Law Firm Web Design Trends for 2014

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There are some incredibly beautiful, exciting, and modern trends taking place in the web arena and we’re happy to announce that law firm websites are catching on!

Check out the great styles that are sure to grace legal web design in 2014.


 1. Responsive Web Design 

Many websites are being designed as responsive, or converting their existing website to a responsive web design. Responsive web design means that the website will be scaled appropriately and viewed perfectly on any device. No more having to zoom in to see text while viewing a website on your mobile phone, or even worse trying to click that miniscule link with your finger. A responsive site also means no separate mobile sites or apps are necessary.








 2. Long Home Page Scroll

In 2013 we started to see long home page scrolls and in 2014 they are sure to dominate the website trends. We think this is one worth keeping around for a while. With these designs scrolling is not only easy, but allows for more content on your home page. If you’re running a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, or care about your search rankings in general, having more than 750 words on your home page is a must. With the latest technology of parallax, we can spread out that content and make it look visually appealing with animation, which in turn makes for a more engaging and enjoyable read.













3. Vertical Navigation 

Vertical navigation is back and better than ever. Developers can now assure that the vertical menu stays anchored (or as we say, “sticky”) on every page—no matter how much scrolling or content is involved on the page. When it’s combined with responsive web design, you get a modern look, yet very functional application. When viewing a vertical navigation site on a mobile device, the scaled down version is fluid and easy to use.



 4. Wide Screen Images

 Wide screen images have been popular for a while, however, they’re much more in demand now. Why? Because the average screen resolution size is now 1366 x 788 or higher, which far surpasses the average screen size in 2009 of 1024 x 768. Higher resolution means the user will see more of their browser screen and therefore allows for more image and design space.







5. Big Text on Big Images 

 Lastly for 2014’s law firm web design trends is big typography directly on big background images. We just love how this particular style makes a bold statement … literally. Utilize this look to feature a strong message with a complimentary photo, we promise it will get noticed!






In summary, the year of 2014 will feature sites becoming responsive, longer, and even more exciting with vertical navigation, large images and bold text … some of which will be all of the above!

Look out for the new era in law firm web design by checking out PaperStreet Web Design’s Portfolio.

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