Effective Law Firm Internet Marketing

Exclusive, Ethical, Proven Results for Lawyers

Exclusive, Ethical, Proven Results for Lawyers

We specialize in internet marketing for law firms. For 15 years now, we have helped over 100 law firms with their SEO and PPC campaigns. Some of our clients receive several hundred leads per month from a combined approach of having an informative website, top search rankings, PPC campaign for additional exposure, newsletter campaign, videos and content marketing.

Internet Marketing Basics

Internet Marketing Basics

We still believe that your website is the core of your web presence. It needs to be beautiful. It needs to be mobile friendly (i.e. responsive). It needs to be easy to read. Sure, social media, SEO, PPC, newsletters, and content are all part of that web presence, but you need to start with a great website. Create a website that informs your clients. Create a brand that potential clients trust. Create content that engages and that people want to share.

SEO?  PPC?  Both?

SEO? PPC? Both?

Our two primary tactics to get more leads is through Law Firm SEO plans and pay-per-click for lawyers. SEO goal is to gain website leads by ranking your firm high in organic search. For PPC, we setup ad campaigns to gain traffic by seeing your text ads on top of search. We always recommend a SEO campaign for long-term success, but to boost your leads we can setup a PPC campaign too. Our detailed pages on SEO and PPC outline our entire process, including pricing, budget and what to expect.

Other Internet Marketing Tactics

Other Internet Marketing Tactics

We also offer social media assistance, remarketing, email newsletters, and local search. These tactics can amplify your internet marketing campaign. If your website needs help, then we can also conduct a website analysis to figure out why it is not ranking or not performing.

Our Services

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Law Firm Internet Marketing Key Benefits

  1. We Focus on Results

    We track all impressions, clicks and - most importantly - conversions. Check out some of our Success Stories.

  2. Our Internet Marketing is Cost Effective

    Our SEO and Internet marketing campaigns drive targeted traffic and make you money. We can start campaigns for under $1,000. No minimum ad spending is required.

  3. We Handle Everything

    We can set up SEO, Local Search, PPC, Social Media or Newsletter campaigns. We are your one-stop shop and take care of everything for you.

Internet Marketing for Attorneys

Our attorney Internet marketing techniques use your website, and overall web presence, to generate new clients and revenue for your law firm or business. We've specialized in law firm Internet marketing and SEO for lawyers for over 15 years and know how to execute complex, competitive campaigns, as well as deliver results for those on a budget.

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"I have seen tremendous results from the site. From the small investment I made to have the site built, I have more than tripled that money from new criminal matters in the last six weeks. I average three new calls, five email inquiries and one new case per week."

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Clients Love Us


"I have been working with PaperStreet in all aspects of development and SEO. In fact, we have done some things together that others can not do; simply because they are willing to be imaginative and creative on both the development and search engine optimization (SEO) side. So far, we have built and successfully operated over 12 websites (including updates). With their assistance, we have taken our main website from total visitors of approximately 9000 to total visitors of over 180,000 in (5) years. "

About PaperStreet

PaperStreet creates new websites and revitalizes aging ones. In addition to creating websites that are engaging, we also have a knack for getting results with attorney SEO campaigns and lawyer web marketing. Our clients receive new inquiries each week. Some receive new inquiries each day and generate millions of dollars in revenue each year. This level of law firm internet marketing turns your law firm website into a virtual rainmaker. Contact us today if you are interested in internet marketing for attorneys.

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Impress And Get Results

  1. Impressive Designs, Create Impressive Results.

    Our designs are award-winning. They are some of the best in their category and they get results.

  2. Great Results from Usability, Design & Optimization

    Our level of design combined with our usability and internet marketing techniques deliver results for your business: more clicks, more inquiries, more new clients.

  3. Our Experience & Knowledge Makes Your Job Easier

    For over 15 years, we have been producing websites for lawyers, professionals and businesses. We have encountered every possible issue and found a solution to make your job easier.

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