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We live in a digital world. Information is accessible online, instantly. However, as lawyers, you often still actually meet with clients in-person. You pitch them on your services, what you can do, and you want to leave a good impression when they leave your office. This is where a professional brochure design is needed.

You need a team that can produce brochures for your law firm quickly, effeciently and without hassle. Our team of writers will help craft compelling copy to make your firm stand out. Our team of designers will pick the perfect layout to showcase your firms message. Finally, we will help select the perfect vendor to print your brochures.

Typical Brochure Designs

  • Tri-fold/Z-fold - A standard leave-behind, six small panels for content, able to be folded in letter or legal size paper.
  • Book Fold - Typically of higher quality, these larger four panel brochures are in letter, legal or tabloid sizes.
  • Corporate - These full brochures range from simple, four-page examples to 12 pages with covers.
  • Corporate with Pocket - A brochure with 4 to 12 pages, also including a pocket folder and business card slot.
  • Electronic - We also create electronic PDF brochures, Microsoft Word Brochures, PowerPoint presentations and other digital designs for your law firm.

Key Benefits

  1. Captivate Your Audience

    Captivate your audience with brochures that are colorful, sharp and impressive.

  2. The Right Image for your Firm

    A corporate brochure must inform your audience and present the right image, all while meeting your company's printing budget.

  3. Unique Brochures for Unique Clients

    PaperStreet creates unique brochures that target your market. Whether it's an annual report, brochure, tri-fold, pamphlet, flyer, booklet, newsletter or something else, we can meet your exacting specifications or provide creative direction.

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Brochure Package Ideas

Insert for brochure / pocket folder

  • One (1) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • 1 Page Insert 8.5 x 11
  • Six (6) hours of brochure insert work
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions
  • Subsequent inserts are available too

Pocket Folder/Brochure (4pg) Combo

  • Two (2) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • 9 x 12 Folder and Brochure
  • Thirteen (13) hours of folder & brochure design
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions

Pocket Folder/Brochure (8pg) Combo

  • Two (2) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • 9 x 12 Folder and Brochure
  • Fifteen (15) hours of folder & brochure design
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions

Pocket Folder

  • One (1) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • 9 x 12 Folder with business card slits
  • Five (5) hours of folder design
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions

Trifold Brochure

  • Two (2) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • 9 x 12 Folder and Brochure
  • Ten (10) hours of brochure design
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions

Rack Card / Postcard (front and back)

  • One (1) week turnaround (contingent on feedback)
  • Four (4) hours of card design
  • Two (2) rounds of revisions

Some of our Brochures...

Jordan IP brochure
IFN brochure
WKGJ brochure
GMLAW brochure
Feldman Gale brochure
Henderson Franklin brochure
Martindell brochure
Waldon Adelman brochure

Features of Brochures

  • Need a Printer?

    Whether you have a printer in mind or need a little help from us, we can find a solution. PaperStreet has contacts throughout the nation and can meet any budget.

  • Custom Design

    From annual reports to ads to newsletters, we can design anything for your company. Full color, black and white, edgy, professional, hi-tech... no problem. We can work in a variety of formats.

  • Personal Consultation

    We go beyond the design. Once you sign up, we help you in every step of the process, from initial surveying and budgeting to designing and printing.

  • Unique Theme

    Designing a brochure is not simply laying out existing text and slapping down a snappy photo. We will help you develop a theme with our brochure package.

  • Photography

    We include stock photography in any project. We have over a million images on file. However, sometimes you need something extra. We are able to provide you with customized photographs or additional photography choices.

  • Copy Writing

    Whether your company needs a few pages written, existing copy edited or total content development, the combined talents of our staff writers and editors create compelling, clean copy. *Additional Costs.

  • Design

    We are a custom design company and will keep drawing until you are completely satisfied.

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