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From patents to trademarks to copyrights and other forms of intellectual property law, an IP attorney works with valuable legal assets. To gain the attention and trust of prospective clients, IP lawyers must have a professional website that projects their competence to the world. PaperStreet’s award-winning design team and proven track record of success in legal marketing can help you create a on-of-a-kind site for your intellectual property law firm.

How We Help IP Attorneys Beat the Competition

At PaperStreet, we design intellectual property law firm websites that showcase the firm’s expertise, values and strengths. With over two decades of experience, we understand the elements of successful websites, including information architecture, design, content, usability, and marketing strategies (i.e. SEO, PPC, etc.). PaperStreet websites are custom-tailored to each firm and optimized to drive web traffic to help lawyers succeed and grow. Check out our portfolio of 10 best IP law firm websites below.

Portfolio of the Best IP Law Firm Websites

Marketing Guide for IP Law Firms

IP lawyers have a unique challenge in that many of their clients may not have any idea what’s involved with processes like applying for a patent or filing a claim for copyright infringement. Potential clients may not even know if an attorney is necessary or if they are eligible for patents, trademarks, etc. On the other hand, clients such as corporations, institutions and pharmaceutical companies want to know that you will handle every detail with tenacity.

Despite the disparity in your potential clients, it is certainly possible to create and market a high-performing website. This brief marketing guide for IP lawyers can help your law firm stand out from the pack and secure new business.

1. Diversify the Presentation of Your Content

Intellectual property attorneys will be marketing their services to 2 stages of the marketing funnel: Those who actively need a IP lawyer AND those who are merely considering it. Whatever stage the potential client is in, the client is trying to navigate a confusing and significant event in their life.

As a result, your IP law firm’s marketing content needs to be informative and simplistically broken down. Explain topics like the application processes, what is considered an infringement and how your attorneys can help. You may not need a lot of content as compared to other law firms, but the copy needs to be carefully crafted.

When a potential client is browsing for an IP law firm, have your firm stand out by being the practice that makes him or her feel comfortable. If the client comes to an understanding of what to expect when they meet with you, your law firm is more likely to be the one they choose for their claim.

Even if you’re striving for corporations and institutions, the business manager or representative also may need to be persuaded to select your firm. Presenting your material clearly will show your expertise and demonstrates that your attorneys are prepared for the task.

Separate the content for individuals from those pages aimed at businesses and you can infuse the proper tone for each. A well crafted IP web design can even incorporate portals or other multimedia elements for enhanced user experience.

2. Embrace Multimedia Presentations on Your Website.

IP law isn’t an area of law many clients are familiar with. Even corporations and research companies that require your services may not be familiar with aspects of IP litigation or what to do if fraud or other problematic behavior is occurring. As such, your website should be an information database that also demonstrates your expertise.

As no two people learn the same way, it helps to present your information in a host of mediums. Create an infographic outlining the steps in IP litigation. Record a podcast identifying how to handle trade secret violations. Make a video that answers common FAQs or details a particular case you won. The possibilities are endless. In addition to establishing you as a legal authority in IP law, multimedia marketing materials can earn your website links and enhance your overall rankings.

3. Think Outside the Box for Your Blogs and Social Media

Any internet marketing firm will advise you that blogs and social media are important elements of your marketing campaign. Unfortunately, IP law may not be the most compelling of topics when compared to other areas of law. Creative efforts are needed in order to employ these marketing channels for branding and site traffic.

Discuss celebrities with patents. Highlight major businesses facing IP issues that aren’t too complex. Address how individuals make a profit on their patent or trademark.

Individuals and smaller businesses are more likely to be the ones browsing your blog and social media accounts, so while your main site will target broader audiences, these channels can help you appeal to this segment of potential clients.

Services We Provide for IP Lawyers

PaperStreet offers every facet of website design services, from design and development to social media and SEO. Along with the written content, we provide stunning design and images for your website. We also offer regular site updates and internet marketing services to increase site traffic.

Our website packages are crafted for the individual needs of all IP law firms and budgets, from solo practitioners to large firms, and are priced at flat rates, with no hidden fees or clauses. You own your site 100% after it launches, no strings attached.

Why Choose Us for Your IP Law Firm Website

PaperStreet has been a leader in the legal marketing field since 2001. Our founder, Peter Boyd, is an attorney and many of our managers and writing staff are former practicing lawyers. We have worked with over 2,000 firms across the county (and internationally!) and we understand the unique marketing needs of law firms. PaperStreet has been designing best-of-class intellectual property law firm websites for nearly two decades and our award-winning team can create a site to suit your creative needs and marketing goals.

To learn how PaperStreet can design and market a website that showcases your firm to the world, contact us at 954-523-2181.

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