Understanding the Importance of SSL for Your Website

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a widely used security protocol that ensures secure communication between your web browser and a web server that you will be connected to. The modern encryption used today is called TLS (Transport Layer Security) but these two are essentially used interchangeably. SSL/TLS are used to protect your information from unauthorized access online, such as your passwords, credit card details and personal data. This information is encrypted and almost impossible to decipher even if it is intercepted.

A very quick and simple way to tell if a website is using SSL is to check the URL. A website using SSL will display the beginning as “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”.

The use of SSL is now standard practice in the web development field and most websites not using it should be avoided due to potential hacks and the security vulnerabilities. Most modern browsers now give you a warning prior to accessing a website using either an expired SSL or missing one completely. SSL can also stop specific cyber attacks since it authenticates the web servers you connect to which helps deter hackers setting up fake websites to steal your information.

Examples of data that can be secured through SSLs

Personal Information

  • User Registration Data: Anytime someone creates an account online, personal information is usually shared such as names, emails and passwords.
  • Contact Information: This also applies to information like phone numbers and addresses.
  •  Payment Information: SSL is especially important when inputting credit card information.

Form Submissions

  •  Contact Forms: Websites often have contact forms where users or potential clients submit inquiries, messages, or feedback.
  • Surveys/Questionnaires: Any data collected through surveys, polls, or questionnaires, capturing user opinions and preferences.

Authentication Credentials

  • User Login Credentials: Whenever you log in on a website and input usernames, passwords and pins.

Benefits of SSL

Confirming you have SSL on your website or websites you are visiting has several benefits. Most crucially, ensuring that your sensitive data is confidential and safeguarding it from anyone seeking to intercept and steal it.  Additionally, SSL provides authentication which allows users to know they are on a legitimate website.

Websites that implement SSL receive higher user trust, improved security and protection from common vulnerabilities. SSL is also recognized by search engines, such as Google, as a positive ranking factor. Websites without an SSL will likely rank lower and have reduced visibility.

Compliance with industry regulations and standards that require SSL implementation is also an important consideration for certain businesses. Industries, such as e-commerce and finance, have regulatory requirements for SSL implementation Adhering to the  industry standards and regulations is essential for legal and security reasons.Understanding the Importance of SSL for Your Website

Overall, it is very important to have SSL implemented on your website, otherwise it exposes both you and your users to significant security risks, loss of trust, potential legal issues, and negative impacts on your website’s visibility and reputation. Implementing SSL is a crucial step to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for users to interact with your website and to protect, not only theirs, but your information as well. 

If you’re unsure how to install your SSL or just have questions about it in general, touch base with PaperStreet and let us help!

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