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Success Stories

Big Wins and Law Firm Press Releases

You won the case. Now share your success.


Share News of Your Successes with Our Law Firm Press Release Packages

Part of good law firm internet marketing is letting existing and potential clients know about your victories in a professional, tasteful manner. Huge awards in damages aren’t the only measure of success either. Mergers, new office locations, and even a new website are all newsworthy items. Let our team help write, edit, publish, and promote your story on your website, social media and via a press release for your law firm.

Benefits of Promoting Your “Big Win”

  • Easy to Produce - We take care of nearly everything, including interviews, writing, editing, videos, audio, photos, website pages, and promotion.
  • Professionally Written and Edited - Our law firm writers have written tens of thousands of website pages over the past decade. Law firm content writing at PaperStreet means expert legal writers and editors will tell your story in a humanizing way that also makes your firm shine.
  • Publication - We help with producing the webpage for the success story, including layout, format, photography, video, audio, and a nice contact form or call to action.
  • Promotion of your Success - Publication is just the start: we help promote your success on your website and social media to gain attention in a crowded market.
  • Increase in Inquiries & Signings - Good success stories can increase leads and signings of those clients. You can use them as case studies on your website and in your proposals.

What is Included in the Law Firm Press Release Package?

  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Editing of Video & Audio
  • Publication to Your Website
  • Promotion via Press Release

Who Is This For?

Any law firm can use a good success story to make an impact on their website. Clients want to know more about your capabilities and whether you have success. A featured story will help increase inquiries and convert those inquiries to clients. You don’t need to be a plaintiff firm with number verdicts. A compelling and productive success story can be written in a case study manner using a narrative form for firms practicing business, defense or offering services in family law, estate planning, etc.

How We Help with Attorney Press Releases

Yes, you could write and publish this yourself. However, our professional writers and editors will write a better story that will have a better impact. We also make it easy for you, with just your input during the initial interview and assistance with a few files and questions.

Our content team will help with obtaining photos, scheduling interviews, video setup, writing and editing. We will assist with gaining permission to use the client’s name and how to name them if there is confidentiality. We will conduct the key interviews and keep everything on schedule. Finally, we will put it all together for a new website page that will make an impact.

Law Firm Launch Packages

As mentioned above, success isn’t always a case victory. A new, visually pleasing website can also be a newsworthy item – especially if you’re proud of the design and/or are adding new services or offices.

Accordingly, we have a launch package for our web design clients where we promote your new site across a host of mediums including:

  • Your Blog
  • Your Social Media
  • PaperStreet’s Blog
  • PaperStreet’s Newsletter
  • A Press Release 

Other items are also available as an add-on such as a link-building package, newsletter drafting and more.

Start Promoting Your Victories Today

Our law firm press release options start at a flat rate price of $750. If you are interested in celebrating your success story, big news or new website, contact us today.

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