Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2024

A dart with a red tip is embedded in a target graphic on a white paper, symbolizing precision. The word "design" is printed next to it, emphasizing the focus on web design. This visual metaphorically represents hitting all points on your comprehensive web design launch process checklist.

Trends, by nature, are ever evolving and the design world is no different. In a constantly updating landscape, it can be easy to get left behind. Here at PaperStreet, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the design trends for 2024 we’re looking forward to: 

Dark Mode

Since the introduction of dark modes to many apps and websites, the popularity of the feature has only grown. Most users have come to appreciate the relief from eye strain of a darker site option of some type. Nearly all apps have the capability to swap between light and dark mode, and in 2024, we’ll likely see more sites doing the same!

A law firm's website header featuring the name "Zivitz Law Group," a tagline about solving complex problems with unique solutions, and a green origami unicorn on a dark background.


Data Visualization

The interactivity of websites is expanding to visual data the more time progresses. And while creating interactive maps, charts, and graphics is appealing to the visitor, it demands collaboration between design and development to ensure functionality with its impressive display.

Cover page of the 2023 Data Security Incident Response Report by BakerHostetler with the title "Reassess & Recalibrate: Security Measures & Approach.



An older style that has mostly been updated over the past few years will continue to expand into 2024. Rather than the dated treatment of 2 color gradients, this next year will continue to explore multicolor gradients as well as gradient meshes, which adds more dimension and customization than a typical linear gradient.

Black background with repeating text in grayscale, “REWRITING THE SCRIPT; DEFINING THE NARRATIVE.” In the foreground, text reads, "DEFINING THE NARRATIVE" in rainbow colors. "velkeilaw" logo is in the top-left.


Full Height Hero Images

This treatment is a great way to make an impactful first impression on your site, and has only been more common throughout 2023 and will certainly influence designs in 2024. With a full height image, the designs get the opportunity to choose engaging, eye-catching images to work hand in hand with taglines and messaging. It also unifies the experience between desktop and mobile.

Website homepage for Osborn Maledon Attorneys at Law, featuring a search bar, navigation menu with sections for attorneys, practice areas, etc., and a background with the firm's logo.


Text Only Hero Sections

This treatment is reminiscent of the newspaper headlines to catch the viewer’s attention. This section is called “Above-the-fold” both in web and print design as it’s the first section the viewer sees before unfolding of scrolling to the rest of the information. This treatment is simple but impactful as well. Without leveraging the need for a detailed or specific image choice, this style gives a simple, to-the-point visual treatment to the headline.

Website homepage of Croak Capital featuring a prominent slogan "Maximize Your Wealth Potential" and offering services in wealth management, tax, and insurance solutions for affluent investors.


No one wants a dated looking site. These trends help update web designs and give a fresh and appealing look to the style of your site. With some personal touches these trends are great additions to new designs.

Ready for a new look? Contact the talented design team at PaperStreet to craft a new website that improves upon what you have or is a bold, new aesthetic.

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