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As more and more lawyers fill the population, so do their websites and advertisements. Word of mouth recommendations are no longer enough to stay competitive, and many firms shy away from the more stereotypical billboard ads and tv commercials. The internet is prime for attorney marketing, and many—incorrectly—believe a website is enough to garner potential clients. This, however, is far from the truth. A successful law firm marketing campaign encompasses multiple tactics. Fortunately, PaperStreet is available to orchestrate as much or as little of the campaign as you would like.

Strategy 1: A Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign

Let's assume you have a decent website. (If not, check out our web design services.) How is your website performing on Google or Bing? Are your Pay Per Click ads (PPC) on Page 1? Did you pick the best keywords for your campaign? What about link building and social media? Are your happy clients leaving reviews?

An effective law firm marketing campaign relies heavily on strong internet marketing strategies. At PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive internet marketing team. From SEO to PPC to social media, we provide it all—and we get results.

Strategy 2: Content. Content. Content.

Attorney marketing can’t happen without well-written, useful content. The difference between the success of two campaigns often hinges on the strength of your content marketing team. Not only should your web content outline your firm’s practice areas, it needs to be crafted for several different purposes:

  1. SEO Content
  2. Content for Branding
  3. Viral Content for Social Media
  4. Email and Newsletter Content
  5. Purely Informational Content to Establish Yourself as a Legal Authority

Though a well-written piece of content can drastically improve your law firm marketing efforts, no one piece of content can fully address all of the directives above.

At PaperStreet, content is spread throughout several of our departments. Whether you need copy for your website, want to re-brand your firm, need help with your rankings or want to keep past clients engaged with your firm, we have content experts ready to help with all of that. We even have a team of attorney writers to help with the more nuanced aspects of your practice.

Strategy 3: Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Ad.

If you’re the type of lawyer who cringes at the thought of an advertisement for your firm, don’t worry—we understand. We want you to feel proud of any ad used as part of your law firm marketing campaign. Because of this, PaperStreet can help you with any and all advertisements connected to your practice. We can help edit your photos for billboards, magazines or the web. We can write a script and film your YouTube videos or television spots. We can completely write and develop your brochures and pamphlets. Whatever ad you have in mind, the design and production teams at PaperStreet can help bring it to fruition.

It’s important to remember, however, that an ad doesn’t have to be obvious. Proper branding and reputation management also focuses on the little details. Lawyer marketing includes logos, slogans, letterheads and more. Whether you have a design in mind or want us to lead the way, we can create advertisements and other corporate identity markers that you will be proud to share.

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At PaperStreet, we are here for our clients. Whether you need us to begin your attorney marketing campaign from the ground up or just want some tweaks, we’re happy to get started on a campaign you’ll be proud of. Check out our services below and then call us or use our handy form to get the ball rolling.

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