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For 20+ years, we have helped 2,000+ law firms grow. Our best attorneys receive several hundred leads per month from their target audience. We utilize a combined web marketing approach of having an informative website, top search rankings, a PPC campaign for additional exposure, a newsletter campaign, videos and content marketing. Let us help you earn a higher ROI from your marketing campaign.


A 30-day line graph shows SERP volatility levels from low to very high. The x-axis displays dates from September 7 to October 7, while the y-axis represents volatility levels from low to very high.
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    We Focus on Results

    We track all impressions, clicks and - most importantly - conversions.

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    Our SEO and digital marketing campaigns drive targeted traffic and make you money.

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    We can set up SEO, local search, PPC or paid ads, social media marketing, content marketing, or newsletter campaigns.

Image depicts a website homepage for Searcy Law, a personal injury law firm. The banner features a woman hugging a child with the text "Justice for real families" and contact information including a phone number.

CASE STUDY:  17,130+ Conversions for South Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

In the competitive legal landscape, Searcy Denney recognized the need to enhance their online visibility and attract more clients. With clear marketing goals in mind, they turned to our legal marketing experts to develop a robust marketing strategy. This case study outlines the digital marketing efforts employed, focusing on search engine marketing and competitive marketing techniques, which ultimately resulted in a significant increase in online leads each year for a total of 17,130+ leads over five years. By leveraging our expertise and targeted approach, we successfully elevated their digital footprint and drove substantial growth in their client base.


Effective Digital Marketing for Law Firms

The way people connect with businesses has changed. Before the days of the internet, we relied mainly on word-of-mouth to find an attorney. If you were separating from your spouse, chances are a colleague or family member knew the perfect divorce lawyer for you, and you would take their recommendation at face value. While word-of-mouth is still very real and very important, law firm internet marketing is more important. Will your firm show up on the first page of Google when potential clients are searching for a lawyer? Will your ads catch their attention? Will your website convince them to set up a consultation? This is where PaperStreet helps.

SEO?  PPC?  Both?

Our two primary tactics to get more leads is through SEO plans and pay-per-click. We also offer remarketing plans too. SEO’s goal is to gain website leads by ranking your firm high in organic searches. For PPC, we setup ad campaigns to gain organic traffic by seeing your text ads on top of searches. We always recommend a SEO campaign for long-term success, but to boost your leads we can setup a PPC campaign too. Our detailed pages on SEO strategy and PPC outline our entire process, including pricing, budget and what to expect.

Other Digital Marketing Tactics for Attorneys

Your website is the core of your web presence.  Once you have a website, you need to have plans for social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, blog posts, newsletters, and content marketing. You can also start a content marketing plan. These include producing informative articles to rank well, which is part of SEO. We also offer social media assistance, remarketing, email marketing campaigns, and local search.


A line graph displaying crawl requests from 10/27/21 to 1/12/22, with a total of 46.9K requests. It also shows a total download size of 669M bytes and an average response time of 458 milliseconds.

PaperStreet is 100% transparent in our reporting. You have full access to your analytics 24/7.


Pricing & Budget Flexibility

Whether you hire us for a new website, a social media campaign, PPC or SEO campaign, or another service, we offer pricing tiers in order for you to select a plan that stays in your budget. We also offer a la carte services should you want to test the water with our team for a consultation, video, new logo, etc. Our client base often signs up for one service and then evolve into us handling more and more of their legal marketing campaigns. We’re confident in our work and we take the time to develop a relationship with all of our clients.

FAQs About Marketing for Attorneys

What is in a digital marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign typically consists of:

  • Website Audit – We want to make sure your website is perfect and ready to convert potential clients.
  • Content Audit – We review whether you have enough valuable content on the website to support an SEO campaign, along with the advertisements we are going to run to attract interest.
  • SEO – As an SEO agency, we always optimize the site with a 100+ step checklist that we have created. This includes the basics like title tags, meta descriptions, headlines, on-page optimization, sitemaps, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc. It also includes link building and content writing campaigns.
  • PPC – Many clients want results immediately, so we setup a paid ad campaign with AdWords, Bing, and sometimes Facebook. This can drive quality traffic to your website. We can even setup remarketing and call-only campaigns.
  • …and then we can add on content marketing, social media, and other tactics.
How long does a marketing campaign take to start seeing results?

We have had clients see results in as little as a week. Typically, short-term results come with a PPC campaign, where we buy keywords on Google and set up appropriate ads and landing pages. For a proper SEO campaign, it can take 30 to 90 days to start seeing success, depending on what needs to be done to get the site into the rankings.

How much does a marketing campaign cost?

