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Create a Memorable Logo That Distinguishes Your Firm

A law firm logo establishes your firm, makes you memorable, and distinguishes you from the competition. A logo design is an essential part of any branding effort. Law firms tend to think of themselves as traditional; however, they run the risk of creating a bland, forgettable design.  This is where we help and show How to Create a Law Firm Logo.

How Can I Use My Law Firm Logo?

PaperStreet creates law firm and attorney logos with many uses: websites, social media, stationery, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, signage, and more. What does your logo say about your law firm? You can see our guide on Law Firm Logos Best Practices.

Features of Law Firm Logo Design

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Logo Design Consultation

Our team wants to get to know you. Through our logo brief and consultation we can deliver a brand that is on point with your image as an attorney.

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All Formats

PaperStreet will provide a logo that you can use on business cards, envelopes and letterheads, your website and more. The final logo is available in a variety of formats from .gif to .jpg to print-ready .eps.

Brand Color Guide

We include a PDF guide that outlines the usage guidelines for web colors and print colors. This guide is your go-to source for internal use and any marketing company using your brand.

Ownership & Copyright

You paid for it, so your law firm will own the complete design and all formats. Get an attorney logo today.

Key Benefits

  • 1
    Unique Law Firm Logos Because You Are Unique. Maybe having "Marbury and Madison" in Times New Roman font on your letterhead isn't cutting it anymore. Let PaperStreet design a custom lawyer logo that suits your company's needs.
  • 2
    Reflect Your Success. A successful brand is unique, unified and consistent. We have a team of talented designers who can translate your reputation into a compelling visual representation. Get an attorney logo today.
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    Personal Consultation to Assist. We go beyond the design. Once you sign up, we help you through every step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Firm Logo Design

Why Does a Good Law Firm Logo Design Matter?

When you need a new law firm logo, you typically are either in three camps. You are either a:

  1. New Law Firm
  2. Existing Law Firm with New Named Partner
  3. Existing Law Firm Needing a New Brand

Your law firm needs a good logo to make an impact, be professional and install trust, and have lasting recognition. All this in two to four words, and an icon. This is a tall task.

But a good logo matters. First, you need your logo to make an impact, so that it stands out in a crowded marketplace. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle when your logo is up next to three or four other firms, you want to stand out.

Next, you must have something that is professional. You did not go through three years of law school, take a grueling bar exam, work for many years to make partner (or start your own firm), to not have something professional and special. Your logo needs to install trust.

Finally, your logo must have some lasting recognition, so that when the potential client thinks about which firm to choose, they come back to you and retain you as their counsel.

How much does a good law firm logo cost?

You can get a logo from free to $5,000 depending on the agency you choose. The price varies based on the level of time needed for your specific project and the designer’s experience.

Most professionally designed logos are going to fall into the $750 to $3,500 range though. It depends on your firm and the number of rounds / revisions that you need. A good logo designer is going to need anywhere from 4 to 20 hours to finalize the logo for your firm.

They will need to meet with you, fill out a brief, design the initial concepts, design more concepts, revise those, choose colors, and then finalize the files into a variety of types for actual use.

At our agency, we have free logo designs for any new website project. They are based on designs we already have on file. If you do not like any of those, then we also have custom law firm logo packages starting at $1,250 and a higher level package at $2,500. The difference is simply the number of initial rounds and rounds of revisions. If you don’t know what you specifically want, then we recommend the higher level package that gives a lot more time to finalize a logo.

What Colors are Good for Logos

Some color theory for you:

  • Green (health, eco-friendliness)
  • Blue (stability, safety)
  • Purple (quality, authenticity)
  • Red (activity, excitement)
  • Orange (energy, extroversion)
  • Yellow (optimism, friendliness)
Square? Rectangle? Some other Shape?

We recommend keeping the logo simple. Most of the better logos are in a rectangle form that is not too long and not too short. You can go with a square logo, but that means typically your website header has to be a bit taller (or your logo smaller).

