What To Look For In A Well-Designed Logo

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What makes a good logo? Well-designed logos tend to have distinctive features that set them apart from the rest. Here are five qualities you should want to find in a logo.


Simplicity: the cornerstone of a great logo


1. Simplicity

Logos should be easy to read and recognize, and should articulate a discernable and clear message. Too many elements or multiple fonts distract from a central, focused message, and make it more difficult for someone to remember.

2. Smartness

If a logo is unique, it’s more likely to be remembered. Whether it’s a creative icon, play on words, or the right color combinations, a smart brand mark will stick with users. In short, be recognizable and stand out!

3. Versatility

Well-designed logos are versatile: they will work across multiple platforms and applications, on a desktop or mobile site, with a 150-pixel social media ad or embroidered on a shirt. In other words, versatile logos look good in any size or setting.

4. Appropriateness

How do you want to be remembered? Logos give perspective clients a first impression. That impression should resonate and be easy to understand. The nature of a business can be articulated through a logo when appropriate, forward-thinking ideas are used. Appropriate logos utilize design ideas that match with what that business does.

5. Competitiveness

If a company’s logo stands out when compared to its competitors, it has been well designed. A competitive logo fits into the design framework of its industry, but raises the bar by paving a new path or improving on old tricks.

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