Four Tips for Writing a Compelling “About Us” Page for Your Law Firm Website

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After the home page, the “About Us” page is one of the most visited pages on a law firm website. Your “About Us” page is essential to highlighting your differentiating factors, cementing your brand identity and providing visitors with insight into your firm. The key is to connect with your visitors, draw them further into your site and convert them into clients.

Drafting a compelling “About” page can be challenging. Below are several considerations that can help you create effective legal content for your About Us page.

1. Consider Your Website Visitors

What do potential clients and first-time website visitors want to know? If you were summing up your practice to someone else what would you say?

Below are a few topics you might discuss on your About Us page. If you have a great deal to say on any of these topics, it is better to keep your summary brief and link it to a separate legal content page that covers the topic more fully.

  • Differentiating Factors – Outline any factors that set your firm apart from your competitors (see #2 below).
  • History – Tell the story of your firm, how it was founded and how it has developed over the years.
  • Services – Summarize your services and link each summary to your practice pages.
  • Awards/Recognition – Mention any awards, honors, press mentions, certifications and other recognition that sets your firm apart.
  • Mission/Philosophy – Describe your firm’s mission or philosophy.
  • Community Service – Outline any pro bono, volunteer or community service projects in which your firm or its members have participated.
  • Client Testimonials – Weave in a few client testimonials or link to a testimonials page.

 2. Highlight Your Differentiating Factors

Your About Us page should outline how your firm differs from others. What makes your firm stand out from the competition? What are your unique selling propositions?

When outlining your differentiating factors, make sure these factors truly set you apart from the competition. Every firm claims that they are experienced and dedicated to client service. What do you offer that your competitors do not? What sets you apart in your niche market? As an example, below are some factors that might make a firm unique:

  • House calls
  • In-house private investigators, nurse paralegals, tax analysts or other specialized staff that enhance your business
  • Unique fee arrangements
  • Proprietary technology
  • Media attention
  • Accolades, awards & recognition

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Law firm websites are peppered with superlatives such as experienced, aggressive, seasoned, innovative, compassionate, aggressive and client-focused. Show – don’t tell – how your firm is experienced, innovative or client-focused. Back up these empty phrases with compelling facts. For example, instead of telling readers that you focus on personal service (“Brown & White prides itself on its personal service and client-focused culture”), eliminate cliché buzzwords and show them through concrete examples: “Brown & White is the only law firm in the nation that has achieved the ABC Client Service award for 10 consecutive years.”

4. Consider the Title

The title of your About Us page can help convey your firm culture and brand. “About Us,” “Our Firm” and “About [insert firm or attorney name]” are more formal, traditional titles. “Our Team” or “Who We Are” are more informal but growing in popularity.

Need help drafting your About Us page or other legal content? Give us a call at 412-653-0576 to discuss your legal content needs.

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