Where Can I Find a Good Logo Designer & “Best Law Firm Logo” Articles?

If you are here, you probably are looking for some examples of “best law firm logos” or “best law firm logo designs.” Great! You have come to the right source.

Almost every other article you read did not design the logos. They put together a list of their “best” to rank high in search and are pseudo claiming those logos as their work.

We actually designed every logo in our portfolio. It is our award winning logo design team that has helped law firms all around the world. Some articles are almost entirely our logos. We are honored to be listed in other articles.

Once you are done reviewing what you like, then come to the real design team to help your firm. You will not be disappointed.

Key Elements of a Law Firm Logo Design

A logo comprises typically four simple elements: 1) typography, 2) color, 3) the text/name, and 4) an icon. The icon is optional, but most firms will have something that represents their firm.

If you want to see a full logo design process, you can check out our law firm logo design guide here.

Typography is the font choice of your firm. Are you going more traditional and using a serif font, or do you go more modern with a sans-serif? The choice is really up to your firm and you should discuss with your logo designer.

For color, we could write a whole article on color theory. But typically law firms tend to go with blue as it’s the color of trust. Want something more adventuresome, then go with green, reds, and other colors. Some firms now are choosing specific colors like orange, teals, and even pink to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Up next is the actual text. This is simple, it is your firm name. You do not need to clutter up your firm’s logo with LLC, LLP, or Inc. Check your bar rules to be sure, but most allow that to be dropped or you simply get a DBA. Some firms do add “Law Group” or “Injury Firm” to note their specific practice area.

Finally, do you go with the icon or not? Most firms choose to go with something before their firm name. This can be a monogram of their initials, an actual icon, or simply underlining their firm name.

Types of Logos for Lawyers

While there are all types of subsets of logo types, there really are just four categories:

  • Wordmark – Contains the full brand name and nothing else.
  • Pictorial – Only contains a symbol or icon.
  • Monogram – Contains only the initials or the first letter of a brand’s name.
  • Abstract – May contain only a geometric symbol or a combination of words and a symbol.

Traditional Symbols & Icons, or Something Better

There is no best logo type to use. This really comes down to firm preference. Some of the most famous brands in the world don’t have an icon. Typically ultra-luxury brands go with a wordmark and specific font choice. But traditionally, most law firms will have some icon. The days of lady justice or scales of justice are gone. Don’t use those. Our team can get more creative than that and uniquely brand your firm.

Law Firm Logos are Simple

Keep logos simple. Your logo is going to get put on all types of websites, letterhead, social media, advertisements, business cards, and anything else that you want. The logo MUST be simple enough to fit on everything from golf balls to billboards.

Keep the logo simple with an icon and your firm name. Don’t clutter it up with additional text that is not needed.

100’s of Awards Won

PaperStreet has received numerous awards for design and Internet marketing excellence

A collection of award logos including AVA Digital Awards, Webby Awards, Inc. 5000, Forbes, Communicator Awards, and others, with the text "Hard Work Has Its Rewards Awards" below them.

Tips to Designing a Good Logo for a Lawyer or Law Firm

Start by asking key questions:

  • Is this logo simple and Memorable?
  • Where will you use this logo?
  • Can this logo stand the test of time?

Once you have answered those questions, you need to also figure out your target audience, your overall firm brand, and answer a good project brief.

Web Safe Fonts and Logo Files for the Web

It’s not just JPG, GIF, PNG, or WEBP. You can now make your logo into a SVG too. When your logo file is finalized, your team should produce the logo file in all types. You should get a black/white copy and color version. You should get the logo file in all normal types too – including the raw files in .pdf, .ai, or .eps format.

What Our Clients Say

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stars 5.0
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Paperstreet web design has helped us develop ... our brand new website with a logo redesign and beautiful new promotional literature that is sure to attract customers to our diminished value business ...

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