Best Homepage Videos of 2024 (Updated)

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Motion is eye-catching, and you want your law firm to stand out. A great video on your homepage can make a statement and improve your user experience. It’s a succinct solution to explain your law firm or business without the user having to scroll down, and it can set the tone quickly.

These soundless videos typically replace slider images at the top of the webpage, and create a captivating experience for the user. Whether you use the video to further your brand or simply create memorable imagery, video adds more depth to your homepage.

Here are a few of our favorite video examples. Which do you like the best?

Osborn Maledon Attorneys at Law


PS Website Photo

DuBose Miller


PS Website Photo

Pierce McCoy


PS Website Photo

Ferrari & Associates


PS Website Photo



PS Website Photo

Dilworth Paxson Law


PS Website Photo



PS Website Photo

Africa Adventure


PS Website Photo

Wellfleet Strategies


PS Website Photo

Basema Entertainment


PS Website Photo

Let PaperStreet Create a Website That Makes an Impact

Making a unique homepage is often instrumental to the success of your website. That said, visitors are likely to visit your bio pages, blog and landing pages, too. Thus, be sure to leave room in the budget to make sure those pages stand out, as well.

Whether you need help with a homepage video or a complete website overhaul, PaperStreet is here to help. With over 20 years of experience and dozens of design awards, we encourage you to reach out today.

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