Boost Your Web Presence: How to Benefit from Social Media

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Your business may have a blog and a few social media pages, but are you truly utilizing these outlets to your advantage? There are a few simple guidelines you should be following if you wish to gain the most exposure on the web.

  1. Take Advantage of Every Applicable Social Media Site

    You may think that having a Facebook page is enough to be considered active on social media, but the reality is that you are missing out on a huge audience. There are conversations happening beyond the realm of Facebook all over the web. If you have the chance to become a part of one of those conversations, then why not take advantage of it? Your clients have preferences. Some may prefer Twitter to Facebook, while others may only have a LinkedIn account. As a leader in your industry, you should really take advantage of as many networks as possible; don’t miss an opportunity to connect with someone because you refuse to join another social media network. Of course, you will want to be realistic about your audience and your capability. For instance, someone without the desire or ability to post videos may not consider YouTube a necessary account to have. You may also find out later on that a particular network is not reaping any kind of benefit as a company or professional. If this happens to be the case it is fine to abandon it as long as you have given it a good trial run.

  2. Update Regularly and Come up with a Schedule

    When it comes to blogging and social media, you should be posting on a scheduled basis. Google tracks your posting patterns, and when you adhere to a specific and regular pattern Google will notice and increase your ranking. On a more personal note, scheduled postings give your target audience a timeline, so that they know when to expect your next post.

    To make updating less time consuming, you can sign up for a HootSuite account which allows you to post to all of your social media accounts and your blog simultaneously. Simply enter all of your updates into the HootSuite application in one sitting, and schedule out when you want your posts to go live. Technically, you could easily spend 30 minutes on Monday to update posts for an entire week, and leave HootSuite to update the posts according to your specified schedule.

  3. Don’t Just Post Updates, Add to the Conversation

    Social media and blogging is not just a means to brag about yourself or share updates about your business. Contrarily, it is about engaging in a conversation with consumers. Beyond merely sharing your business successes, you should be engaging with your consumers and peers alike by responding to questions or comments, and lending your knowledge and expertise.

    Quora.com is a great tool for connecting with consumers and establishing authority. The site allows you to answer questions related to your field. This in turn will help establish your credibility as a business owner and expand your networking options. Similarly, LinkedIn has group and discussion board features to facilitate conversation, and Twitter #hashtags allow for direct communication with other users.

  4. Look for People Interested in What You Offer

    It may seem difficult to add value to a conversation if you cannot find the conversation to begin with. Luckily, you can easily search on Twitter for hashtags that relate to your business. Reply to relevant tweets and spark a conversation possibly offering a solution to a problem or insight to a topic you are familiar with. Additionally, there are free tools available on the web that can help you find influential people to follow across social media networks. Use these tools to find people who will benefit from your service and reach out to them. This may take a little more work, but it can reap great benefits.

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