Best Website Designs for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy is a highly specialized area of law. Individuals and entities facing bankruptcy or bankruptcy-related issues, such as creditors rights, seek attorneys with expertise and a proven record of success. Bankruptcy lawyers must be able to prove to prospective clients that they can handle their complex business matters. You need a compelling website that demonstrates competence, helps to establish credibility, impresses prospective clients and generates new business. These marketing goals are best accomplished when combining an innovative yet functional design with a high-performing campaign.

How We Help Bankruptcy Law Firms

At PaperStreet, we create legal websites that help bankruptcy lawyers enhance their reputation and bring in business. Our websites are informative, compelling, and visually impressive. We incorporate seamless navigation, compelling copy, and stunning design. We also optimize your site for the search engines and can expand your marketing to PPC, social media, newsletters and more.

PaperStreet websites are among the most impressive and cutting-edge in the legal industry. Check out our portfolio of best bankruptcy law websites below to see for yourself.

Portfolio of the Best Bankruptcy Law Firm Websites

Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing Guide

Bankruptcy lawyers have a unique challenge in that many of their clients may not have any idea what’s involved in declaring bankruptcy. Clients may not even know why they need a lawyer or if bankruptcy is a viable option. With corporate bankruptcy cases, clients need to know that you will handle every detail with tenacity. As such, these marketing tips for bankruptcy lawyers can help your law firm stand out from the pack.

1. Create Extremely Understandable Content

Bankruptcy attorneys will be marketing their services to 2 stages of the marketing funnel: Those who actively need a bankruptcy lawyer AND those who are merely considering it. Whatever stage the potential client is in, the client is likely at a high-stress point in their life and is trying to navigate a confusing and unfamiliar event in their life.

As a result, your bankruptcy law firm’s marketing content needs to be welcoming and simplistically broken down. Explain topics like the pros and cons of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy process and how your attorneys can help. You may not need a lot of content as compared to other law firms, but the content needs to be carefully crafted.

When a potential client is browsing for a bankruptcy law firm, have your firm stand out by being the practice that makes him or her feel comfortable. If the client feels like they will know what to expect when they meet with you, your law firm is more likely to be the one they call.

Even if you’re striving for corporations declaring bankruptcy rather than clients, the business manager also may not understand what to expect. Presenting your material clearly will show your expertise and prove that you are up for the task. Separate the content for individuals from those pages aimed at businesses and you can infuse the proper tone for each. A well crafted bankruptcy law firm web design can even create portals or other feature for enhanced user experience.

Bonus Bankruptcy Marketing Tip:
Ask any educator about learning styles, and they’ll explain how some students learn visually, by listening etc. Thus, create a variety of explanatory materials. Make an infographic. Record a podcast. Create a video. The possibilities are endless. Venturing further, multimedia marketing materials can earn you links and enhance your rankings.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Testimonials

Declaring bankruptcy leaves many clients wondering about the future. One way you can market your bankruptcy law firm in a compelling way is by offering video testimonials. If you have a willing client, have them tell their story. If your clients wish to stay anonymous, simply record a video that explains the situation with actors or blurred figures.

Testimonials are also effective for prospective corporations. Create an explainer video to discuss how you helped a business by demonstrating what was needed and how you rose to the challenge.

Sure you can — and should — get written testimonials and review, but a bankruptcy client’s story can help swing a potential client in favor of hiring your firm.

3. Diversify the Presentation of Your Blog and Social Media

Bankruptcy is a practice area that may either be an attorney’s sole practice area or part of a larger repertoire. Despite the nature of your practice, you can enhance the reach of your marketing campaign by thinking outside the practice area alone for your blog and social media material.

For example, discuss celebrities who have undergone bankruptcy. Explain the ramifications of bankruptcy on a divorce. Address how a person’s estate plan may change as a result of declaring bankruptcy.

The resulting traffic from these posts can assist with branding and also help you reach clients in the related practice areas. You can also consider partnering with another law firm for referrals if bankruptcy is your sole practice area. At the heart of every bankruptcy law firm marketing guide is a reminder that the more you get your brand out there for quality posts, the better your web performance overall.

Comprehensive Marketing Services for Bankruptcy Lawyers

PaperStreet offers industry-leading design services for bankruptcy law firm websites. We offer affordable rates with flat-rate payment packages that allow you to select the specific services you need. From a simple, quick site to mega-sites with cutting-edge functionality and custom designs, we can provide a website that suits your needs and budget. We also offer a suite of other legal marketing services, including content marketing packages, blogs, brochures, branding, newsletters, social media, SEO and PPC. Bankruptcy lawyers seeking to enhance their marketing efforts frequently rely on PaperStreet and see that their investment pays off.

Choose Us for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm’s Website Design and Marketing Campaign

PaperStreet was founded in 2001 by an attorney, Peter Boyd, who continues to lead the company in its legal marketing efforts. PaperStreet has numerous attorneys on its staff and writing team, many of whom practiced law for years before moving to marketing. Thus, we understand the unique needs and goals of bankruptcy lawyers. We are also well-versed in digital marketing, SEO, user experience and all the other components needed for a strong bankruptcy attorney marketing campaign.

Contact PaperStreet at 954-523-2181 to learn how we can design a unique bankruptcy law website for your firm and help you reach more clients.

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