A man with glasses and a beard, wearing a suit and patterned tie, is pictured on a law firm's webpage. The firm’s name is Cameron & Kane, and the text identifies him as Colin Cameron, Attorney.
Website homepage for Cameron & Kane, Attorneys at Law, featuring a blurred cyclist in motion. The page highlights the word "Different," showcasing their focus on Business, Real Estate, and Personal Injury Law.
A man in business attire is seated on a chair in an office with large windows. The text reads "Bicklaw LLP exclusively environmental" and "Alan Bick Partner". A "Contact Information" link is visible.
A large crocodile lies on the floor in front of a modern living room set. The background features a staircase and text overlay reads, "For companies facing heated challenges.
A professional headshot of Elias J. Ancharski, a male attorney at law, displayed on the Osborn Maledon website. His contact details, including a phone number and email, are visible along with navigation options.
The homepage of Osborn Maledon law firm, featuring a textured background with the firm's logo and navigation links for attorneys, practice areas, notable results, careers, and contact information.

Founded by a Lawyer, For Lawyers

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Law Firm Website Design
SEO & Internet Marketing

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Law Firm Website Design,
Internet Marketing, & SEO


Award-Winning Law Firm Websites

We create law firm website designs. Well . . . actually we create stunning, professional websites that get results for our clients. Since 2001, PaperStreet has been helping law firms grow their legal practices. While we are primarily a website design company, we definitely help firms with content writing, SEO, PPC, and internet marketing.

We have won hundreds of awards and have helped to brand firms. Our talented team has won over 70 awards in the past 3 years from Webby, W3, Communicator, Davey, Lawyerist, Marcom, Ava, IMA Awards and many others. We have even dominated by winning 6 out of 10 Lawyerist awards in 2020 (and another one in 2021).

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An elephant stands in a pink room scattered with overturned furniture. Text on the wall reads, "BEFORE THE ELEPHANT ENTERS THE ROOM." The company's name, BICKLAW LLP, is displayed in the top left corner.
A bearded man in a navy suit sits confidently while promoting Michael Day Law Firm's services. The caption reads: "MICHAEL DAY - ALL DAY, EVERY DAY." with additional stats below.
Close-up of a football player's hand and part of their uniform during a rainy game, with "Retired NFL Players" text and helmets hanging in the background.
Website homepage of the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, P.C., featuring text "Developing Creative Solutions for Modern Pioneers" with a button labeled "Explore Our Services" and a futuristic design.
Excavator digging in a large trench surrounded by trees at sunset, with text overlay that reads, "EMINENT DOMAIN - It's All We Do". Warren Baker LLP branding and navigation bar are visible at the top.

Web Design for All Sizes

Law Firm SEO, Content, PPC
And Internet Marketing

Google Analytics dashboard displaying metrics for a website: 24K users, 30K sessions, 62.26% bounce rate, and 1m 42s average session duration. It shows 15 active users and a graph of active pages and page views per minute.


Top search rankings equal more client inquiries. We have over 100 law firms ranked on the first page of Google. We provide exclusive, ethical, results for our clients. Learn more about our SEO services.

Screenshot of a website titled "Personal Injury" with a section promoting Florida Personal Injury Lawyers. The page includes contact details and highlights billions recovered in damages for clients.

Content Writing

We hire only attorney-writers. Clients will judge you based on the quality of the content on your site. We specialize in internet-friendly content that is clean, compelling and tailored to your audience.

A collage of various law firm websites showcasing different designs, layouts, images, and slogans aimed at portraying their services and expertise.

PPC & Google Ads

We are Google Premier Certified. We can give you more exposure by creating Google Ad campaigns. PPC ad campaigns give you instant access to the top search results. Setup a campaign today.

Bar chart showing new users by primary channel group. Organic Search leads with the highest at around 40K, followed by Direct, Referral, and Paid Search. Organic Social, Display, and Cross-network are minimal.

