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Wordpress for Law Firms

Law Firm WordPress Website Design, Sercurity and Optimization

Get expert help to design and maintain your website.

We are Experts in WordPress Design, Security and Optimization

We are experts at WordPress. We designed our first Wordpress website in 2004. Not many other website design firms can say the same. We can optimize any site, make it secure and keep it running fast. WordPress offers a lot of functionality and if built improperly can slow down a website. As part of our WordPress checkup we offer the following features:

Unlimited Design

We have built hundreds of WordPress websites for law firms. Our award-winning designers have worked with organizations of all sizes from firms with hundreds of attorneys to solo practitioners. WordPress is a flexible content platform that can help your firm get online cost efficiently. With WordPress, you have zero limits on design style and functionality.


At PaperStreet we take security seriously. We update all our WordPress installs monthly and run daily security scans. Our team ensures that your site is secure, your WP core is upgraded and your plugins are secure. We check to make sure directory permissions are set properly, that you are using salts properly in the config file, and certain plugins/techniques are implemented to increase security. We also check users and database passwords to make sure they are safe and up-to-date. Our team makes certain that you have an automatic backup process in place for your files and database. You should be backing up offsite every day in case you ever experience issues.

Speed & Optimization

We make sure that your code is optimized. We will minify JS and CSS, crunch images, and get the load order right to improve page load time so that your Google site speed is as high as it can possibly be (ideally over a 90).

WordPress Optimization, Speed and Security

WordPress is one of the best content platforms for your law firm website. However, it has its drawbacks. If your theme is not properly coded, then the site can be slow. If WordPress is not regularly updated it can contain security issues that may lead to an eventual hack.

If you are unsure about your WordPress install, then run a speed checkup now. If you have scores in the 50s, 60s or 70s, then give PaperStreet a call. If you have scores below 50, contact us immediately to assist in getting your WP into shape.

If you are concerned about security or have had issues with hacks in the past, then contact us. We can help harden WordPress for your firm and stop issues before they start.

Wordpress Notes

As of February 2017, Wordpress is used by over 58% of all websites that use a content management system. Moreover, this is 27.5% of the top 10 million websites. It is a very robust and stable platform. When properly built and optimized it is completely secure and fast.

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