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SSL Install

What is Involved in an SSL / TLS Certificate Install and Full Checklist SSLs are big now. Security is ever more important, and you should encrypt traffic on your website. We often hear the words “Install an SSL now. It…

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SEO and PPC: the Oven and the Microwave

Here we go again.  It’s known by some that I love analogies (they work!). It takes a complicated subject and gets to the gist of what we all can relate to and understand. I use them all the time: from choosing the…

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Now Hiring: Part-Time Bookkeeper who Loves Numbers

We need someone who loves numbers, books, and websites.

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Anatomy of the Perfect Practice Area Page

Create the Ideal Practice Area Pages for Your Firm Practice area pages present a valuable opportunity to speak to your potential clients about what you do, why you do it, and how you can help them. A well-designed practice area…

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SEO Link Manager

PaperStreet is seeking a SEO Link Manager. We need someone who knows about SEO; knows the web; and can help our department with day to day task and duties. This is a Contract, Freelance, and Temporary position. It is perfect…

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How to Create Impactful Visual Appeal for Your Content

We’ve all gone to websites looking to browse information and found ourselves drowning in sea of text. Having more than 700 words per page is highly recommended to optimize a site’s placement on search engines, and experts are now even suggesting that 1200+, or even…

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Anatomy of the Perfect Attorney Biography Design

Create the Ideal Attorney Bio for Your Practice Attorney biographies are a great opportunity to make a strong first impression and connect with potential clients. Depending on your target client-base, the style you choose to present may vary. However, there…

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5 Strategies for Establishing Credibility Through Content

Credibility is king in the content marketing game, particularly in professional services industries, where “product differentiation” is somewhat more difficult to establish. For example, consider a prospective personal injury client who is looking to contact a qualified attorney to help…

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Advertisers Assemble: How to PPC Like an Avenger

After nearly a dozen years working in the digital marketing and, more specifically, the pay-per-click marketing field, I have learned that there are numerous ways to implement and run a successful PPC campaign. No two advertisers are likely to go…

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50 Best Attorney Biography Designs for Law Firms – Get Inspired

A well-designed biography improves your firm’s reputation online. Check out our top 50 biography designs and see how your website can improve.

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