How to Create a Law Firm Logo: 30 Best Examples

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Logos create identities that help businesses distinguish themselves for their audience and build a reference that a customer can associate with the firm. To take it a step further, a great identity will evoke the desired emotions to make a lasting connection. Law firms especially need a logo as they work in a high-trust industry and perception is important. A logo will help potential clients and existing clients grasp who a law firm is just by how it looks and how it makes them feel. A well-designed logo can also build credibility, especially in comparison to the competition.

Unless you’re a designer, it may not be easy to pin point exactly what makes a law firm logo memorable, but you know it when you see it. Our design team at PaperStreet often incorporates these core elements to make an appealing logo:

  • Cleanliness and Simplicity – Some studies show it takes seven seconds to make any first impression, while other data shows it takes less than three seconds to make a first impression with a website. Our hunch is it takes even less to form an opinion on a logo. The cleaner and simpler your logo is, the easier it is to remember and recognize it. Successful logos often ditch the clutter and take a more minimalistic approach for this reason.
  • Timelessness – Memorable logos can stand the test of time and the waves of trends. Classic elements, easy to read fonts, and palatable colors often contribute to a timeless design. Aspects that would be considered a fad are avoided and function over form is the priority.
  • Relevancy – While there is significant importance placed on the way a logo looks, there should be even equal or more weight put on how the logo makes the audience feel. Brand identities are successful when they make the desired emotional connection. Let’s say the firm focuses on Criminal Defense, a potential client would most likely want to feel that they can rely on that firm for confidence, strength, and assertiveness. We should expect to see the logo convey some level of that, a feeling and perception that aligns those needs with the personality of the firm. Otherwise, if the logo comes off weak or subtle, subconsciously the potential client may not believe or trust the firm can represent them appropriately.
  • Distinction – Lastly, a notable logo needs some distinct element or feature that you can easily remember it by. Perhaps it’s a bold color, maybe it’s a beautiful font feature, or maybe it’s the way a shape or icon weaves into the typography. Creating a distinct element can be challenging but it is indeed what sets the logo apart from other competitors in their space.

Web-safe fonts are a trending topic now and a worthwhile one to consider. These fonts are typically readily available across different operating systems and web browsers, allowing for quicker load speeds. When it comes to logos though, web-safe fonts should be a strong consideration if the firm’s site is using them as well, which provides brand consistency on their web presence as well. Google fonts are often a happy compromise as they offer web-safe typefaces along with a nice variety of serif and sans serif, giving designers a wide selection to work with.

Top Tips for Law Firm Logo Design by Our Attorney Experts

#1: Determine the Goals of the Law Firm

What are the goals of the firm? Knowing what the firm wants to accomplish is a great place to start. Set the vision for where the law firm wants to be 10 years from now, five years from now and in the immediate future. 

#2: Establish the Audience

Who is the firm trying to reach? What services do they need? What is the emotional state that they will be in when contacting the law firm? And lastly, how does the firm want their audience to feel when they view the logo? Answering these questions will be worth its weight in gold. They will be very telling in who the law firm is looking to connect with.

#3: Discuss the Law Firm’s Personality

What kind of personality does the firm have? Does the law firm want that personality to shine through in the logo and be apparent to their audience? Remember that you are people dealing with people and personality matters.

#4: Pinpoint a Unique Feature

In a competitive industry, it is highly recommended to find a unique feature that the law firm can be proud of. Whether it’s a unique story of how the firm was founded, a special service that is offered, or something that is atypical for law firms, it’s an advantage to tout it. A savvy designer will be able to weave this in somehow to the brand appeal. 

Law Firm Logo FAQs

How do I create a logo for my firm?

There are many ways to get a logo created for your firm depending on your budget and desire to differentiate. Hiring a logo designer (either a freelancer or an internet marketing agency) will help ensure you are getting a professional who understands the core elements of making a logo memorable and relevant to your business. 

There are many fonts to choose from when designing a law firm logo. Google fonts is a great resource for web-safe fonts to allow for consistency with your brand on and off line. Our design team recommends sans serif fonts for more modern law firms and serif fonts for more traditional firms. 

Do law firms need logos?

Yes, law firms, like any other business, absolutely need a logo. In a high-trust industry, perception and impressions are important as well as building trust with your audience. A well-designed logo will help in making an emotional connection with potential and existing clients. Literally hundreds of law firms have benefitted from having a professionally designed logo by our team.

What is the best color for a law firm?

