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Search Engine Optimization

SEO: We Get the Results You Need

If you browse Google and do a few searches, you may feel like you can become an SEO expert overnight. Articles outline the dos and don’ts of SEO in a way that makes it sound easy. Though it is certainly possible to teach yourself SEO, do you have the time it takes to master the skills? Even if you choose to hire someone else, can you risk hiring a marketing firm that seems inexpensive but may not engage in ethical practices? What happens if you or the agency make a mistake and/or your website is penalized?

At PaperStreet, SEO is what we do. Sure we create awesome campaigns for other businesses and we’re proud of that success, but we were founded by a lawyer and lawyers serve in all areas of our company. We were created to help law firms, and we remain true to our founding principles. Our clients have successful campaigns because we know how important it is to combine SEO best practices while still respecting the ethics that govern law firm marketing and advertising.

We know you want clients and you want to promote your legal services in the best way you can. We also know what Google is looking for and we know how to make a great website. Don’t try to teach yourself SEO overnight. Let us earn you the results we’ve proudly earned for hundreds of clients.

Case Studies Since 2001

We are proud of helping clients grow their business. We have three case studies to start to pique your interest and then another 10 to back up what we have done for nearly two decades. Check them out and then give us a call.

PI Domination 500+ Keywords

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA
About the Firm:

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA, Florida personal injury firm, was looking to increase conversions in various markets.

Our Result:

Since 2009, we have gone through two website revisions and handled our SEO the whole time. In 13 years, we have increased traffic by 20 times! This leads to multiple inquiries per day on a variety of practice areas.

Top Search Results in Tax

Thorn Tax Law
About the Firm:

Thorn Law Group is a Washington DC Law firm practicing in the many facets of tax law.

Our Result:

We have produced 5 different websites for Thorn targeting some of the most competitive areas of tax law on an international and US basis.

Ranking Mile High in Denver

Levine Law
About the Firm:

Levine Law came to PaperStreet for a brand new website. He also brought the challenge to PaperStreet to get his website ranked in Denver, Colorado for the area of personal injury.

Our Result:

PaperStreet welcomed the challenge and succeeded. Levine Law ranks in the top three spots for more than 10+ different keyword phrases in Denver. He is dominating the local market.

Awards and Results

Gunter Law Firm
About the Firm:

Gunter Firm, who has an award-winning website designed by PaperStreet, wanted to rank highly in a localized market for employment law terms.

Our Result:

Gunter Firm occupies top rankings for phrases like “Fort Myers employment lawyer” both in local maps as well as at the top of organic listings.

Roll Tide. Big Wins in Tuscaloosa.

Cross & Smith
About the Firm:

Cross & Smith is a Tuscaloosa plaintiff's firm located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They have received over $125 million in verdicts and trust PaperStreet with their marketing.

Our Result:

The firm's top rankings for phrases in local maps as well as at the top of organic listings.

Sweeping 5 Cities with #1 Personal Injury Rankings

Drake Hileman & Davis
About the Firm:

Drake Hileman & Davis is a Pennsylvania based law firm marketing toward personal injury. With several (5) different office locations, this firm approached PaperStreet with the objective of ranking for all.

Our Result:

Creating a localized “portal” approach with content, the firm now holds top rankings for all locations and can directly attribute conversions from each defined location based on these rankings.

Acting Quickly to Maximize Rankings

Zamansky LLC
About the Firm:

Zamansky LLC is a New York City Law firm practicing securities arbitration and investment fraud. The client came to PaperStreet with the objective of obtaining top internet marketing results for a very specific, high net worth investment fraud case.

Our Result:

Within minimal time and a full partnership effort with both our firm and the client, we have obtained top organic results, including rich snippets, videos, and paid listings all while maintaining top level national rankings for the firm.

No. 1 Rankings for Solo

Donald C. Barrett
About the Firm:

Donald C. Barrett, PA, a criminal law solo attorney firm in the Florida Keys, wanted to rank highly for criminal law, despite the small size of the firm.

Our Result:

Donald C. Barrett, PA, ranks #1 for “Florida Keys Criminal Law”, “Key West Criminal Law”, “Key Largo Criminal Law”, etc.

Grow Your Law Firm with Long Term Success

About the Firm:

Helmer, Conley and Kasselman, P.A. signed with us almost a decade ago. We have worked in creating a full internet presence for their firm ever since.

Our Result:

We signed Helmer Legal in 2010 with 12 attorneys and six offices. They now have over 60 attorneys and 15 offices. We do not take full credit for the work of the firm. Helmer clearly have a path to growth and hard work to get to where they are today. But we like to believe our website and marketing has helped these firms achieve their goals.

