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About Web Applications

We have created just about everything. We pride ourselves on easy-to-use, technically elegant solutions that make our clients' lives easier and businesses stronger.

Here are some ideas for your business:

  • Extranets/Intranets;
  • Proposal Automation;
  • Content Management (CMS);
  • Newsletters & Surveys;
  • Case Management;
  • Shopping Carts;
  • Map Generation;
  • API Mashups;
  • Flash Applications;
  • Invite/RSVP;
  • Client Capture; and
  • Statistics

See more specific examples here.

Key Benefits

  1. Our Knowledge Helps Build Your Business

    We've done it all: From shopping carts to intranets and extranets, from billing systems to client management systems, we have created and built various solutions for all types of companies.

  2. Reliable & Efficient Programming

    In addition to websites that inspire and deliver, we can also create reliable, efficient, usable web applications and programs.

  3. Cost-Effective Solutions Meet Your Needs

    We understand that a proposal is only a solution if it meets your budget and deadline.

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"I have used the services of PaperStreet for years and this is my fourth website. The team continues to impress in both design and SEO. "

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Case Study

Revamped Database Attracts Clients, Ends Headaches

National Liquidators, the world's largest boat and yacht liquidator

Firm: National Liquidators, the world's largest boat and yacht liquidator.

Challenge: National Liquidators had an outdated website and boat database that was difficult for clients to use.

Solution: PaperStreet transferred their existing database to MySQL and reprogrammed their inventory administration, which improved workflow, design and speed. This web app lets the client add or edit boats, automatically generates thumbnails for uploaded images, and displays the listings.

Result: Website traffic increased and searches jumped after launching. The company saved time with easy inventory updates and no more phone calls from confused customers who couldn't figure how to search the site. When the company made national news for handling the yacht sale of Bernie Madoff, the redesign left them well positioned for the increased exposure.

Database Solution is Foundation of Online Business

FlatFee.com, a national discount MLS brokerage

Firm: FlatFee.com, a national discount MLS brokerage

Challenge: The brokerage needed a robust, flexible home listing database that would be easy to search for potential home buyers and easy to update for home sellers. It also struggled to create a simple listing form because each state's Multiple Listing Services use different information fields, creating more than 300 possible variations.

Solution: PaperStreet designed a killer website and a database that includes free and paid listing sections and a login system for sellers. In addition, PaperStreet created a listing form that changes based on the location of the seller and automatically adjusts form fields to meet regional specifications.

Lessons Learned: Don't delay making needed improvements. They save money and impress potential clients.

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Features of Web Applications

  • Total Programming

    We can make your idea a reality. From PHP, to CSS, JS, to HTML5, we can help make your application.


    We typically use the popular open-source MySQL database and PHP scripting system.

  • Secure Database

    Need reliability in storing information? We can program in the popular Linux-based MySQL database or in the Windows base MS SQL server.

  • Efficient

    We create applications that are efficient to use not only for your customer but also for your employees.

  • Reliable

    Our systems are reliable. We make sure that you, your customers and your employees cannot break the system.

  • Cost Effective

    We can meet almost any realistic budget.

  • Open-Source Languages

    Our core business is producing PHP and MySQL database applications.

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