Mobile vs. Desktop Conversion Study From 100 Law Firm Sites

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In the digital age, understanding website user behavior is crucial for any business, and law firms are no exception. As an essential part of their online presence, analyzing website traffic through tools like Google Analytics provides insights into how potential clients interact with their site. 

Knowing this, I decided to look into the last 6 months of 100 Google analytic accounts of law firms that we work with. The goal was to see the difference in mobile and Desktop searches, interactions, conversions, and events, revealing trends and patterns that could improve digital strategies for law firms.

Writing about all 100 firms will take too long, so I took the average of all 100 analytic accounts to keep things simple. 

Acquisition Overview

Overall, desktops received more total website visits than mobile. After looking at all 100 analytic accounts, Desktop received roughly 73% of total visitors while mobile took the remaining 27%. Each site shows us the breakdown of the most viewed pages; mobile and Desktop were roughly the same when looking at the most popular. This means the search trends on mobile and desktop are very similar. 

The next part of this research is exciting. We can see across the board that Desktop has more website visitors than mobile, but how do they compare to one taking action?

Website Conversions

Website views are great, but nothing matters if potential clients visiting the site are not taking action. Out of all 100 sites analyzed, there were 4,891 conversion events. So how do mobile and Desktop compete when it comes to a user completing a conversion event (phone call, lead form, newsletter/email)? To compare these two reasonably, we need to separate each conversion event. I don’t think many users call law firms off their desktops.

Phone Calls

First, I looked at one of the most critical conversion events: phone calls. Phone calls are my favorite conversion event because the user understands their problem and actively calls for help. Unsurprisingly, on average, 84% of total phone calls came from mobile.

Lead Form

Next, I analyzed the generated lead event. I was looking at who will more likely fill out a contact form. While users are more likely to take action with a phone call, contact forms are another great way to contact a potential client. This time, the Desktop took the win with 76% vs the mobile with 24%.

Chat Leads

Chat leads are another great way of getting user data. Having a chatbot on your site can help someone get their question answered quicker, improving bounce rates and engagement times. Once a user’s question has been answered, the chatbot makes it easy to submit data for the firm to reach out. Mobile won this conversion event again, with 57% of total chats submitted on mobile

Key Takeaways

This study shows the importance of having a site that is mobile-optimized. Desktop had over double the number of viewers but less than 50% of the total conversions. This tells us that mobile users are more inclined to take action. This may be for several reasons, but the main one is the ability to call the firm directly via cell phone.

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