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Chapter 1

Web Design

Want a new look? A refresh? Find out the best practices of web design for your law firm. Our guide for lawyers and marketing directors will provide helpful tips, examples, checklists, and best practices to grow your law firm. See real world examples of award winning websites that convert.

  1. Background Videos.
    Tell a story when your website loads instead of having a static image or outdated image slider.
  2. jaffe

  3. Micro Animations.
    Animate key CTAs, icons and graphics to add a nice touch and draw the user’s eye to key areas of any page.
  4. franczek-micro-animation

  5. Photos.
    Have new custom photos taken. Bio photos taken against a background that can be cutout by the photographer creates a cleaner look that is better for responsive designs.
  6. lawyers-bio-pics

  7. Branding.
    Have one team design your logo and website. It leads to consistent branding.
  8. zuplaw-branding

  9. Large Type and Elements.
    Bigger and bolder is better for 2020, where large text takes center stage.
  10. kaplin-large-type

  11. Whitespace Wins.
    Cluttered and compact design is a thing of the past. It’s all about the breathing room now with lots of whitespace between content sections, around images and type, and just an overall airy clean look.
  12. whitespace

  13. Boxed Elements and Colors.
    Embrace the boxiness this coming year as sites continue to use obvious boxed images and text areas that are often overlapped, as noted below.
  14. boxed-elemnts

  15. Flat Design.
    Flat design is still in, but it’s been elevated for the likes of this coming year. One-color buttons and backgrounds are still prevalent and the foundation of the design, but they may be finessed with a few light gradients and design touches.
  16. flat-design

  17. Overlapping Text and Images.
    This trend from 2019 is still going strong, including floating elements and asymmetrical designs.
  18. overlapping-text

  19. Light Drop Shadows.
    Dark shadows have been out for a while, but subtle drop shadows add a bit more interest to the design and are becoming more popular in current and upcoming websites
  20. light-drop-shadows

  21. Glowing Buttons and Hover States.
    This super fun trend can be seen in many new tech sites that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of the norm. We especially appreciate the glowing elements that are animated.
  22. hover-states

  23. 3D Illustrations.
    Expect to see more graphics and illustrations with 3D renders. It’s another way that designers are mixing media and their programs for one final product.
  24. Pitta

Chapter 2 - Web Development