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About Web Applications

We have created just about everything. We pride ourselves on easy-to-use, technically elegant solutions that make our clients' lives easier and businesses stronger.

Here are some ideas for your business:

  • Extranets/Intranets
  • Proposal Automation
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Newsletters & Surveys
  • Case Management
  • Shopping Carts
  • Map Generation
  • API Mashups
  • Flash Applications
  • Invite/RSVP
  • Client Capture
  • Statistics

Key Benefits

  1. Our Knowledge Helps Build Your Business

    We've done it all: From shopping carts to intranets and extranets, from billing systems to client management systems, we have created and built various solutions for all types of companies.

  2. Reliable & Efficient Programming

    In addition to websites that inspire and deliver, we can also create reliable, efficient, usable web applications and programs.

  3. Cost-Effective Solutions Meet Your Needs

    We understand that a proposal is only a solution if it meets your budget and deadline.

About E-Commerce Websites

PaperStreet has been creating e-commerce websites for over 20 years now. We use the reliable, PCI compliant WooCommerce e-commerce solution.

We act as your design team and create your home, category, listing, detail, checkout, general and other pages for your store. We focus on conversions with our proven layouts and technology.

Features: What is Included in our e-Commerce Services

This means you sell more and work less.

  • Ready to Go E-Commerce - Our e-commerce is proudly powered by WooCommerce, the leading open source e-commerce platform. PaperStreet acts as the design team. WooCommerce powers your store. PaperStreet supports your website from start to launch to beyond.
  • Reliable & Efficient - We will create a reliable store that is easy to use for site visitors and your company. WooCommerce is award winning for its administrative backend and storefront.
  • Custom Design Improves your Conversions -Your shopping cart will be unique to your business and tailored to increase conversions and meet your sales goals.

Features of E-Commerce Web Design

  • Custom Design
  • Promotional Tools
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalog Management
  • Mobile Commerce
  • International Support
  • Shipping Modules
  • Payment Modules
  • Checkout Modules
  • Customer Accounts
  • Order Management
  • User Guide
  • Multiple Extensions Available
  • Reliable
  • Bridge Connect with your Back Office Software
  • SSL Secure

Total Control - Website Content Management

Total Control is a complete content management system that allows you to add and edit pages on your website, simply and easily. Our custom CMS gives you the flexibility to expand your site to as many pages as you can write, make updates, upload images and PDFs, manage firm news, and more. Click here to learn more about our CMS.

Content Management Content Management

Total File Sharing / FTP

The Total File Sharing/FTP web application lets individual users log in to a password-protected control panel where they can upload and download files. An administrator can create and delete new users, and reset passwords. This is a great system for companies and law firms that need to manage and store files online through a user-friendly web page.

File Uploading Web App FTP Web Application Intranet

For Archer Law, we created an intranet site that can only be accessed by members of the firm. It looks and acts just like a regular web page, except it contains specialized information not for public viewing. Whether it is company policy, internal events and news, or birthdays, a local intranet portal provides company employees with clear access to common information.

Company Intranet Company Intranet

PS Admin: Time Tracking & Project Management

PaperStreet created/programmed its own internal web application for managing projects and tracking time. It also maintains a list of clients with the information displayed on our portfolio. This saves us time every time we need to edit and add a client. 

Project Management Web App Project Management Web App

YachtAuctions Database & Inventory Management is a database driven site programmed using PHP/MySQL. In addition to the website redesign, we transferred their existing database to MySQL and re-programmed their inventory administration, with improvements to workflow, design, and speed.  This web app lets the client add/edit boats, automatically generates thumbnails for uploaded images, and displays the listings.

Database-driven site Database-driven site

McConnaughhay Case Law Database System

McConnaughhay has a database of thousands of cases dating back until 1971. PaperStreet created a case law administrative system where cases can be added, edited, and assigned topics. The password-protected details of the cases can be viewed on the website. In 2009 we re-programmed it using PHP/MySQL/Jquery/AJAX, simplifying workflow and adding new features like .doc report export.

Law Cases Management Law Cases Management

PaperStreet Proposal Automation

For those clients using our Total Control Content management system, our proposal automation tool allows a client to generate a proposal from their existing Total Control content. Select the pages you would like to include, and it generates a PDF/Word Document.

Proposal Generator Proposal Generator

Printable PDF Automation

Having your web pages print out nicely and without excess imagery and navigation in the way is part of our standard web design process. Some clients also want it so their pages can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.  We can install a script that saves the page out as a PDF, on a template design (page header/footer).

Generate PDF Generate PDF

PaperStreet Map Generation

Have a list of clients across the country, or all over the world, and want to display where they are on a map? We’ve done this on our own website, and on our client’s sites using pinpoints on a Google map and a web app for adding new clients.

Map Generation Map Generation

Client Inquiry Database Capture

In addition to clients receiving emails when a visitor to their site fills out a contact form, some have the inquiries added to a database. All the inquiries can then be viewed in a password-protected area. This is a useful way to review all website inquiries and contact information in one place, and a backup/failsafe to make sure all inquiries are saved.

Contact Form Database Contact Form Database

Wordpress Attorney and Practice Area Plugin

Wordpress is a popular blogging and content management tool. Sometimes you need to program a custom plugin for it that you need, or will make editing your website more pain-free in the future. For the Landye Bennett website, we developed a custom plugin that links attorneys to practice areas. You can apply attorneys to practice areas and practice areas to attorneys, so they dynamically show up in a list on the sidebar.

Wordpress Plugin Programming Wordpress Plugin Programming

Client Registration and Management System

This allows the law firm to have new users register for an account which must be confirmed by clicking a link in their confirmation email. They then can log in and view different documents depending on what they are registered under. The administrator can view all users and edit contact information.

Law Client Management Law Client Management

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