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Chris portraitWhy Your Law Firm Site Needs an SSL Certificate

What is an SSL? A quick description of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is that it is a set of encryption keys used by your host server to encrypt your website traffic. Why is an SSL Needed? Your law firm…

Pete Boyd portraitSSL Install

What is Involved in an SSL / TLS Certificate Install and Full Checklist SSLs are big now. Security is ever more important, and you should encrypt traffic on your website. We often hear the words “Install an SSL now. It…

Pete Boyd portraitGoogle Chrome Requiring SSL for Websites in Incognito Mode

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology for encrypting your website traffic. Learn more about SSL certificates and why it’s important to upgrade to SSL.

David portraitHow to Set Up an SSL Certificate for a Rackspace Cloud Website (Step-by-Step)

David explains how to set up an SSL certificate for a Rackspace Cloud website. A great overview of SSLs and how to install them.

Pete Boyd portraitHow to Sync your Webmaster Tools SSL Website Property with Your Google Analytics

We highly recommend that you sync your Webmaster Tools SSL website property with your Google Analytics website property when you upgrade to a SSL certificate (in fact, just do it – seriously). In short, your query data will not sync automatically unless you make a change, so there is action required on your part.

Pete Boyd portraitUpgrading to an SSL? Review Our Checklist First

SSL certificates are fairly inexpensive and can promote more trust in your website. However, if you are upgrading to an SSL you will want to make sure you do a few things.