Best Practice Area Pages of 2023 (Updated)

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The best practice area pages of 2023 carried on some of our best trends like clean streamlined design with great usability. We’ve found that many of these pages have followed our best practice layouts known for converting.

Many of our clients have opted for the predictable and stable designs rather than something out of the box. Believe it or not, our design team encourages this approach as user experience trumps aesthetics if your website is used to convert potential clients. Predictable does not mean visually unappealing, however, and we have been pleased with the results.

Top Practice Area Pages of 2023

Below are some examples of the best core content or “evergreen” practice area pages:  

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PS Website Photo
PS Website Photo
PS Website Photo
PS Website Photo
PS Website Photo
PS Website Photo

Best Practice Area Navigation Page of 2023

Though most conversions will come from your actual content pages, the page that lists all of your practice areas should also be easy to use yet display a design that indicates professionalism with an aesthetic flair. Here are some of our favorite practice area listing pages from 2022.

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