Phones Ringing Off the Hook for a Dental Practice

Pearl White Dentistry
About the Firm:

Yes, we can help businesses too.

Our Result:

Your SEO work is pretty awesome! Amazing how quickly it happened, thank you! At the office I can tell that the phones are ringing more often and my new patient numbers have increased as well. Thank you again Pete, I’m so happy with you and your company - you guys rock!

Injecting Rankings into a Vaccine Campaign

Leah Durant - Vaccine Law
About the Firm:

The Law Offices of Leah Durant represent national clients for vaccine injury claims.

Our Result:

Since 2015, we have achieved top national rankings as it directly pertains to vaccine lawyer, vaccine attorney and vaccine law firm. The culmination of this Internet Marketing campaign has led to 72% of all traffic to the website attributed to Internet Marketing with a constant average of 100 conversions per month.

Dramatic Results in a Few Months for Seattle Law Firm

Seattle Divorce Services
About the Firm:

A Seattle divorce and family law practice ranked #1 for its primary phrase only 3 months after joining PaperSheet; moving up a net total of 1500+ ranking spots.

Our Result:

Their organic traffic is exponentially higher than anything less with 7000+ visitors compared to 1200 from direct search. Best of all, the firm states that they have absolutely noticed a significant different in conversions with these accomplishments.

Sample Top Rankings for Many Clients (Updated 9/1/21)

