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For business law firms, a high-quality professional website is especially important for bringing in clients. PaperStreet Web Design specializes in legal marketing for corporate lawyers. We know how to design a website that will impress, and our marketing strategies attract new cases for the firm.

Our website designs demonstrate the firms’ knowledge and expertise in legal and business matters. We understand the nuances of business law and commercial litigation, and we know how to market a website that impresses referrals, business executives and prospective clients.

Our 16 best business law websites, listed below, showcase the value our company can bring to your firm’s marketing efforts.

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Marketing Tips for Business Lawyers

Commercial litigators and other corporate attorneys are largely marketing their services to corporations and business owners. As such, marketing for business law firms may seem cut and dried. There is perhaps less wiggle room for creativity than for more people-centered practice areas, but don’t let that fool you. You still need a distinct marketing campaign to help you impress your potential clients. Below is PaperStreet’s brief marketing guide for business lawyers.

1. Create a web design that speaks to corporations and business owners — and ranks highly.

For many corporate law firms, a no-nonsense theme is often selected. A classic, stream-lined look is a great option and is often what is expected for business law attorneys.

Nevertheless, marketing success is still possible if you choose a creative and visually impressive theme that is unique to your firm. A distinct voice and look to your site can help you establish a brand and also stay memorable to clients who may have only been browsing the first time they viewed your site.

Whether you choose a classic or more innovative approach, the more important task is that your website functions and performs well. Word of mouth is often less common in corporate and business law, so many times organic search or paid advertising is how potential clients will find you.

Though the next tip will dive more into search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to remember that your site’s design must ALSO perform well in search. Thus, whatever design you implement or strategy you employ, your site must have critical marketing elements such as ADA compliance, quick loading speed, a functional site hierarchy etc.

2. Create content that is highly nuanced to your business practice yet is also search friendly.

Content is a critical aspect of marketing for business law firms, whether or not you are striving to maintain an SEO campaign. Fortunately, by adhering one principle, you can cover multiple bases.

Sure, many potential law firms simply search for a “corporate lawyer” or “business law firm” as their specific keyword phrase. What your site needs, however, is content that covers the specific claims you handle. Specifically, you need to break down your practice areas into shorter topics that connect to other relevant pages on the side. Thus, the content isn’t all presented on one, long confusing page and you provide details on individual claims and causes of action. Examples include breach of contract pages, arbitration content, misrepresentation claims, etc.

Unfortunately, longer content tends to rank better than shorter pages. With that in mind, you need a content team who is skilled at SEO in order to ensure that your copy meets industry standards. Your writers will also need to go beyond basic summaries in order to cover frequently asked questions and other long-tail search topics.

3. Display your expertise in a variety of multimedia formats.

In corporate lawsuits for small business owners, a person’s livelihood is often being threatened. Likewise a major corporation will want to protect their assets as well as not interrupt their workflow with a lawsuit. Your potential clients need a lawyer who will fight for the best possible outcome. As such, your website needs to be an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in business law.

The basic elements such as testimonials, case results and awards must always be present on your site. If you have a client who is willing to make a video discussing how you prevailed in their lawsuit, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents.

Further, it helps to establish your voice on various matters in the corporate landscape. Have blog posts where you discuss latest business news. Create a podcast or video explaining business laws that affect your client. Design an infographic that can be shared on social media or other websites.Building a reputation as a top-notch commercial litigator or winning business lawyer doesn’t mean you’re limited in how you market your business. Think outside the box, and your efforts will likely increase traffic and rankings, as well as gain new clients.

Services We Provide for Corporate Law Firms

PaperStreet offers various packages of website design and marketing services, designed for the unique needs of all business law firms, from solo practitioners to large firms. Further, we also offer regular site updates and internet marketing services to increase site traffic. Along with the written content, we provide stunning design and images for your website. Beyond the expected, we also create infographics, explainer videos, brochures and other multimedia options to best promote your brand. And once the site launches, you own the website 100%.

With affordably priced service packages, we custom-tailor our services to each firm. PaperStreet helps commercial and business law firms of all sizes show their best face to the digital world.

Why Choose Us for Your Business Law Firm’s Website Design & Legal Marketing

An industry leader in legal marketing since 2001, PaperStreet designs websites that compete successfully with other firms in the same niche. Founded by an attorney and staffed by writers and managers who are former practicing lawyers, we understand the unique demands of legal marketing for business lawyers. In addition, we can help your firm with other marketing efforts to enhance your visibility and reputation, including blogging, social media, newsletters, logos, brochures and more.

To learn how PaperStreet can help you with your estate law firm’s legal marketing needs, contact us at 954-523-2181.

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