

Ariel Visits from Argentina

A long trip to visit the PaperStreet office!

Front End Conference

Front End Conference

Andrew didn't get the t-shirt memo.

Paddle Boarding - Part 2

Paddle Boarding - Part 2

Gettin' our fitness on in Fort Lauderdale!

Grand Florida Tour

Grand Florida Tour Grand Florida Tour - Horses Grand Florida Tour - Key West

Alli and Stephanie show Max and Jeroen (Netherland natives) Florida hotspots.

Holiday Party, 2014

Holiday Party, 2014

Goofy gifts all around ...

The Fast Tech Awards 2014

The Fast Tech Awards 2014

PaperStreet is one of the fastest growing technology companies in South Florida!

Halloween Party 2014

Halloween Party 2014

Check out that impressive make-up job!

Celebrating a Big Launch

Celebrating a Big Launch

You've got to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor ...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! Name that movie?



Lunch is always better when other people cook for you.

T-Shirt Designers

T-Shirt Designer

Working hard … designing t-shirts.

Wine Connoisseurs

Wine Connoiseurs

Staying classy thanks to Kristin Mackey's delicious gift!


PaperStreet Paddleboarding from behind PaperStreet Paddleboarding Isabella Paddleboarding Paddleboarding group photo Paddleboarding group photo sun

Row, row, row your paddleboard... gently down the inlet!



It's always fun to shoot each other... with paint!


Alex shooting Jillian shooting

Time for real guns with Alex and Jillian!


Golf - Andrew, Pete, Scott and Brad Golf - Scott and Andrew on course Golf - Straight drive sign Golf - Brad, Pete, Elyssa and Andrew

Brad must've missed the blue shirt memo!


Basketball - Brad on mic Basketball - Brad and Scott in stands Basketball - Pete and Jillian in stands Basketball - Thunder players Basketball - Thunder versus Heat

Checking out LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Heather Cox!

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