It varies. We hate being vague, but we have campaigns to fit all budgets. We have some clients who spend only $500 per month and receive solid leads. We also have clients who collectively spend $10,000 or more, for all their online advertising (including ad costs to Google, Facebook, Bing, etc). Most of our clients will spend between $2,000 and $5,000 for a good SEO and PPC campaign. We divide that budget into whatever brings in the most return on investment. Sometimes we focus exclusively on SEO, as PPC bid costs are too high. Sometimes we focus on a content-only campaign, or a social media campaign. Sometimes a law practice need leads ASAP, so we set up a PPC campaign to drive traffic immediately.

Do you work with firms of all sizes?

Yes. We have worked with AMLAW 100 firms as well as solo practitioners. While our typical firms range from 5 to 25 attorneys though, we have plenty of solos who need our assistance and large firms who need marketing help.

Do you work exclusively with our firm?

Yes, we work exclusively with your law firm. We believe that you get the best results for a firm by concentrating on their firm only. We take on one firm per practice area and geographic area. Many competitors work with firms in the same city; and often the same building. That is a conflict of interest, and not what we do at this digital marketing agency. Call us to see if we can currently take your firm on as a client.

Do you handle everything?

Yes! We can help with everything related to attorney web marketing., which includes: SEO, PPC, newsletters, social, videos, content marketing and more. We do need your firm’s assistance in how you want to brand the firm and goals, as well as defining and telling us about your target audience. We also need approval at key stages. But we can take care of everything else.

Will I have control over my website?

Yes, of course. At the end of the day, the website we create for you is yours, as well as all the valuable content we write. We just make sure it looks nice, runs smoothly and yields the results that you need. We love when our clients take a hands-on approach to their firm, and we’ll make sure that you are a part of every decision we make. However, in the same breath, if you want a more “set it and forget it” approach, we’re fine with that, too. We’ll match your desired level of involvement and make sure you still feel like you have control over your online presence.

What are backlinks and why do I need them?

Backlinks are links that point back to your website. The more high-quality backlinks you build, the more online authority your website has, and that means Google will reward you with better rankings. The “high-quality” part is important here. It’s completely possible to build a backlink catalog of spammy directories and paid links, but those aren’t going to lead to the results that you want and need for a successful marketing effort. At PaperStreet, we focus on what will work for you in the long run and specifically for your target audience.  Some examples of high-quality links include local listings, testimonials, reviews, social media, blogs, seminars, Google My Business, digital marketing channels and more.

How do social media and newsletters help me get new potential clients?

Social media and newsletters lead to better user engagement with a prospective client. People love to interact with their favorite businesses and brands online, and they like to feel included. Posting an update on Facebook or keeping in touch with a monthly newsletter is a great way to get past and potential clients to interact with you and build your online community. It establishes trustworthiness, and it can even lead to increased traffic and conversions to your website.

Who do you work with for your digital marketing services?

We work with all types of legal clients and their legal services, including Personal Injury lawyers, Antitrust, Appellate Litigation, Banking & Financial Legal Services, Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Clean Tech/Renewable Energy, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital, Energy, Oil, & Gas, Environmental Law, General Commercial Litigation, General Corporate Practice, Health Care, Intellectual Property, International, IP Specialty, Labor & Employment, Litigation Specialty, M&A (Merger & Acquisition), Media, Entertainment, & Sports, Privacy & Data Security, Private Equity, Products Liability, Project Finance, Real Estate, Securities/Capital Markets, Securities Litigation, Tax, White Collar Defense & Internal Investigations and more. Whew! We have worked with termite lawyers even!

Do lawyers need a digital marketing agency?

Yes and no.  If you are short on time and don’t have the knowledge, then you do need help.  If you know how to effectively market your firm, then you can do this yourself.  Our attorney online marketing techniques use your website and overall web presence to generate new potential clients and revenue for your business. We’ve specialized in legal web marketing for attorneys over 20 years and know how to execute complex, competitive campaigns, as well as deliver results for those on a budget. Learn more about our team.

Marketing Strategies By Practice Area

Our comprehensive guide on internet marketing breaks down the latest trends for lawyers. It provides advice for web design, web development, PPC, content, and SEO. Don’t want to read long list of best practice ideas? Cool. We get it. Check out our top marketing ideas for lawyers.  

Explore our marketing guides and top web designs tailored for various legal practice areas. The type of law you practice directly shapes our approach to your marketing strategy. For some firms, reputation management and relevance are the primary goals, while for others, rankings and conversions take precedence. We understand the nuances in audience types and strategies specific to your legal practice.


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We’ve been really happy with the website, SEO and management of the website. You folks are a professional crew.

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I have to say, your team is incredible! The promptness and efficiency of the work is so appreciated and commendable. Thank you so much!

Stephen M. Proudfoot -
impressed with the results

... thanks to you and your SEO team ... I am impressed with the results as my website is moving up so quickly in the Google rankings ..


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