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Providing information about your browser version and screen size can be valuable in resolving technical issues related to the compatibility, layout, and functionality of websites or applications. Providing details about screen size or browser type/version to a developer for troubleshooting technical issues can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task, especially for non-technical individuals.

We have developed a small tool that can help you simplify this process by allowing you to copy your browser and current version, screen size, and browser size with just one click.

Simply bookmark this blog post and the following data will appear every time you open the link to this post:

  • Browser: Indicates which browser you are currently using and the current version number.
  • Screen Size: Shows the actual screen size of the current monitor.
  • Browser Size: Shows the current screen size of the browser window (not including the scrollbar and the browser address bar).

Please note that the browser size is subject to change if the browser window is resized.
JavaScript is required to be enabled on the browser for the results to show



Screen size


Browser Size


JavaScript Enabled?

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