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Pick the Right Font For Your Law Firm Logo

Serif vs. Sans Serif for your Law Firm Logo When it comes to your law firm logo, there are a lot of characteristics a powerful logo must possess and while the colors are important, a font can truly make or…

What To Look For In A Well-Designed Logo

Well-designed logos tend to have distinctive features that set them apart from the rest. Here are five qualities you should want to find in a logo.

A Guide to Logo Vector Files: What is a Vector File Format & Why Should I Use It?

Countless times clients have asked in a panic, “Can you please send my logo over to our printer in a ‘vector’ format? I have no idea what this means!” Or, we need to request a client’s existing logo for our design work, only to receive a rasterized file format that doesn’t allow us to use it with unlimited creativity.

What is Pantone and PMS?

Jillian explains what Pantone and PMS is and how it matters when choosing colors for your law firm branding.

Why a JPEG Just Won’t Do When Creating Logos

It’s office policy. Whenever we receive logo files from clients for a new design project (and we have not designed the logo ourselves), we ask for the Adobe Illustrator EPS file. If the client doesn’t know what that file type…

Five Characteristics of a Great Logo

Below are five characteristics of a great logo and some examples. 1. Simple Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most. 2. Scalable A…

Logo Basics: From Design and Development to Implementation

Your logo is a very important component of your brand, arguably the most important part. At PaperStreet we offer logo design services because we believe it is paramount to the overall branding goals of any law firm, or company for…

No More Blurry Logo! Nicer Results from TCPDF

TCPDF is a free PDF generator that dynamically turns the contents of a web page into a PDF. Like most PDF generators out there, it has its quirks and limitations. Converting an HTML page to the PDF format is a…

Pete Boyd portraitDumb Question: Why Do Most Law Firms Not Have Logos?

Logos do not have to be time consuming if you have a talented designer. They should be part of your overall branding. It sets the tone for everything the firm does with marketing. Read More.

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