Phone Inquiry Logging: How to Track New Client Phone Calls

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Marketing & Conversion Data

You need both to formulate a marketing plan that works. Tracking your inquiries is absolutely critical in order to understand if your marketing is actually helping your business. Without accurate analytics, you’re like a blind painter – taking guesses and hoping for the best.

At PaperStreet we track all of our inquiries. Even phone calls. How do we do this you ask? Our online contact form.

How You Are Contacted

New clients can reach us (and most companies and law firms) in two ways: (1) an online contact form (2) by telephone.

Google Analytics provides statistics for the number of contact forms that are generated. If a client calls the office, our office manager takes down the information and then completes the contact form on the home page, which is automatically sent to our sales team.

The important thing to note about this process — every lead goes through the same system, the online contact form, allowing us to analyze the data and determine if we are under/over performing.

How to Track Phone Inquiries in Your Office

First, determine who answers the phone in your office. Immediately, like right now – right this second, ask that person to stop taking hand messages or sending separate emails. Instruct them to send all messages through your online contact form, as soon as possible.

It takes about a minute to fill out an online contact form.  Add the name, phone number and email address (or whatever information you need). If necessary, tweak your online form to meet the needs of this new procedure. PaperStreet client? We can do this for you. Send an email to helpme@paperstreet.com.

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