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Attorney marketing is an extremely competitive field. Like most businesses, law firm’s need to be in touch with the latest and greatest marketing mediums in order to stay relevant and gain an edge over their competitors. Some approaches may feel too trendy or unprofessional, but one option that definitely warrants consideration is attorney podcasts.

There is no better time than right now to capitalize on an emerging and steady trend of podcast creations. Nearly 40% of Americans listen to podcasts each month, and with a properly crafted program and content calendar, your firm’s production could draw in potential clients. Your law firm’s brand will be strengthened and you are more likely to achieve word of mouth referrals. Podcasts can also improve SEO, increase website traffic, increase engagement on social media, and help with conversions.

Launching an attorney podcast may seem daunting, but PaperStreet’s experienced marketing professionals help guide you through the process and put you on the road to a successful production.

The Marketing Benefits of a Law Firm Podcast

Two of the most popular categories of podcasts are education and news. Thus, law firms are prime storytellers for educating and informing the public. Your target market is possibly closer in reach than you expected if you draw your clients in with a podcast.

Aside from the obvious benefits, a well-run attorney podcast also yields the following benefits:

  • An accessible market. The pool of attorney podcasts is far from saturated, and will allow for easier promotion.
  • An affordable multimedia marketing option. Podcasts are highly cost-effective – typically costing far less than options such as video marketing.
  • Capture your audience’s attention. Podcast listeners actively choose to play your podcast. As many audience members listen while running, commuting, or completing housework, your podcast will likely captivate your potential client’s attention better than an ad or simple webpage.
  • Deliver a personalized message to your listener. By speaking to your listener, a podcast is a more intimate means of communication as compared to a webpage or ad. Thus, podcasts can build confidence and trust in potential clients.
  • Increased conversions by connecting with your potential clients. An informative podcast can easily result in a call from a potential client if you discuss a matter that pertains to them. Even if the recordings don’t directly yield potential clients, they can still expand your client base. 94% of podcast listeners are active on social media, thus, you can direct listeners to your other marketing efforts.
  • Earn your potential client’s trust and respect. Your podcast can educate your potential clients to overcome their legal hardships, especially when dealing with sensitive and complex practice areas.
  • Create partnerships with other law firms or local businesses and organizations. Podcasts often benefit by having the occasional guest host. You can create a marketing partnership with your host as you will promote each other’s brand and services.


Podcast Services with PaperStreet

Perhaps surprisingly, the overhead for an attorney podcast program is quite low. The law firm is simply responsible for a Zoom subscription and a microphone. The rest, however, is up to PaperStreet. Our podcast service includes the following:

  • A 12-month content calendar with an outline of topics

  • Script writing

  • Podcast editing

  • Creation of a podcast gallery on your law firm’s website

  • Integration of podcasts into your blog

  • Posting of your podcast to popular directories of your choice (Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, etc.)

Additionally, since we’re a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer add-ons such as social media and SEO integration. We can also insert your logo as a thumbnail to the podcast – or design a logo if you need it!

At PaperStreet, our podcast and marketing teams are here for you every step of the way. Give us a call today and we can brainstorm how you can tailor the interests and services of your law firm into a profitable podcast program that expands your brand and attracts clients.

Answering Your Top Podcast Marketing Questions

How Long Does My Podcast Show Need to Be?

Research shows that podcasts audiences are not fussy about length. If the topic is engaging, audiences will tune in for 5 minutes or 90 minutes. We encourage a length of approximately 30 minutes, but that length is flexible depending on the topic being presented.

What Podcast Topics Apply to Attorneys?

Attorneys have a wide breadth of topics that are appropriate for podcasts. Whether you’re outlining a new law, discussing a case in the news or providing a “how-to” for a common legal matter, there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your legal know-how.

Additionally, podcasts are a great opportunity to have a “conversation” with a person connected to your cases. Local forensic experts, psychologists, medical doctors and business analysts could all provide a unique perspective that would allow for an easy conversation and could also boost community involvement.

Lastly, podcasts can also serve as a peer-to-peer medium. Connect with other attorneys by producing programs that appeal to other law firms and can help you earn referrals.

How Are Podcasts Connected to SEO?

Podcasts are a great option for social media engagement, but did you know that they also help with SEO? The key is to provide a transcript of your show and insert proper optimization techniques such as tags and keyword phrases where applicable in order for Google and other search engines to index your site.

What Makes Audiences Want to Listen to a Podcast?

Topic selection is obviously the most important element when creating a podcast. You need to identify a topic that piques audience interests by being buzzworthy or by providing answers to questions that many people ask.

The problem, however, is that too many podcast hosts stop there. As a host, you need to present the information in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. Fortunately, when hosts select a topic that is a passion to them, the fervor can be felt by the audience.

It’s important to remember that not every podcast has to showcase the host as an expert. You interview someone outside your field, for example, asking another professional questions that interest you as much as you think they would interest your target audience.

Is a Podcast a Big Time Commitment?

Yes, making, producing and marketing a successful podcast can take a significant amount of time – UNLESS you sign-up for a podcast marketing service. Since our service covers the pre- and post-production matters, the attorney may only need to put in about an hour of time a month. Just record the show and leave the rest to us!

Creating Creative and Impactful Podcasts for Law Firms

At PaperStreet we can help your firm develop creative and informative podcasts that will help you effectively communicate with clients.

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