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Law Firm Content Writing and Editing Services

Does anyone actually read website copy? You bet. The problem is they often stop reading it as soon as they realize it is the same generic, filler text found on every other lawyer's website.

Say something original, something of value, and you will hook your audience. You will build trust and boost your search results, authority and web presence -- all of which will lead to client inquiries.

PaperStreet specializes in web-friendly, legal content that is tailored to both your audience and search engines.

We write, edit and produce:

  • Search engine optimized content;
  • General legal website content;
  • Blog posts;
  • Practice area content;
  • Attorney biographies;
  • Press releases;
  • Legal articles;
  • Newsletters;
  • Marketing materials;
  • Social media copy and more.

Why Law Firms Need Quality Content

When we work on a legal content project, our goal is to:

  • Establish your firm as an authority in your areas of practice;
  • Increase your firm’s web traffic and quality client inquiries via SEO;
  • Differentiate your firm from your competitors; and
  • Help your firm better educate and connect to your audience.
Click here for our printable guide to conducting a content analysis of your competitors

Why Choose PaperStreet?

Our company has more than a decade of experience serving attorneys, lawyers and law firms online. We understand and anticipate the unique needs, concerns and budgets of solo attorneys, medium-sized firms and large firms alike. We also understand the delicate balance involved with creating website content that is both user-friendly and search-engine friendly. When coupled with our SEO services, our law firm content writing has a proven track record of boosting law firms’ website rankings and generating millions of dollars in revenue.


Here are some testimonials from our clients:

  • "You are one of my favorite clients, and dealing with people like you makes work a piece of cake - honestly.
  • "You're content for the homepage was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Well done, this is great! It’s a good balance of showcasing our culture and USP, weaving in our “story theme” and making it compelling."
  • "I love it!  You have made it really unique!"
  • "With regards to the Blog topics, these topics are fantastic!"
  • "I am impressed by the depth of your writer's research!"
  • "YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you, again"
  • "You did a wonderful job." – Joan from Searcy
  • "Brilliant. No changes whatsoever." – Don from D3 Search
  • "This is excellent. " – Eric Gang re: brochure content
  • "You did an excellent job. I like it. It is good. " – Eric Gang re: newsletter draft

Law Firm Content Writing Ultimate Guide

You can see our guide on Content Writing for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 1: The Basics)

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Key Benefits for Law Firm Content Writing Services

  1. Makes Your Job Easier

    Writing or producing lawyer content yourself takes you away from your core business. Let us take care of your content so you can stay focused.

  2. Sets Your Firm Apart

    Does your content contain errors, legalese, or dense paragraphs that no one actually reads? Does it distinguish you from the competition? PaperStreet specializes in web-friendly, SEO-optimized content that is clean, compelling and tailored to your audience.

  3. Cost-Effective, Results-Driven

    We work with various budgets. Quality legal content boosts search engine rankings and it attracts more clients, which, in turn, produces a great return on investment.

Case Studies

Zamansky LLC

Wall Street Law Firm Drives Traffic Through Client-Centric Content


Zamansky & Associates, a trend-setting law firm in the heart of Wall Street focusing on securities fraud and financial services arbitration.


Zamansky & Associates wanted to create a site that would attract prospective clients who have lost money from stocks, bonds and other financial products as a result of broker fraud, negligence and other misconduct. In particular, the firm wanted to:

  • Portray the firm as leaders in the field of securities arbitration and thought leaders regarding financial markets and protecting the legal rights of investors;
  • Engage users to contact and retain the firm to represent them in FINRA arbitrations, litigation or class action suits;
  • Appeal to diverse target markets, from the “mom and pop” securities customer in the heartland to the high-net-worth investor in New York;
  • Showcase the firm’s extensive list of ongoing investigations;
  • Increase the website’s search rankings.


PaperStreet created client-centric content that helps establish the firm as a thought leader in their practice niche. This was accomplished through:

  • Web-friendly, engaging law firm content that integrates videos, photos, graphics and text;
  • Well-optimized pages that employ cutting-edge SEO best practices;
  • Content that addresses the issues and questions of their target readership to engage readers and drive traffic.


Focusing on the needs of the reader – through blogs, videos, press releases and articles – will boost site traffic and generate more leads.

GA Telesis

Aerospace Company Showcases Unique Product Offerings Through Compelling Content and Imagery


GA Telesis, a global aerospace company serving the world’s largest financial institutions and airlines operating around the globe.


GA Telesis wanted a show-stopping site that would update their image and convey the story of their rapid growth, comprehensive approach and unique services. Client goals included:

  • Catering to diverse target markets, including airline companies and investors;
  • Presenting an updated image that reflects the company’s record growth and market-leading position;
  • Educating users on the company's extensive capabilities and product offerings;
  • Conveying the unique, differentiating factors that set the firm apart from other commercial aerospace companies.


PaperStreet created simple, minimal web copy that is complemented with rich imagery, helping the company showcase its assets, talents, industry relationships and experience. This was accomplished through:

  • Use of compelling photo imagery and key messages throughout the site, especially home page slides;
  • Simple, minimal content combined with powerful images to help tell a story;
  • Compelling and differentiated content that conveys the company’s brand and message;
  • Easy navigation that guides customers to the appropriate business unit based on specific need or interest.


