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The Effective Art of Humanization and Storytelling

Humanization and storytelling are two successful marketing concepts. While many people assume these are new strategies, they are not. The art of relating to people and telling stories has been around since the beginning of time. What is a new…

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Law Firm Content Writer – Part-Time, Remote

Experienced Attorney / Writer PaperStreet is looking for an A-player who gets excited about interacting with senior stakeholders and translating law firm marketing objectives into high-end web copy. The writer will be responsible for creating marketing copy that engages audiences…

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The World of Blogs

Understanding the Purpose of Blogs in Your SEO Campaign We understand that law firms and business owners seek a substantial return on investment relative to the amount of marketing dollars spent, and you want (and expect) the best from your…

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Make Clients Fall in Love with Your SEO

Are You Attracting Clients? Is your website’s SEO making your clients fall in love…or is it more like the disaster date that sends everyone running? If you’re wondering why you’ve been unable to find a love connection on the vastness…

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Google+ is Shutting Down

In December 2018, Google announced they were shutting down their social networking platform of Google+ in April 2019 due to low usage. On April 2nd, your Google+ pages will be shut down and Google will start deleting content from your…

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How To Manage Online Business Reviews: A Simple Guide

Obtaining online reviews for your business is a critical component of your online reputation. If you aren’t sure how to get reviews and what you should do, follow the below basic outline. These simple steps will allow you to create…

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How to Tell Your Story to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

  These 10 Legal Firms Show You How to Tell Your Story So You Can Stand Out Branding is a buzzword that “suits” stay away from, right? Think again. Legal firms that invest in brand storytelling — which is the slightly elusive…

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SEO and PPC: the Oven and the Microwave

Here we go again.  It’s known by some that I love analogies (they work!). It takes a complicated subject and gets to the gist of what we all can relate to and understand. I use them all the time: from choosing the…

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Holiday Blogging Tips

The Holidays Are Here. Check Out These Tips to Keep Your Blog Thriving I know, I know. You’re probably sitting there reading this and saying to yourself, “really? I need to keep blogging during the holidays? Who’s going to read…

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3 Actionable Google Analytics Reports to Improve Your Website [Guide]

There are many different reports and data contained in Google Analytics. In this post, we will highlight three reports that we find most helpful for taking actionable measures for website and marketing improvements. Traffic Channel Report This report can be…

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