Law Firm Offline Marketing Guide

1. Offline Marketing.
Do marketing in the real world, not just online. Many times this will also help with your online marketing to build more backlinks, buzz and website traffic.

2. Donations and Giveaways.
Participate in charity work and giveaways. Safety-related giveaways (such as donating helmets) for personal injury firms are a great chance to market your firm. You can include a page on your website to spotlight your community work. Community involvement is a great way to generate organic media coverage as well.

A screenshot of a website.

3. Attend Events.
Have a plan to attend at least one event per quarter (and maybe per month). Networking in-person is still a great way to meet people and make connections.

4. Niche Membership Marketing.
Consider niche marketing for a specific area. Find the publication they read online and/or the publication they receive in the mail/pickup. Get the mailing list of those people and send a mailout. Use remarketing online to have ads follow them around the web. Basically saturate the user with your message.

5. Market to Current Customers.
Some of your best marketing should be directed to your current customers. They already know you. They hopefully already love you. Set a budget to market to them regularly.

6. Leave Something Behind.
Always have something that you can provide potential clients with after you meet them. Business cards are good. Pamphlets, flyers and brochures are better.

7. Don’t Have all Eggs in One Basket.
Don’t rely fully on digital marketing. What? A digital agency saying this? Instead, you need to have multiple forms of marketing, including offline events. You can attend events, sponsor shows, print publications, tv, radio, and other avenues to reach your customers.


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