What to Consider for Content Marketing in 2024

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Content marketing is a staple of digital marketing. The material you present to your potential clients makes a dramatic impact on your website’s conversion rate. Though some content marketing rules of thumb remain consistent, new trends and tactics appear each year.

In order to get a jumpstart on the year ahead, here’s what to look out for in 2024.

1. Tailor Your Content to Your Target Client

Lawyers and business owners alike are always in search of “the holy grail’ when it comes to finding clients and customers. Is there a dream client/customer that you’ve been trying to get for the last year or two? What steps have you taken to get and keep them? Have you considered changing your writing style and updating your content to get these particular clients/customers?

We all know the importance of SEO when it comes to content marketing, but it is equally important to tailor your content to your target audience by speaking directly to them and ultimately increasing the odds of you getting (and keeping) their business!  For example, if your marketing campaign includes pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you may want to consider creating specific landing pages that will speak directly to the needs of those you’re trying to reach.

2. Recycle or Repurpose Existing Content

Have you ever heard the expression, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel?” The same concept can apply to your current content marketing campaign. If you know that your existing content is providing great value and information to your clients, why not take a few extra steps to improve that content even more? 

So, how do you go about updating your content? If you blog on a regular basis, take a look at some of your existing blogs that are doing “okay” as far as rankings go and consider making improvements to those. Making simple updates to blogs that may have stale information could be the key to taking your rankings to the next level. The same is true for your content pages. In the case of attorneys, if your practice pages contain outdated laws, update those. If you’re a business owner who sells products, remove any content that no longer applies to your business (and if you still have items on your site that no longer exist, definitely get rid of those).

3. Videos, Videos and More Videos

For years, we’ve been saying, “Blog, blog, blog.” And yes, blogs are still a great way to enhance your content marketing campaign. But as we reach more and more individuals who are technologically savvy and want to consume content quick, fast and in a hurry, we see an increased need for videos. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, spend an inordinate amount of time online each day, and what are many of them viewing? Videos. Cat videos, food videos, news or anything that will help break up the monotony of one’s day. So why not use this to your advantage? If you’re looking to get your firm/business in front of more eyeballs, consider creating relevant videos to reach your target audience.

4. Optimize Your Content for Voice Searches

 “Ok, Google, what’s the weather for today?” “Siri, how many ounces in a pound?”

How often have you walked by someone and heard them talking to their phone or some other portable gadget to get the latest and greatest information? The days of having to type something to get the info we need are slowly fading away, so why not get in on this trend now? Optimizing your content to catch some of the more common phrases and questions that are asked will be key in the years to come. If your content isn’t matching up with some of those queries, you could be missing out on dozens of potential clients.

5. Use Chatbots to Communicate

Want your clients to be able to reach you 24/7 without having to actually be available to them all day, every day? Incorporating chatbots into your content marketing strategy is a great way to do that. For example, attorneys can use the bots to start the lead/intake process and weed out those inquiries that may not match your firm’s current offerings. Similarly, business owners can use bots to help customers find a specific item on their site and provide suggestions for additional types of items that may meet their needs.

The use of this type of automation can help firms and business owners save money and help ensure that they are helping their clients and customers in a timely fashion. Chatbots are often inexpensive, and some only charge you for legitimate leads.

Ready to Ring in the New Year with a Strong Content Strategy? 

Make a resolution to improve your content marketing in 2024 Don’t feel you have to do it alone, though. Whether you need help with strategic marketing, content writing or editing, PaperStreet has a wide variety of options to help boost your web traffic and conversions. Contact us to find out which marketing plan will best match your needs.

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