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ElyssaWhat to Do When a Client Pulls the Plug on Your “Big” Design Idea

We often work with law firms where the point of contact is more progressive than some of their counterparts, or more importantly, the long-standing partners. While it’s advantageous that this person is forward-thinking and sees our future vision for the website design, it offers a new set of challenges when they are not the sole and ultimate decision maker.

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ElyssaLaw Firm Website Design Inspiration for 2016

We’ve outlined the trends and big ideas you’ll see this coming year in legal websites.

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ElyssaOur Favorite Way to Test Responsive Design on a Desktop

Elyssa explains our favorite Google Chrome extension for testing responsiveness on a desktop computer.

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ElyssaWhere We Get Our Law Firm Web Design Inspiration

Much like any great artist, our designers love to get inspired by other fantastic work on the web. We look for elements of functionality, color, layout, and photography that can spark ideas for our new web designs.

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ElyssaDifferent Types of Biography Photos for Law Firm Websites

Discuss Website Photography Early Your website photography is something you should think about at the very start of the design process. At the latest we like to address this topic in creative planning. The type of imagery you use has…

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ElyssaTips for Choosing iStock Photos for Your Website

Sharing Your Photos There are many powerful websites offering stock images and design elements that can be purchased to populate or enhance your website. PaperStreet prefers Sometimes clients come to us with their own photo selections. They’ve searched iStock…

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ElyssaLaw Firm Web Design Trends for 2014

There are some incredibly beautiful, exciting, and modern trends taking place in the web arena and we’re happy to announce that law firm websites are catching on! Check out the great styles that are sure to grace legal web design…

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ElyssaTop 4 Ways to Let Your Home Page Images Shine

The homepage of your website is the first thing that clients see. Visitors will make an immediate judgment based on the way it looks, feels and reads. You want your first impression to be the best it can be, and…

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ElyssaCustom Photography: How to Get the Best Photos for Your Law Firm Website

Great Photography Makes Your Website Shine When custom photography is used right on a website, it can make a momentous difference in user perception, emotional connection, and overall impressiveness. Imagine the clouds part, there’s a majestic light beam shining right…

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ElyssaThe Latest and Greatest in Creative Web Site Functionality: Top 5 Demos to Get Inspired By

I don’t know about you, but the latest CSS technology is blowing us away each day here at PaperStreet. Flash is a thing of the past and no one is looking back. The new animation and transition effects that are…

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