Captivating imagery and concise, compelling content help the company connect with users, rebrand the organization and showcase their assets, talent, product offerings and approach.

Kocian Law Group

Personal Injury Firm Boosts Web Presence and Authority Through Targeted Content


Kocian Law Group, a personal injury firm with offices across Connecticut and New York.


The firm wanted to expand its web presence and authority as well as rank higher in the search engines. To further this goal, the firm created nearly 200 pages of content as part of an expansive law firm content writing strategy. The original website copy was generic, poorly formatted, not SEO-friendly and in need of significant editing.


PaperStreet edited the content to create a robust, information-rich site that generated new business for the firm. We edited 200 pages, optimized headlines, reorganized and rewrote.


Content matters. When you create a usable, authoritative and branded web presence, you can increase traffic and clients.

Helmer, Paul, Conley and Kasselman, PA

Small Firm Makes Big Impact with Blog Writing Services


Helmer, Paul, Conley and Kasselman, PA, a small New Jersey law firm.


The firm wanted to build authority and presence in a crowded New Jersey market.


The company hired PaperStreet to create timely, compelling law firm blog posts each week on topics related to their key practice areas, particularly criminal law. Posts range from technical summaries of significant judicial rulings to useful "how-to" articles geared to potential clients and amusing news snippets about local celebrities getting into trouble with the law.


The firm now has fresh news and legal analysis on its website, which helps clients and boosts the firm's image. Their rankings are on the rise, thanks to the combined effects of the posts and their monthly SEO campaign.

Thorn Law Firm

DC Tax Law Firm Wants to Grow its Practice


Thorn Tax Law is a prominent firm in the DC area for tax law.


The firm wanted to expand its reach in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts markets. Specific goals included:

  • Showcasing the firm’s expertise in the areas of tax planning and litigation;
  • Targeting high net-worth individuals;
  • Boosting the firm’s authority and web presence;
  • Increasing leads and conversions.


PaperStreet wrote law firm content for five sister sites and produced monthly blog posts. To accomplish the client’s goals, PaperStreet:

  • Created microsites tailored to each geographic market;
  • Produced and optimized content specific to each market;
  • Showcased the client’s experience as former IRS attorneys with vast international tax experience;
  • Provided information on tax hot topics and developments in the law.


Geo-targeting your content can increase leads and clients in secondary markets that you serve.

Conroy Simberg

Insurance Defense Firm Distinguishes Itself From the Competition


Conroy Simberg, an insurance defense firm with 10 offices across Florida.


The firm wanted to distinguish itself from the competition to increase business and attract new clients. Specific goals included:

  • Targeting a broad client base including claims adjusters, corporate risk managers, self-insured organizations, general counsels and others;
  • Showcasing the client’s emphasis on client service;
  • Creating a content-heavy site that still looked modern, edgy and fresh.


PaperStreet crafted a law firm content writing strategy to help set the firm apart and meet its goals. As part of the project, our team:

  • Highlighted the firm’s experience, unique approach and national reach;
  • Created city pages to emphasize the firm’s local presence;
  • Produced industry pages showcase the firm’s experience in each area.


Fresh content that is aligned with the firm’s goals helps rebrand your image and set you apart from competitors.


Lifestyle Website Empowers Readers Through Informative Content


Lifeopedia, a website dedicated to helping people find choices that empower themselves through the exchange of knowledge.


Create informative content covering a vast array of topics ranging from careers, food, health and religion to finance, law and technology. Specific goals included:

  • Confronting thought-provoking life issues, and subject matters large and small;
  • Educating readers on a wide range of topics;
  • Creating “how-to” articles that provide a clear take-away for the reader;
  • Providing insightful information not found elsewhere on the web;
  • Conveying the founder’s story and her passion for helping others.


Through extensive interviews and research, PaperStreet created 200+ pages of content that informs, educates and empowers readers on a broad range of life topics. The site:

  • Presents content in an accessible and easy-to understand format;
  • Directs readers to other related information on the web;
  • Leverages powerful images to support the message;
  • Conveys the founder’s desire to share ideas, hope, strength and experience with others.


Insightful content helps readers learn new things and view things they already know in a new light while empowering them to make decisions.


Business Law Firm Showcases its Depth of Experience


Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck (KDV), a litigation firm serving the legal needs of the business and insurance communities.


KDV has over 30 years of experience representing clients in a diverse array of industries. The firm wanted to showcase its depth of experience, the markets they serve and their thought leadership content.


  • PaperStreet created practice microsites to highlight the firm’s experience and the attorneys related to each practice area. The microsites also pull in related thought leadership content from the firm’s resource platform.
  • We drafted 82 practice pages and subpages to highlight the firm’s experience, approach, case philosophy and representative clients.
  • We created 15 industry pages to demonstrate how KDV helps to advance their clients’ interests within specific industry sectors.


