Content Editing and Proofreading

Your website is one of the first impressions that a potential client will receive of your law firm. Your web copy should be flawless and free of formatting, stylistic and typographical errors.

Our attorney-editors have reviewed thousands of pages of law firm web copy and marketing materials. We understand the nuances of legal practice, the ever-changing guidelines for search engine optimization and the principles of strong writing. Lately, the use of AI to generate content has been a concern.

We can proofread content for spelling, punctuation and formatting errors or perform an in-depth developmental edit of your pages. Our editing services include a review for:

  • Consistency/standardization
  • Sentence structure and clarity
  • Integration with website design
  • Brand-focused editing
  • Adherence to style guide
  • Gaps in content/missing information
  • Word choice
  • Redundancies and/or inaccuracies in text
  • Maintenance of tone/voice
  • Content organization
  • Conciseness
  • Flow/transitions
  • Headings
  • Typographical errors and misspelled words
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuation
  • Incorrect usage (e.g., effect/affect)
  • Formatting issues

If search engine rankings are important to your firm, we will also optimize your pages for search and write title tags and meta descriptions.

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Here are some testimonials from our clients:

  • “You are one of my favorite clients, and dealing with people like you makes work a piece of cake – honestly.
  • “You’re content for the homepage was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Well done, this is great! It’s a good balance of showcasing our culture and USP, weaving in our “story theme” and making it compelling.”
  • “I love it!  You have made it really unique!”
  • “With regards to the Blog topics, these topics are fantastic!”
  • “I am impressed by the depth of your writer’s research!”
  • “YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you, again”

Bio Editing

Attorney biographies are among the most visited pages on a law firm website. It is important that all bios highlight the skills and background of each attorney, are error-free and are consistent in format, style and tone.

Law firms of any size can benefit from our bio editing services to help streamline the bio drafting, review and editing process. Larger firms with many attorneys can also benefit from our bio project management services in which we serve as the point person to collect, organize, edit and upload bios from all legal professionals.

Our bio editing services include a review for the factors listed under Content Editing above. If you are creating a new website or redesign your current site, we also make sure that the bios integrate with your new design and are consistent in format. If search engine rankings are important to your firm, we will also optimize your bios to help drive traffic to your pages.

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Boost Page Rankings with Our On-Page SEO Services

Website copy is not effective if users can’t find it among the millions of other pages on the web. Optimizing your pages for the search engines can help web users and potential clients find your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure that the keywords that are most relevant to your practice and most searched by web users are contained within your web copy.

Advantages to optimizing your pages include:

  • Boosting page rankings in search
  • Increasing site traffic and drive leads
  • Increasing conversions
  • Raising brand awareness

We offer on-page optimization and SEO editing of content via the integration of keywords, headlines, title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and other techniques. We also review pages for thin, missing or duplicate content that would affect search rankings.

Our SEO content writers are attorneys with extensive experience writing for the legal industry. We remain abreast of Google algorithms and ever-evolving SEO best practices and understand how to craft powerful, web-friendly content that delivers your message and drives traffic.

While we specialize in SEO editing and on-page optimization for law firms and attorneys, we can optimize any page, no matter what industry you operate within.

Our on-page optimization process includes the following:

  • Title Tags – We write title tags that comply with the latest best practices and help boost rankings. Title tags are the page titles that are displayed in search results. Title tags must be 60 characters or less and must be unique for every page.
  • Meta Descriptions – We write compelling meta descriptions that entice a user to click through to the page. Meta descriptions refer to the text that is displayed in search results which summarizes the content on the page. Meta descriptions should be 160 characters or less.
  • Alt Tags – We add keyword phrases to the descriptions of all photos. This edit is a modification to the code and is not visible on your site unless you hover over an image.
  • Headlines – We modify existing headlines on your page to include your keyword phrases or we craft new, SEO-friendly headlines. We ensure that all headlines are compelling and are not awkwardly constructed to force the inclusion of a keyword phrase.
  • Page Headers – We incorporate keyword phrases naturally into the headers and subheadings, where appropriate.
  • Keyword Integration – We weave your keyword phrases into each page in a way that reads naturally. We do not keyword stuff or force keywords into content where it does not flow naturally or contextually fit within the copy.
  • Content Review – We review and flag any issues with the content that might affect search rankings such as duplicate, missing or thin content.


We Can Also Conduct Your Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of your internet marketing campaign, and we can help you pick some keywords to use and insert within your content. In order to figure out the best keywords to target, we start by reviewing your business goals and objectives. The information we evaluate pertains to your practice areas or services and where you want to be found from a geographic perspective. After we have all of this information collected and solidified, we can begin the keyword research process.

Our Process

Our process is broken up into four main steps: brainstorming, analyzing, evaluating, recommending.


The brainstorming process is multi-faceted and encompasses our client’s insight into the industry, PaperStreet’s ideas, competitor analysis and research tools that generate keyword ideas based on Google’s autocomplete feature. A combination of all of these ideas ensures we have covered all bases for our initial keyword brainstorming session. Some of our favorite tools for brainstorming keywords ideas are:


At this point in the process we have generated a massive list of potential keywords to target that relate to the client’s business objectives, goals and geographic location. The next step is to input our list of ideas into keyword research tools to find out how highly sought after they really are, as well as to learn how difficult it is to rank highly for those keyword ideas. Some of our favorite tools that we use for analyzing keywords are:


Once we have all of the necessary data for our keyword ideas, we need to evaluate which keywords will be the best to target based on how often they are searched for and how difficult the competition will be. The goal is to find keywords that are highly sought after but do not warrant high competition with other websites. These can be difficult to find, but with enough brainstorming and research it can be accomplished.


The next step after evaluating all of the keywords is to hone in our focus and prioritize what is most important. We want to define primary, secondary and tertiary keyword groups based upon the business objectives. The primary keywords will be the main focus of the campaign, and all ongoing work will be for the cause of improving relevancy and authority for these particular keywords. The secondary and tertiary can be thought of as longterm business objectives or as keywords that aren’t as important from a business perspective as the primary.

Once we have our finalized list, we work with our clients to make sure that the campaign starts off on the right trajectory and we are targeting the correct keywords in conjunction with the client’s business objectives and goals. From there, we evaluate the website from a content perspective and make recommendations to bolster the overall relevancy on the website for our targeted keywords.

Further Questions?

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