Color psychology suggests that blue is often a color associated with trust. There is no coincidence that the majority of law firms use blue as one of their company colors. This could be beneficial in further establishing trust or perhaps the firm wants to choose something that will help them stand out from their competition. By browsing our logos shown in corporate identity (also known as business stationery), you can see which colors are most prevalent. 

What colors symbolize law?

Although we often see blue in law firm logos and branding, there are other colors that frequently appear in legal designs like gold, green, red, and orange. Gold can symbolize wealth, success and opulence. Green can also symbolize financial accomplishments but also lean towards environmentalism, nature, calmness and stability. Red is typically associated with high alert and can be a natural choice for personal injury law firms. Lastly, orange has become a modern and fresh pop of color for many law firms. If you’re looking to get a new brand identity or logo for your firm, inquire into our branding services.

What colors do lawyers like?

Lawyers typically choose the most common colors found in legal designs: blue, gold, green, red and orange. More traditional firms tend to have some of the darker colors we’re accustomed to seeing like navy, forest green, and burgundy. Modern law firms are taking more “risks” with colors and aren’t afraid to use bright greens, oranges, and aquas. For a good sense of law firm color palettes, peruse these designs and notice the colors used.

Where should a law firm logo be used?

A law firm logo should be used on all of your marketing materials on and off line. Think business cards, letterhead, stationery, website, email, social media, brochures, advertisements, web banners, office signage, promotional items, postcards, and beyond. Anywhere that your firm is visually represented, the logo should be present.

30 Best Law Firm Logo Examples

While law firm logos can be created through a variety of channels, we recommend hiring a professional who understands the unique needs of a law firm. The legal world is an industry very different than other markets and it’s important to know what law firm audiences will connect with. The law firm logos we’re featuring here have all been designed by the highly-trained and award-winning team at PaperStreet, an agency focused on legal marketing for more than 23 years.

  1. Matthew J. Watt & Associates – canadianimmigration.com
  2. Hirsch & Lyon – hirschandlyonaccidentlaw.com
  3. Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor, LLC – staceyanntaylorlaw.com
  4. THE AR GROUP, LLC – theargroup.com
  5. Fellows LaBriola LLP – fellab.com
  6. Paul Aghabala & Assoc – prestigelaw.com
  7. American Baby & Child – abclawcenters.com
  8. Christopoulos Law Group, LLC (Builden Project) – cdalcohollaw.com
  9. Michael Stefanos Law – michaelstefanos.com
  10. White Bird Law – whitebirdlaw.com
  11. GERSON LAW FIRM APC – gersonlaw.com
  12. Luther Lanard, PC – franchiseelawyer.com
  13. Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry, P.C. – nbkllaw.com
  14. Osborn Maledon – omlaw.com
  15. Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis LLP – rendigs.com
  16. Sacks Tierney P.A. – sackstierney.com
  17. George & Marzialo LLC – selectgm.com
  18. Lincoln Law Firm, P.L.L.C. – thelincolnlawfirm.com
  19. Chielolaw, PLLC – chielolaw.com
  20. ESQGO – esqgo.com
  21. Hendler Flores Law, PLLC – hendlerlaw.com
  22. White & Russell, P.A. – wrtrial.com
  23. Gangemi Law Group, PLLC – g-law.com
  24. Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC – ahdootwolfson.com
  25. Baron Harris Healey LLC – bhhlawfirm.com
  26. The Binnall Law Group – binnall.com
  27. Heineke & Burke, LLC – heinekeburke.com
  28. The Hudson Injury Firm – hudsoninjuryfirm.com
  29. Allen Carlson, PLLC – allencarlsonlaw.com
  30. Advocus Law Group – advocuslaw.com
  31. Hansen Law Firm – hansenlawfirm.net
  32. Koldorf Workplace Law Group – koldorflaw.ca

Take Your Firm to the Next Level with a Law Firm Logo by PaperStreet

Whether you’re just starting a new law firm or already have a well-established legal business, a great logo will only help your success. For new law firms, there is an immense opportunity to come out of the gates with a brand that represents the company you’re building and the goals you’ve set forth. An existing law firm may think an updated logo is low priority, but as the industry and your clients evolve, so should your branding.

The highly-trained and award-winning team at PaperStreet, an agency focused on legal marketing for more than two decades, knows how to provide the right logo design service that best suits the unique needs of your firm. Our tried and true logo design process has helped us create brands for hundreds of clients in a timely fashion while not compromising quality. Be sure to see all the logos featured in our portfolio and contact us to see how we can help you with yours.

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