Practice area and industry content can be an effective tool to showcase a law firm’s experience and thought leadership.


Law Firm Content Writing Strategy Helps Personal Injury Firm Rank Higher


The Florida Law Group, a personal injury firm serving the state of Florida.


The Florida Law Group wanted to drive more traffic to its site and rank higher in the competitive area of personal injury law. However, they did not wish to sign for a monthly SEO campaign.


  • PaperStreet drafted 75 pages of legal content to help the firm showcase its experience and establish itself as an authority in personal injury law.
  • We optimized each page for specific keywords targeted to the firm’s practice areas and geographic markets to help drive traffic.
  • We drafted meta descriptions and title tags and created an SEO-friendly site architecture.


Strategically adding optimized content to your site can help a law firm rank, even without a full SEO campaign.


Aviation Firm Creates Microsite to Reach Potential Clients


Podhurst Orseck, a law firm concentrating exclusively in trial and appellate litigation with a particular focus on aviation litigation.


Podhurst was representing victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash and wanted to reach potential clients and educate victim’s families within a very short timeframe.


  • PaperStreet created a microsite dedicated to the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash. We wrote all the content and designed, built and launched the site within a week.
  • The site educates readers about the crash, the 737 Max 8 aircraft and recent litigation.
  • The site also pulls in recent news, outlines helpful resources and showcases the firm’s experience in related aviation litigation.


A microsite can help raise awareness, provide focused content on a topic and drive targeted traffic. With fewer pages, microsites are a perfect solution for a campaign with a short life span since they are quick to launch and budget-friendly.

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What is Quality Content for Law Firms?

High quality content is targeted. It knows its audience. It reflects the users' needs and makes itself easy to find and understand. High quality content is useful. It anticipates the questions and concerns of its audience and either answers them directly or suggests resources for more information. It is up-to-date on the latest legal developments.

High-quality legal content is profitable. Whatever you spend, you should expect to make it back (and then some) when you invest in quality content. A vital part of any internet marketing campaign, high-quality content leads to more client inquiries, and the quality of these inquiries will also increase in the long term.

High-quality content is clear, concise and compelling. Show your clients you value their time by posting only interesting, important information you would read if you were in their shoes. We don't produce junior league stuff with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, legal clichés and filler paragraphs.

What Type of Legal Content Converts?

The most effect content answers questions and solves your prospective clients’ problems. The content should be closely aligned with your goals for practice growth and revenue so that it nets high-quality, targeted leads. Visitors will willingly exchange their contact information for these assets and you can leverage their information to gather leads, build relationships and increase your client base.

Our team of attorney-writers create a variety of content, including: PDFs, templates, checklists, how-to guides, reports, surveys, articles, white papers, ebooks, and infographics.

We start with an interview between you and our writer to get a sense of your target market, content goals and the type of information you want to offer. We offer a content-only base package and upgrades including custom design, hosting and lead tracking.

Other Ideas - Content Downloads

A content download is an article, checklist, white paper, e-book, infographic, or other downloadable asset that is offered to website visitors in exchange for their name and contact information. Content downloads are one of the most effective tactics to convert and engage visitors.

The more valuable your content is to the reader, the more likely the reader will complete the form and the more contact information you can request.

  • Savings – Leverage content downloads as a cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your law firm and convert prospects into clients.
  • Growth – Expand your practice and increase revenues through high-quality, targeted leads.
  • Connections – Connect with your readers and develop relationships with potential clients.
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Happy Clients. Positive Results.

PaperStreet Web Design receives 5 stars - "Clear and Professional Websites" Rudnitsky Law Firm

We first used PaperStreet in 2006 when opening our law practice in Florida. They were very professional, and we recently asked them to redesign several of our websites. They have now redesigned two of our websites, with the third one being done soon. They were easy to work with, and used a development process that was easy to follow, with several teams working on different aspects of the project. The new websites have a clean, updated and professional appearance, and are user friendly and easy to navigate. While in the middle of redesigning the second site, we decided to do a new logo for that site. After presenting our idea to PaperStreet, the team quickly offered some samples for us to review. We are happy to say after all these years we finally have a new logo for our website. All our questions were answered promptly, and they were open to suggestions and modifications during the design process. The Paperstreet Web Design team is clearly knowledgeable about what they do.

August 8, 2020

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Our writers and editors produce general legal website content and marketing materials, practice area content, attorney biographies, mobile website content, legal articles, social media copy and more. We can create custom press releases or edit and submit them to for syndication.

Blog Writing, News Writing

We can provide reoccurring, fresh content for your blog, monthly newsletter or firm blogging platform. Our blogging services are turnkey, from topic conception through writing and posting, which means busy attorneys don’t have to worry about continually creating content.

Search Engine Optimized Content

We incorporate important keyword phrases to boost your search engine rankings with our SEO writing and editing services. We appeal to search engines like Google in a natural, professional way that doesn't turn the copy into incomprehensible gobbledygook to your human readers.

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Let our team of attorney-writers create your content so you can focus on practicing law. We have written thousands of pages for law firms and businesses of all sizes.

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