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Exclusive, Ethical, Proven Results for Lawyers

Exclusive, Ethical, Proven Results

We specialize in internet marketing for law firms. For 15 years now, we have helped over 100 firms with their internet marketing campaigns. Some of our clients receive several hundred leads per month from a combined approach of having an informative website, top search rankings, PPC campaign for additional exposure, newsletter campaign, videos and content marketing.

Internet Marketing Overview

Internet Marketing Overview

We still believe that your website is the core of your web presence. It needs to be beautiful. It needs to be mobile friendly (i.e. responsive). It needs to be easy to read. Sure, social media, SEO, PPC, newsletters, and content are all part of that web presence, but you need to start with a great website. Create a website that informs your clients. Create a brand that potential clients trust. Create content that engages and that people want to share.

SEO?  PPC?  Both?

SEO? PPC? Both?

Our two primary tactics to get more leads is through Law Firm SEO plans and pay-per-click for lawyers. SEO goal is to gain website leads by ranking your firm high in organic search. For PPC, we setup ad campaigns to gain traffic by seeing your text ads on top of search. We always recommend a SEO campaign for long-term success, but to boost your leads we can setup a PPC campaign too. Our detailed pages on SEO and PPC outline our entire process, including pricing, budget and what to expect.

Other Internet Marketing Tactics

Other Internet Marketing Tactics

We also offer social media assistance, remarketing, email newsletters, and local search. These tactics can amplify your internet marketing campaign. If your website needs help, then we can also conduct a website analysis to figure out why it is not ranking or not performing.

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Our Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing is an overall umbrella term. There are specific tactics like SEO, PPC, Social Media, remarketing, newsletters and an overall beautiful website that can help you gain clients. Click on a detailed area to learn more and give us a call to discuss for a free consultation.

FAQs about Internet Marketing

What is in a law firm Internet marketing campaign?

An internet marketing campaign typically consists of:

  1. Website Audit - We want to make sure your website is perfect and ready to convert clients.
  2. Content Audit - Do you have enough content on the website to support a SEO campaign; along with the advertisements we are going to run to attract interest.
  3. SEO - We almost always optimize the site with a 100+ step checklist that we have created. This includes the basics like title tags, Meta description, headlines, on-page optimization, sitemaps, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc. It also includes a link building campaign and content writing campaign.
  4. PPC - Many clients want results immediately, so we setup a paid ad campaign with AdWords, Bing, and sometimes Facebook. This can drive quality traffic to your website. We can even setup remarketing and call-only campaigns.

How long does an attorney Internet marketing campaign take to start seeing results?

We have had clients see results in as little as a week. Typically short term results come with a PPC campaign, where we buy keywords on Google, setup appropriate ads and landing pages. For a proper SEO campaign, it can take 30 to 90 days to start seeing success, depending on what needs to be done to get the site into the rankings.

How much does a lawyer internet marketing campaign cost?

It varies. I hate being vague, but we have campaigns to fit all budgets. We have some clients who spend only $500 per month and receive solid leads. We also have clients who collectively spend $10,000, or more, for all their online advertising (including ad costs to Google, Facebook, Bing, etc). Most of our clients will spend between $1,000 and $3,000 for a good SEO and PPC campaign. We divide that budget into whatever brings in the most return on investment. Sometimes we focus exclusively on SEO as PPC bid costs are too high. Sometimes we focus on a content campaign only, or a social media campaign. Sometimes clients need leads ASAP, so we setup a PPC campaign to drive traffic immediately.

Do you work with firms of all sizes?

Yes. We have worked with AMLAW 100 firms as well as solo practitioners. Our typical firms range from 5 to 25 attorneys though. But we have plenty of solos who need our assistance and large firms who need marketing help.

Do you work exclusively with our firm?

Yes, we work exclusively with your law firm. We believe that you get the best results for a law firm by concentrating on their firm only. We take on one firm per practice area and geographic area. Many competitors work with firms in the same city; and often the same building. That is a conflict of interest. Call us to see if we can currently take your firm on as a client.

Do you handle everything?

Yes. We can help with everything internet marketing related. This includes: SEO, PPC, newsletters, social, videos, content marketing and more. We do need your firm's assistance in how you want to brand the firm and goals. We also need approval at key stages. But we can take care of everything else.

What are some results?

  1. Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA, Florida personal injury firm, was looking to increase conversions in various markets. Since 2009, we have gone through two website revisions and handled our SEO the whole time. In 6 years, we have increased traffic by 20 times! This leads to multiple inquiries per day on a variety of practice areas.
  2. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP, a New York personal injury law firm, wanted to rank for highly competitive phrases in a very competitive market. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP now ranks in the coveted top map pack as well as topping organic rankings in New York and New York City.
  3. Levine Law came to PaperStreet for a brand new website. He also brought the challenge to PaperStreet to get his website ranked in Denver, Colorado for the area of personal injury. PaperStreet welcomed the challenge and succeeded. Levine Law ranks in the top three spots for more than 10+ different keyword phrases in Denver. He is dominating the local market.
  4. Hains Law, which is a Family Law in Carmel, IN, saw within 25 days of launching a Pay-Per-Click over a 20% conversion rate and has tripled the number of appointments for consultations month over month. SEO has been beneficial for the client as well. "Strictly from SEO alone, I have had at least 5 new appointments with potential clients. I am definitely seeing a return on my investment."
  5. Turley Hansen & Partners, LLP, a New York law firm helping victims with 9/11 related cancers have increased their leads 17x month over month. This has made their cost per lead less than $30.

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We do free review of your current marketing. Give us a call at 954-523-2181 to discuss.

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Key Benefits

  1. We Focus on Results

    We track all impressions, clicks and - most importantly - conversions. Check out some of our Success Stories.

  2. Our Internet Marketing is Cost Effective

    Our SEO and Internet marketing campaigns drive targeted traffic and make you money. We can start campaigns for under $1,000. No minimum ad spending is required.

  3. We Handle Everything

    We can set up SEO, Local Search, PPC, Social Media or Newsletter campaigns. We are your one-stop shop and take care of everything for you.

Internet Marketing for Attorneys

Our attorney Internet marketing techniques use your website, and overall web presence, to generate new clients and revenue for your law firm or business. We've specialized in internet marketing for over 15 years and know how to execute complex, competitive campaigns, as well as deliver results for those on a budget.

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