Digital Marketing

Your website is just the start. For true marketing campaigns, you need to have content, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Newsletters and more. The good news is we can help. Learn how to grow your practice.

That Get Results

We are also a marketing company that is proud to represent over 100 client campaigns that cover various practice areas. We help with SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), content writing, and other marketing services. Once you have a website online, you need to build traffic. There are two primary ways to achieve this: organically or via paid traffic

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For organic rankings, you need to have quality content that is tailored to answer the users questions, as well as backlinks from legal directories, legal organizations, other law firms, news, media, government, education, and other authoritative websites. We assist clients with setting up a plan to publish and build that authority online. This process is known as SEO. Learn more by reading our 10,000 word guide on how to rank high in searches.

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For paid traffic, we primarily rely on Google Adwords (now just called Google Ads). We are a Google Premier partner that is certified in search ads and mobile ads, and we have members who have obtained Google Analytics IQ certification. We help clients setup Adwords / Ad accounts and manage them on a monthly basis. We write the ads, setup landing pages, set the bids, setup locations, demographics, and more. We also monitor the results on a daily/weekly basis depending on the account.

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Our clients can receive instant ROI on their ad spending with qualified leads. To find out more, please see our results page or call us for more details.For example, we helped one firm save $10,000 a month and increased their inquiries with just four hours of work. Our marketing techniques and SEO helped law practices increase their conversion rate from 1% to over 400% in a single month. You can also check our PPC page, which details our process for setting up proper, best practices of PPC for law firms.

About PaperStreet Web Design

Award-Winning Law Firm Website Design

2,000+ Happy Clients Worldwide Since 2001

Your website is your most important marketing asset. It should be a unique reflection of your company, not a cookie-cutter website that looks like your competitors. It should be fast and easy to update. It should be great looking and reasonably priced. PaperStreet primarily does four things: law firm website designs, SEO, internet marketing, and content writing.

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Serving Clients in the US and Worldwide

Out of our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office, we’ve created some of the best custom website designs for clients in 15 countries. We also have many top ranked SEO and PPC campaigns that generate results. If you are in need of a new online presence, or you want to refresh a campaign, then give us a call for a free marketing consultation.

Founded by a Lawyer, for Lawyers

PaperStreet knows what works for busy partners, shareholders and attorneys. We understand and anticipate your needs. Our founder and president is an attorney. We have worked on more than 1,500+ projects. We have created several hundred logos. We just get law firms.

No Mandatory Subscriptions

You should own your site and it should be yours with no strings, no required services and no recurring fees for “mystery maintenance.” At PaperStreet there are no limits on the amount of pages or time spent in the creative process.

Exclusive, Ethical, Results

Our goal is to produce leads. We can do this by getting your website to rank high in searches, and by also setting up a dedicated PPC campaign to increase online exposure. We can also assist with your marketing campaigns.

Clients Love Our Work

Finally, we have a lot of online reviews by our attorney clients. We average 4.98 Rating out of 5 Stars with 40 Reviews. Check us out on these websites: YP, FB, and Clutch.

One-Stop Agency

We are a digital marketing agency that can design, develop, write, and promote your law firm. Let us help grow your practice.

We have won hundreds of awards and have
helped to brand firms online.

We have also assisted firms with promoting their practice and growing their business by obtaining first page rankings through PPC and SEO. We do this by providing same-day customer service. Please take a look below at a few of our top websites, and feel free to browse our portfolio of best law firm websites to see more.

A collection of award logos including AVA Digital Awards, Webby Awards, Inc. 5000, Forbes, Communicator Awards, and others, with the text "Hard Work Has Its Rewards Awards" below them.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ Clients Happy Since 2001.

You Will Love Your Design We design to please you and your clients
Same-Day Support 24-hour turnaround edits during business hours
Free Education We provide knowledge to help you expand
No Hidden Charges We quote flat-rate projects
Own Your Site No strings attached
We Create Results SEO, PPC, content + design = clients
We Make Life Easier One agency for web, branding and marketing