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Chapter 8


Want to write better content for the web? Want to create a law firm content marketing plan? Find out what it takes via our best practices guide. We walk you through the tips, articles, and techniques for effective law firm content.

  1. Interactive Content.
    Interactive content such as polls, surveys, quizzes, and calculators can attract and engage users and yields 2X the conversions of static content. Other examples include chatbots and interactive maps, timelines, and quiz-like forms.
  2. Interactive Content

  3. Content Tailored to Voice Search.
    At least half of all web searches are conducted by voice. Content tailored to voice queries – such as FAQs, tailored headlines and incorporating long-tail keywords into the content – is more important now than ever before.
  4. Tailored-to-Voice

  5. Personalized Content.
    Clients want to engage with firms that provide a highly personalized experience. Content and calls to action are more impactful when they are personalized to the user. Lawyers can also automate the curation and delivery of content relevant to clients, for example, with newsletters or client alerts tailored to various market segments.
  6. Personalized Content

  7. Topic Hubs.
    Topic-focused content pillars help lawyers build topical authority in their practice niche.
  8. Topic Hubs

  9. Solution-focused Long-form Content.
    Content that is 1,500+ words is favored by Google and is more likely to be featured in Google's snippets (or a similar widget).
  10. Solution-focused

  11. Storytelling.
    Forging an emotional connection with users is a powerful way to promote conversions. Convey a story the reader can relate to. Address and solve their pain points. Show you’re human.
  12. Storytelling

  13. Next-level Visuals.
    Charts, graphs, custom imagery, and video clips are more important than ever, boosting traffic and social shares.
  14. Next-Level-Visuals

  15. Content Marketing.
    This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate leads through content that educates, inspires and informs, providing value to the reader.
  16. Content Marketing

  17. Audience Building.
    Build a loyal audience by answering client questions, solving client issues, and becoming a trusted resource. You can then market to and monetize that audience and grow your practice.
  18. Audience Building

  19. Analytics.
    Analyze high-performing, low bounce rate pages and produce more similar content. Let data drive your content decisions.
  20. Audience Building

  21. Reposting.
    Producing fresh content and blogs on a weekly basis can be a time and budget strain. Tweaking older, well-performing posts and republishing them with a recent date is an easy way to push great content to the forefront and give it new life.
  22. Repurposing.
    Work smarter, not harder by repurposing content that you have already written. For example, distribute monthly blog posts in a newsletter or gather content with a common theme and create an ebook.
  23. Content Mapping.
    Map out your customer’s journey and develop a strategy for delivering the right content to the right users at each point in the lifecycle. Ask yourself what kind of questions they are asking and when.
  24. Content Mapping

  25. Omni-channel Content Strategies.
    Establish a strategy and consistent voice when marketing across multiple channels (social media, websites, blogs, YouTube, etc.).
  26. Establish a Style Guide.
    Style guidelines matter. Is your firm name abbreviated five different ways throughout your copy? Do you have a collective opinion on what phone numbers to use? These decisions matter and help reinforce your branding on the web.
  27. Style-Guide

  28. Guest Posting.
    Raise brand awareness and drive traffic through guest posting on influencer sites and media outlets.
  29. Guest Posting

  30. Live Video.
    Experts predict that during 2023 video will grow to 75% of mobile traffic. Leverage the growing popularity of video streaming through live vido and podcasts. Source Ericsson report.
  31. Live Video

  32. Try to Beat the Featured Snippets.
    Using Google Predictive Search (see SEO section) you can try and beat your competitors to get the Featured Snippet by answering questions directly.
  33. Try to Beat

  34. Keep FAQs on Main Pages.
    We find that incorporating FAQs as headers into practice pages is better than a single FAQ page.
  35. Keep FAQs

  36. Add Local Content.
    To rank for a targeted local area, you need content about that area to support it. Consider state or city pages and incorporate local keywords within your content optimization.
  37. Add Local Content

  38. Infographics are Trending.
    An infographic is a way to summarize data and information in an engaging way visually. Using infographics is a great addition to your content strategy and can simplify your messaging by aiding the user to understand via a visual presentation. Infographics are also commonly shared on social - a huge bonus.

Chapter 9 - Offline Marketing