Website Address Google Ranking Keyword Phrase #1 the villages golf cart ejection attorney #1 the villages traumatic brain injury attorney #2 the villages accident attorney #3 the villages injury attorney #3 the villages personal injury attorney #1 san diego lemon law attorney #1 san diego lemon law #2 orange county lemon law #3 orange county lemon law attorney #4 sacramento lemon law attorney #1 alexandria bank fraud attorney #1 alexandria white collar defense attorney #1 title ix defense lawyer #2 alexandria business litigation attorney #4 alexandria fraud attorney #1 boston tax attorney #1 boston international tax attorney #1 boston criminal tax lawyer #1 boston offshore tax lawyer #1 boston small business tax attorney #1 palm beach county will contest lawyer #3 palm beach county probate litigation attorney #3 palm beach county trust dispute attorney #4 palm beach county trust litigation lawyer #1 easton truck accident attorney #2 easton slip and fall lawyer #3 bethlehem slip and fall lawyers #4 bethlehem back injury lawyers #4 bethlehem truck accident attorney #1 boca raton trust challenge attorney #1 boca raton guardianship attorney #1 boca raton asset protection attorney #4 boca raton special needs trust attorney #4 boca raton trust litigation attorney #1 walmart account reinstatement #1 walmart seller account reinstatement #3 walmart suspension reinstatement #4 amazon ip lawyer #5 amazon patent lawyer #1 california financial elder abuse attorney #1 california securities fraud lawyer #1 california annuity fraud lawyers #1 san francisco financial elder abuse attorney #2 san francisco elder abuse lawyers #2 maryland special needs trust lawyer #3 maryland fiduciary litigation attorney #4 maryland irrevocable trust lawyer #5 maryland will contest lawyer #2 jones act attorney #3 jones act workers compensation #4 jones act maintenance and cure #4 work boat accident lawyer #1 montgomery county land use and zoning attorney #2 delaware county land use and zoning attorney #4 bucks county land use and zoning attorney #4 chester county real estate transaction attorney #1 columbus work injury lawyers #1 columbus injured at work attorney #1 columbus work accident attorney #1 columbus worker injury attorney #2 columbus job injury attorneys #1 maryland offshore bank account attorneys #2 maryland criminal tax attorney #2 maryland fatca lawyer #3 maryland tax defense attorney #4 maryland tax audit lawyer #1 fort lauderdale property damage lawyer #1 fort lauderdale hurricane damage lawyer #1 fort lauderdale water damage attorney #1 fort lauderdale hurricane damage lawyer #2 fort lauderdale fire damage attorney #4 stockton child visitation lawyer #4 stockton prenuptial agreement attorneys #4 stockton child custody law firm #1 new jersey tax lawyer #1 new jersey criminal tax lawyer #1 new jersey fatca attorney #1 new jersey irs voluntary disclosure lawyer #1 new jersey international tax attorney #1 suffolk county disability lawyer #1 suffolk county social security lawyers #1 nassau county disability lawyer #1 nassau county social security lawyers #4 long island disability lawyer #1 springfield probate lawyers #1 springfield estate planning attorney #1 springfield trust lawyer #1 springfield irrevocable trust attorney #5 springfield elder lawyer #1 seattle divorce mediation lawyer #1 seattle collaborative divorce attorney #1 seattle prenuptial agreement attorney #2 seattle divorce attorney #2 seattle legal separation attorney #1 philadelphia disability insurance attorney #2 philadelphia long term disability appeal lawyer #4 philadelphia erisa long term disability lawyer #5 philadelphia private disability attorney #5 philadelphia insurance bad faith attorney #1 sarasota criminal defense attorneys #1 bradenton juvenile attorney #2 sarasota dui attorneys #2 sarasota probation violation attorney #2 bradenton criminal defense attorneys #1 waldorf wrongful death lawyer #1 leonardtown motorcycle accident lawyer #1 leonardtown nursing home abuse lawyer #1 leonardtown nursing home neglect lawyer #1 leonardtown slip and fall lawyer #1 lancaster workplace injury lawyer #3 lancaster workman's compensation lawyer #3 lancaster workplace accident attorney #4 lancaster workers compensation attorney #4 lancaster workers comp lawyer #1 virginia criminal tax attorney #1 virginia offshore bank account attorneys #1 virginia business tax attorney #1 virginia tax defense attorney #2 virginia tax lawyer #1 miami property insurance lawyer #2 miami insurance litigation lawyer #2 miami insurance coverage lawyer #5 miami disability insurance lawyers #1 new orleans rideshare accident attorney #2 new orleans uber accident attorney #2 new orleans dui accident attorney #2 new orleans elevator accident lawyer #3 new orleans bus accident attorney #2 mckinney paternity lawyer #3 mckinney child custody lawyer #3 mckinney child support lawyers #3 mckinney divorce lawyers #4 mckinney guardianship lawyer #1 tuscaloosa car accident attorney #1 tuscaloosa injury attorney #1 tuscaloosa personal injury attorney #1 tuscaloosa work injury lawyer #1 tuscaloosa workers compensation attorney #1 aviation injury lawyer #1 flight attorney #2 airplane accident lawyer #2 aviation accident attorney #2 airline injury attorney #1 franchise agreement lawyer #1 franchise litigation attorney #1 franchise termination lawyer #1 franchisee attorney #4 franchise lawyers #1 haddon heights dwi lawyer #1 freehold sexual assault attorney #2 haddon heights criminal defense attorney #2 haddon heights family attorney #2 somers point dui lawyer #1 tifton slip and fall attorney #1 tifton train accident lawyer #1 tifton motorcycle accident lawyer #2 tifton wrongful death lawyer #3 tifton car accident attorney #1 grand rapids parental alienation attorney #1 grand rapids child custody attorney #1 grand rapids child support attorney #1 grand rapids child visitation lawyer #3 grand rapids family lawyer #1 raleigh medical malpractice lawyer #2 north carolina mesothelioma law firm #2 raleigh industrial accident attorney #2 raleigh injury lawyer #4 raleigh truck accident attorney #1 worland medical malpractice attorney #1 cody wrongful death lawyer #1 powell dog bite lawyer #1 powell medical malpractice lawyer #2 worland personal injury lawyer #3 denver personal injury lawyer #3 denver auto accident law firm #4 denver accident law firm #5 denver truck accident lawyer #1 female dentist near me #2 deep dental cleaning near me #1 dental inlays fort lauderdale #1 metal-free restorations fort lauderdale #4 fort lauderdale restorative dentist #1 abogados que hablen español en fort lauderdale #4 abogados de negligencia medica en fort lauderdale #4 abogados que hablen español en west palm beach #1 (Florida) accidente en bicicleta #2 (Florida) choque de frente #2 irvine contested divorce lawyer #3 irvine uncontested divorce attorney #4 irvine family mediation lawyers #2 fort myers pedestrian injury attorney #3 fort myers nursing home abuse attorney #5 fort myers 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Typical Results for a Law Firm SEO Campaign

Not all clients have the same results. But almost always, we can improve the key metric that the client and our team have agreed upon. Those key metrics can be:

Calls / Contact Forms

Total Conversions: Calls & Contact Forms

Downloads / Signups

Tracking: Downloads & Signups

Traffic / Impressions

Analytics: Traffic & Impressions

Ranking Higher

Search Rankings: Ranking Higher

Improved Time on Site or Decrease Bounce Rate

Usability: Improved Time or Decreased Bounce Rate

We will define the key metrics for each client and track them aggressively.